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May 10th 2012
Published: May 10th 2012
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She can FLYShe can FLYShe can FLY

The tide is rising - 11 AM is high enough. The wind, which can be a problem, is calm.
As the Sonora summer approaches the temperature is rising close to 100 F.

Time to move on to other adventures in a cooler climate.

A good trip from Guaymas / San Carlos, got an early start (10 AM). A brief stop at a Federal Police traffic stop just outside Hermesio, no hassle. City road construction coming along detours are shorter, stopped for lunch at the food court in a big shopping center, lots of choices, I had Chinese buffet - much like food court meal at home. Then off toward the border another 180 miles. Temperature up to about 90 degrees, long miles of the Sonora Desert - lots of space for solar power installations. No inspection at the Military Checkpoint near Benjamin Hill, just waved me through. Last time the van got a gamma ray scan (along with about 10 others). Stopped at the immigration / customs stop at kilometer 21 to turn in my visa, then on to the Mariposa Border Station, waited in line for 45 minutes for a chance to have a quick chat with the US Customs Border Agent, then on to a Circle K to hit the ATM, grab a big
Top of the WorldTop of the WorldTop of the World

The deck hand is enjoying the ride. The hard hats and safety harness are new this year.
slushie, and off to Tucson, another 60 miles. Dinner at Tucson's new Texas Roadhouse BBQ, just like the one in Augusta, Maine.

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She's on the roadShe's on the road
She's on the road

A couple of the hands running to catch a ride back to the workyard.
On the way...On the way...
On the way...

Only a few poles and trees to dodge on the way.
Marina Seca workyardMarina Seca workyard
Marina Seca workyard

Recently updated and refurbished workyard finds a place to slip her in.
In the workyardIn the workyard
In the workyard

A day or two to prepare her for the summer. Flush the saltwater out of the engine, bring in the synthetic lines, cover as much of the woodwork as possible.
Highway 15 upgradeHighway 15 upgrade
Highway 15 upgrade

Upgrade of Highway 15 (between Nogales and San Carlos) is beginning. Wider lanes, real shoulders - will make trailering less stressful. Will mean a lot of construction delays for the next several years.
Blue Flowering TreeBlue Flowering Tree
Blue Flowering Tree

Growing wild in the Sonoran desert, a striking Blue Tree.
The desert bloomsThe desert blooms
The desert blooms

About midway between Hermosillo and Nogales, vineyards are proliferating in the Sonora Desert.

11th May 2012

Great pictures!
I want a copy of your profile pic! The other pictures are wonderful too!

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