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October 5th 2012
Published: October 6th 2012
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Off on another adventure to the marvelous beaches of the Riviera Maya today. Early flight out of Nashville at 6 am. Note to self, Friday mornings are CRAZY busy at BNA and getting there the usual hour and half before flight time isn't the best. Made it to our flight less than 5 minutes before they shut the door. I try to be an optimist in situations like we were in since dear hubby is a "half empty" type of personality, but while standing in the TSA line I too started to doubt our chances of making our flight....but alas, we did and off we went! After our stressful morning, the rest of the flight was very smooth. Even with all the issues American Airlines is having, we had a wonderful experience flying with and arriveda early on both legs of our flight.

Arrived at the Cancun Airport at 1:30 pm to find our flight was the only one arriving at that time. Made it through immigration in record time! Even our luggage was waiting for us after we got through immigration. Yeah, everything is moving so on to the green light at the customs stop. Nope, not this time! Red Light! It seemed as if everyone was getting red lighted on our off to the inspection tables we go. After doing a cursory search of our luggage, the customs agent digs in my briefcase and finds my envelopes of please understand my anal retentive nature with cash money, I have separate envelopes for expected expenses so there were a few envelopes with large billsin side to pay for such things as the casa and rental car. This lady looked at me with great suspicion and asked me in acombination of broken English and Spanish how much I had....uh oh, did I go over mylimit of cash....what is the mind went blank. We were fine, as we were WELL underneath the reporting requirement of $10,000 USD but her look at me was still unnerving! Silly me!

After we packed all our underwear bag into our bags, off through the time share tunnel and outside to find our car rental guy we go. I found the time share sharks to be a bit more aggressive than they have been in our past couple of trips, but got through with just a few "No, gracious'". Went ou t the door and knew to turn to the lefimmediately through the gatemarked for local pickups and saw our guy from American Renatl Car waiting for us with our name on the sign. Within 10 minutes we are shuttled totheir office. By 2:15pm we are on 307 heading south...prettygood timing, only 45 minutes from landing to driving to Soliman Bay, I think that is our record!

Drop off at the Cheddraui in Puerto Aventuras to provision up and hit the ATM for some pesos. OnceDione there, we are off to our final stop...Casa Sombras del Viento!

We arrive at the casa at 4:15pm to find Loic, the owner of the casa, waiting with Alejandra and Miguel to help unload our groceries and luggage. After Loic shows us around and the new additions since our last stay, we join him and his lovelywife Beatrice for drinks on the 2nd floor balcony. We enjoy catching up with them over a cervezas. They are such a lovely couple who live in Bordeaux, France and vacation at their Mexican Villa in the spring and fall. My dream is to retire like they have!

After drinks we get ourselves situated, enjoy some quiet time looking out at the beach, and the. Off to dinner at Ocar y Lalo's. The food was very good as we're the drinks. I had the Yucatecan Chicken and Sean had some seafood and rice dish. While dining, Virginia(owner of the restaurant I think) came out andintroduced herself. Very charming lady and we enjoyed talking with her. She recommended a chimayamargarita which we ordered. After we started to dink she camearound and asked if we had children...I thought it was kind of a randomquestion...then she said that the chimaya is said to increase fertility....Sean and I both said. "OH NO!". We already have one Mexican trip souvenir, we aren't trying for another one! A good laugh was had by all.

Returned back to the casa and straight to bed for me. Until tomorrow!

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