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October 6th 2012
Published: October 7th 2012
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Sunrise at Sombras Del Viento 10/6Sunrise at Sombras Del Viento 10/6Sunrise at Sombras Del Viento 10/6

Weather forecast is for 70% chance of rain today...but not here! Looks like it's going to be a good day!
Day 2:

Woke up to the most marvelous sunrise this morning. It should be noted that the "forecast" for the day was 70% chance of rain and cloudy. So, with that "forecast" we hopped into our swimsuits, made some coffee, and headed for a peaceful, albeit hot, walk up the north end of Soliman Bay. It is trully a treat to be here as it is so quiet. We know there are others staying on the bay with us, but by the looks of it this morning, we had the entire place to ourselves!

After our morning walk it was time to spend the rest of the sunny day lounging on the beach, kayaking, and snorkeling. Around 10:30am we had visitors from a couple of villas down. We had met them the previous evening while enjoying the ocean view at sunset. After a while we all decided it was time to hit the water to snorkel. Not a very exciting snorkel adventure as we put into the bay at what we all later called the "desert of the ocean" and almost expected to see a camel out there. I don't know why we didn't plan ahead and venture out
to the areas Sean and I had kayaked earlier that had massive outcroppings of coral. Certainly would have been better...oh well, there is always tomorrow.

After snorkeling, Sean and I decided it was time to finally venture to the south end of the bay to Chamico's. Chamico's is a restaurant(very rustic and outside) that we had heard a lot about on some travel forums we frequent and didn't get to try the last time we were here. So today was the day for Sean to get some fresh seafood...fresh like just caught that morning by Chamico and his crew that morning! When we arrived we quickly found a table towards the beach shaded by some palm trees. Ahhh, perfection! The menu(not that they have one to show you) consists of pescadore, camerones, langostino, pollo, y quesadilla. Whew, they have pollo y quesidallas! Since I eat zero seafood this was such a relief. I was expecting to watch Sean eat his lunch and go back to the casa and scrounge up some snacks...but now I get to eat too!!! It's the small things in life sometimes! So, Sean ordered langostino and I ordered a quesadilla. Wow, Sean's langostino(lobster) looked amazing
and my quesadilla was pretty good too. Definitely will be back!

After lunch it was just time to lounge on the beach and take in the beautiful sunny day until Sean is able to watch his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes play on TV with spanish speaking announcers! Whatever floats his boat!

All is good in paradise today! Until tomorrow!


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