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December 13th 2013
Published: December 13th 2013
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December 12, 2013

Well, to say the trip was a BUST is somewhat accurate - and then again...

We never made it past San Carlos. We did enjoy our two week stay in a lovely home overlooking the Bay and we thoroughly explored the little town and the surrounding areas. We also relaxed, ate fantastic food and read books (I read 4, a record I think). Walter got in a Clive Cussler tome that he totally enjoyed. And after that, we spent a day with Diane, from Remax, looking at some amazing homes for sale. It was very tempting... it's a lovely place!

We actually found a house that we fell in love with. Breathtaking view with spectacular sunsets. Two master suites and huge bathrooms, each with a private sitting room (or small living room). Huge kitchen, two dining rooms (formal and informal) and an even bigger living room. Also had a set of stairs up to the Mirador with a 360 degree view of two bays and the Teta's (the distinctive mountain San Carlos is known for). And the price was only $299,000. Large lot could also accommodate a pool, if one so desires.

Clean air, beautiful surroundings and lot's and lot's of grey/white haired people - all friendly and all wanting to "chat you up". But that is what also put the fear in us... they were all too eager to talk! And boy-oh-boy, do they like to have their cocktails. We think they must all be bored out of their minds.

While looking at one of the homes we spoke to the owner (from Vancouver, WA of all places) and he explained that if we did not have a tourist visa we were in the country illegally. We were "Illegal Aliens"!!!! We LOVED it - being renegades at heart!

So it wasn't because we were in Mexico illegally that we decided to leave. We just had seen and done everything there was to do that didn't involve having a boat, bike or kayak. Water was too cold to swim, snorkel or scuba - so these things will have to happen next time we go down. And we do plan on returning... perhaps in the Spring or early next Fall... With a Tourist Visa this time!

It's only a 7 hour drive from Phoenix. And the Boarder Crossing back into the US was one of the best I've ever experienced. 3 minutes in line... Funny and charming CBP Agent who told us that the girls in Nogales "sucked" (I told him that's what they're supposed to do and he laughed his ass off... and told Walter he had a great girlfriend!). We were about 5 minutes into Nogales when we got pulled over by an Arizona State Patrol. He asked Walter if he knew what he was being pulled over for and Walter said "Weaving?" (Anyone who has ever ridden with Walter will get a chuckle out of this...) and he said "NO, speeding - and guess how much the ticket was." I said $125 and he said "NO, $185. So, today's you lucky day and I'm giving you a Warning and I want you to buy your wife some Roses and take her out to an expensive Italian dinner complete with a lovely bottle of wine - Happy Holidays". What a wonderful way to re-enter the US of A.!!!!

When we got home at 9:00 PM - we found the house without heat... it was 66 degrees inside - and No, the heater would not come on. So, instead of spending $185 on a nice dinner we had to pay $215 for a new heater coil. All's well that end's well.

And... We decided over coffee this morning, sitting out back looking at the pool we just had re-done (beautiful new pebble tech surface with bright new tiles)... that we LOVE our house, we like Phoenix, enjoy our neighborhood.... and we're not going anywhere! For Now.... 😊

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