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From: lives in Kalispell,Montana,United States
Favorite Movie: Power of One, Mama Mia, My Cousin Vinny
Favorite Music: light classical, oldies
Hobbies: travel, people, golf, fly fishing, scrapbooking, sewing, quilting
Languages: English, some spanish
Bucket List: Still deciding...
Profession: retired
Amazing Event: Standing on the viewing platform at Iguazu Falls, watching that crashing water barrelling over the edge literally at our feet--spray's everywhere.
Description: fun, adventurous

South America » Colombia » Cartagena January 31st 2015

Geo: 10.4137, -75.5336Our days run together under the sweltering skies. Every morning here at Casa Marta we sit at a black iron table laid with red and white linens and white china. Marta's gracious helpers, Albi and Miguel serve us coffee and tea, fresh juice, fresh fruit and whatever strikes their fancy as breakfast. Sometimes it's eggs, more often it's a local dish of arepa-something. Arepa stuffed with egg or cheese or served with a dry crumbly white cheese or made into a pancake or fat fried... Arepa is made from corn and is to them what tortillas are to a Mexican. Every meal includes arepa, fried plantains and rice. After breakfast we generally saunter over to old walled town entering through one of the clock tower's three arches. There's always something going on there and ... read more
Artist depicts life in the barrio
Everything's good
Lik mí

South America » Colombia » Cartagena January 25th 2015

Geo: 10.4137, -75.5336We roamed around the old walled city this afternoon looking for interesting balconies. It wasn't hard. ... read more
Flowering vines drape over doorsteps
An exclamation point of color
Sometimes the balconies are simple

South America » Colombia » Cartagena January 24th 2015

Geo: 10.4137, -75.5336Built in the mid 1600s and expanded a couple of times, this fort became Spain's largest in any of her colonies. It's humungous and entirely takes up the top of a 130' hill with a perfect location to protect the rich port from marauders by land or by sea. Cartagena was South America's first port. Imagine it. All the wealth from Peru's silver, Colombia's emeralds, and rich plantations everywhere -- it all had to come through Cartagena. This was every pirate's dream but Cartagena stood proud, beating back all but one -- the sly, determined French pirate Baron de Pointis who, in 1697, attached from the rear were they were not well defended. It even held firm against an attack by the combined forces of the British Admiral Vernon and the 13 colonies who ... read more
Tunnels carried men and provisions unseen
Cannons expertly placed for defense
Protector of Cartagena is world heritage site

South America » Colombia » Cartagena January 23rd 2015

Geo: 10.4137, -75.5336We took off to find pizza but the pizzaría we found didn't open until 6pm so we strolled the beach. As long as we were on the beach it was quite comfortable because it was a breezy afternoon, but walk one block away and it gets sweltering. When we got back to the house I jumped in the shower and then changed into my 3rd set of clothes for the day. Reminds me me of Puerto Lopez in Ecuador--same equator ya 'spouse?... read more
U could buy a new wardrobe while sun tanning
High rises crowd the beachline

South America » Colombia » Cartagena January 23rd 2015

Geo: 10.4137, -75.5336Our guide picked us up at 8:30 am for a tour through the city in her car. No being shoe horned into a tiny van this time, we were going in style. Unfortunately, her idea of speaking English was only slightly better than my Spanish. I'm constantly reminded of what passes for English in other parts of the world. But on we went with our half sort-of English and half spanish. ... read more
Gilded altar at convent
Convent courtyard
Could we just bring this home with us?

South America » Colombia January 22nd 2015

Geo: 6.23593, -75.5751This entry is out of order but we have so many happy memories of Medellín I didn't want to forget any. It's the quirky things that keep you coming. Like no hot water at bathroom sinks. So far the showers have had hot, but here in Medellin the kitchen sink has only one knob-- cold. So you wash the dishes in cold water. Even at the hair dressers my hair was washed in cold water--- now that's refreshing!Or the airline that advertises 24 hours to change your tic... read more
Sugar cane juice fresh on the streets
Best hotel in town
Beautiful shopping

South America » Colombia » Medellin January 20th 2015

Geo: 6.23593, -75.5751Imagine growing up in a country so torn apart by violence that when your father leaves for work in the morning, you don't know if he'll return alive. Imagine being five years old and cowering in a corner because dad's late and your mother's in a total flat-out panic. This was Pablo Escobar's Colombia of 20 years ago. A Colombia where an army of children assassins from the poorest regions held the power of life and death. Escobar recruited young boys mired in spirit breaking poverty and gave them guns. They gave him loyalty. Their motto was plumo o plata, bullets or money. You take the bribe or you get the bullet. No negotiation and no questions asked because anyone who would have was dead by now. Escobar murdered hundreds of policemen, bombed police ... read more
Old Mercedes still on the road
Escobar's hideout
All Escobar property is guarded

South America » Colombia January 15th 2015

Geo: 6.25, -75.1667Pretty catchy title, eh?... read more
Called zocalos, they're on every building
Enchanting Guatapé
Brightly colored spindles for balconies

South America » Colombia » Antioquia January 11th 2015

Geo: 6.23593, -75.5751Walking through Botero plaza makes a person of almost any size feel skinny. Fernando Botero, born in Medellín, has donated hundreds of his statues to museums in Colombia, including Medellín and Bogotá. ... read more
Dog sticking its tongue out at balloon man
Is it eve or is it a very large seductive woman?

South America » Colombia » Antioquia January 8th 2015

Geo: 6.23593, -75.5751She's 60-ish, maybe reaches 5' on tiptoes, has shoulder length fine hair she can't be bothered to comb, and walks with a stoop. For dinner it's a slice of plain brown bread that she's layered with tuna she's squeezed the sunflower seed oil out of and slices of raw mushroom. And a papaya. Next night it's a pineapple. The whole pineapple--that's it. That's dinner. But she is very kind, has inspired us with us a ton of information on our next adventure. We have piles of notes from her on places to stay, tours, taxis, restaurants---really valuable info when you're in a totally new environment (story to come) and has been everywhere. Last night she was talking about how she'll go into an area of conflict just after the worse has cleared so she ... read more

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