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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya December 8th 2018

This morning we are going out of town to visit a cenote. We pack our day bag and go for breakfast at our usual haunt before hailing a taxi into Playa. The going rate today appears to be 50 pesos. Well I suppose that’s better than 90! It’s normally 35, I tell the driver. No, not for you, he’s 35 for local people. I see, so I’m a gringo so I have to pay more? Si! Well I suppose it’s an honest answer. We take it before he realises we were expecting to be stung for 90! Our taxi drops us opposite the colectivo station where there’s already a queue for Tulum bound minibuses. There’s a long line of vans however, so we don’t need to wait long! We secure the last two seats in ... read more
Jumping in

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya January 3rd 2017

Another early morning, Alex and I woke up to throw on our swimsuits then head down the street to a nearby hotel called Adhara Hacienda to catch a bus to Xel Ha for the day. We had a much easier time this morning and were on the bus without issue and off to the Xcaret company hub. They were much more organized than Go Mexico and had a bus hub to split up tourists to the right park queue and get them cruising to their destination quickly. We jumped into the Xel Ha line and soon were off to the park. Like usual, Alex fell asleep right away while I stayed awake hearing the details about the park. Including the need for biodegradable sunscreen and bug spray only allowed in the park... So of course we ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya October 6th 2012

Day 2: Woke up to the most marvelous sunrise this morning. It should be noted that the "forecast" for the day was 70% chance of rain and cloudy. So, with that "forecast" we hopped into our swimsuits, made some coffee, and headed for a peaceful, albeit hot, walk up the north end of Soliman Bay. It is trully a treat to be here as it is so quiet. We know there are others staying on the bay with us, but by the looks of it this morning, we had the entire place to ourselves! After our morning walk it was time to spend the rest of the sunny day lounging on the beach, kayaking, and snorkeling. Around 10:30am we had visitors from a couple of villas down. We had met them the previous evening while enjoying ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya October 5th 2012

Off on another adventure to the marvelous beaches of the Riviera Maya today. Early flight out of Nashville at 6 am. Note to self, Friday mornings are CRAZY busy at BNA and getting there the usual hour and half before flight time isn't the best. Made it to our flight less than 5 minutes before they shut the door. I try to be an optimist in situations like we were in since dear hubby is a "half empty" type of personality, but while standing in the TSA line I too started to doubt our chances of making our flight....but alas, we did and off we went! After our stressful morning, the rest of the flight was very smooth. Even with all the issues American Airlines is having, we had a wonderful experience flying with and arriveda ... read more
SDV Beach View from Porch
SDV Living Room from entrance hallway
SDV Kitchen view from entrance hallway

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya February 21st 2012

For those of you who have read any of our blogs before you may be thinking "I thought they were already married?". We are!!! It’s a long story.....and this is it. Most traditions are accidental, they are practices or customs that happen every year, that people enjoy and after time people continue and insist on these practices every year as that is what makes the occasion special. I started a tradition this year and fully intended to do it. Now I know this idea is not completely original but currently I have only heard of three other couples that have done this & I only found out about two of those couples in the last month. When I told friends what I was planning some didn’t believe me, some thought it took the specialness away from ... read more
Love this picture
Saying our vows
Walking down the aisle

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya February 14th 2012

This blog is about all of our dives whilst in Mexico, some of the best dives we have ever done. Let me start with some definitions. A sulphur cloud- A layer of Hydrogen Sulphide, which is formed by the bacterial decomposition of organic material that has fallen into the cenote. A Halocline- The point at which fresh water and sea water meet creating a layer of water that shimmers. A Cenote- A sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock. It had been a while since our last dive (nearly two years to be precise) so before jumping in at the deep end and starting with a dive in a cenote we decided to brush up on our dive skills with an ocean dive. The house reef had very little in terms of fish, we saw ... read more
Grand cenote
Dos Ojos
Grand cenote

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya January 4th 2012

By popular demand... Friends and family have asked why I haven't sent a blog on my Mexican travels before Christmas and I really didn't have an answer ... partly it was the lose of my photos , which were later returned to me thank goodness , and partly the CHristmas season and all the activity that goes with that . Sooooo here is a bit of a rundown of those two weeks . It started in Tulum at the Dreams Tulum Resort where a nephew was to be married to a lovely young woman from B.C. A great event with 54 people in attendance . Most had a week to lay about and enjoy the service offered at a 1st class all-inclusive resort . Good food , beach , bar , company and a variety of ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya January 1st 2012

Let's recap if you're only reading this one: It all started in May - Vancouver, Brazil, Copenhagen, France, Sweden - big events we were working in each place. Then a summer of festivals and events and now, here we are, Mexico. A quick run down of events: There was KulturSYDhavn, round 2. It went well. It was combined with a mobile hacking workshop so that was really interesting, and followed up with my good friend Christian welcoming his daughter, Katinka into the world - congratulations to you all! Then we had a fairly hectic insane fall - a quick trip to Berlin as part of a visit with Nick and Ben - my good Canadian friends who have now twice come to Denmark so that was fantastic. A Copenhagen Burlesque, short but lovely as usual. A ... read more
Drinks in the pool!
YAY! Relax
The pyramid

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya November 9th 2011

Costa Maya is a Mexico Tourism town, built by the government after a devasting hurricane in 2007 to help these poor folks out of poverty. On the dock is a beautiful, huge swimming pool, which I might do another time, surrounded by shops, double the price of out of this village. Our tour left at 8:05am from the pier. An hour bus ride with a great guide. I learned so much about Mayan history and beliefs. In Belize the guide wanted to talk more about slavery and British colonialism (it's formerly British Honduras). Most of the Belezians were black, with West Indian lilting voices, here they were all Mayan, short foreheads large noses. NO need to speak Spanish here, everyone spoke excellent English. Many still speak the Mayan dialect, also used in Apocolypto, with subtitles. So ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya September 11th 2011

Mayan Dinner Last night’s dinner was once again just over the top. Miguel clearly enjoys what he is doing and puts heart and passion in to all of his meals. We went with the Mayan Dinner, because of the Cochinita Phibil; it was so good the night before we just had to have more. The great thing about getting to know Miguel so well was that even though we order items off the preset menu, every meal always had a special item that Miguel added for us. Last night was no different. Dinner started with Chicken Tortilla Soup (Charles would have loved it) with a twist. The twist was there were no tortillas, instead it was either thinly sliced jicama or potatoes, we could not really tell which. The broth itself was excellent, subtle hints of ... read more

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