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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual December 19th 2016

Geo: 18.7828, -87.675Our meeting time was 7:50 am so breakfast was in Cabana's at 7. We met in the Promenade lounge where we found out again that we were the only people who were going to be on our tour. There was another group doing the same tour but we had booked an Adults Only excursion so we lucked out.We me out guide Diana who took us to Kohulinch ruins.The ride in our van was about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Kohulinch is a relatively new restoration which began in the 60s. It was a large city and we were only able to visit a small part of it. We learned a great amount of history about Mayan culture and the people who lived in these cities. We even got to climb to the top of ... read more
Kohunlich Mask
Kohunlich Temple of the Masks

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual September 6th 2016

Die nächsten zwei Tage machen wir Urlaub vom Urlaub. Die meiste Zeit verbringen wir am Strand mit Schwimmen und Schnorcheln. Zur Abwechslung fahren wir mit dem Auto etwa 10km entlang der Küste um am Strand Muscheln zu suchen. Hier ist das Wasser etwas trüber und viel Seegras wird angespült. Aaron und Thomas schwimmen weiter raus, hier ist das Wasser wieder tiefer und blauer. Außer ein paar großen Seesternen gibt es allerding nicht viel zu sehen. Zurück in Mahahual gehen wir gegen Abend nochmal schwimmen, Aaron entdeckt wie immer die gefährlicheren Sachen, diese Mal sind es Rotfeuerfische, nett anzuschauen aber ziemlich giftig. Am nächsten Morgen machen wir eine Bootstour zu den nahegelegenen Korallenriffen. Mangels anderer Touristen sind nur wir und zwei Guides an Board des kleinen Bootes. Wie bekommen die volle Aufmerksamkeit: Begleitung im Wasser, Rettungsringe, Schwimmwestenp ... read more
Entlang der Küste - Meso-American Reef
Catch of the day

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual September 4th 2016

Ein kurzes Frühstück im Hotel, wir laden unsere Rucksäcke ins Auto an ab geht es auf den Highway 186 Richtung Osten nach Chetumal. Wir verlassen die Region Campeche, unser nächstes Ziel ist die südliche Karibikküste. Einen Zwischenstop machen wir in Kohunlich, einer sehr idyllischen Maya-Stätte mit grünem Rase, schattigen Bäumen und entspannter Atmosphäre. Hier gibt es Tukane. Leider lassen sie sich nur einmal sehen. Zwei Stunden später biegen wir Richtung Norden ab und passieren die Laguna Bacalar, einen großen Süsswassersee im Landesinneren. Von dort sind es noch etwa 150km nach Mahahual, einem kleinen entspannten Ort mit weißen Stränden, kristallklarem Wasser und ein paar Restaurants. Am frühen Nachmittag kommen wir an und beziehen unser Hotel Koox Matan Ka’an. Am Abend ist es total ruhig, ein paar dutzend Touristen bevölkern die Bars und Restaurants. In der Nähe l ... read more
Laguna Bacalar

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual February 11th 2015

Geo: 18.7167, -87.7167Nous dormons vraiment bien sur le bateau. On se fait bercer comme des petits bébés. Nous avons assistés à un spectacle encore hier. Une chanteuse de soul. C'était bien mais un peu long. Bon on commence à prendre le rythme, réveil à 7 heures, déjeuner et sortie du bateau, on est bon pour la marine. Nous avons passé la journée avec Michel et Jackie. Nous avons marchés beaucoup puis fait de la chaise un bon bout devant une plage magnifique, avant de nous faire expulser, c'était réservé. Nous avons eu droit à un soleil splendide et la chaleur. De l'eau turquoise et beaucoup de vendeur.Nous avons marché dans des chemins déserts et sommes arrivé devant la clôture de l'arrière court. Nous avons du attendre le ... read more
Fish in the water
Relique Maya
belle marche

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual December 31st 2012

We visited Costa Maya, Mexico for 1 day on a cruise so we didn't get to see much of the place. Plus it was an enjoyable stop. We felt safe there.... read more
Costa Maya, Mexico
Costa Maya, Mexico

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual January 11th 2012

This is the first entry for my 2012 flyfish mexico and belize on a budget. Ive decided that at 44 its time to become a backpacking fishing bum for a couple of months after getting laid off last week. Ive so far bought a bunch of neat things including a st croix 8 wt 9 ft fly fish rod and reel, an ugly stick with sierra shimano reel filled with 30 lb braid. I also picked up from amazon a nice assortment of bonefish flies, spining lures, hooks and leaders. Im also bringing my all time favorite cape cod lure... a buck tailed kastmaster that can be trown a long way... got my backpack, hennessey hammock, sleeping bag, travel clothes, lights and personal essentials. I also have a prescription dive mask, snorkel and fins... Im only ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual April 13th 2010

Mahuhal is a small coastal town about 3 hours south of Tullum. The town was very badly affected by Hurricane Dean in 2007 but we thought we would pay it a visit and see for ourselves how the town was recovering. On arrival we were impressed by the laid back atmosphere and the beautiful coastline. The effects of the hurricane could still be seen inshore with miles and miles of dead trees which were killed after the sea surge stayed inshore for many weeks. The cruise ship dock was also destroyed in the hurricane which was a huge economic disaster for the town which relied on the daily influx of North American tourists requiring food, drink and entertainment in exchange for American dollars. We found a cabaña just out of town and Dan was excited to ... read more
Beach outside Cabanas

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual May 25th 2007

I am exhausted. Sleep is pretty much just not going to happen between now and home. Last night I cried and ciried and cried and made a last ditch attempt to convince the powers that be to not send me home, then cried and cried and cried some more and panicked a whole lot - all amongst a full evening of work. After work ended I went to the crew party - my last this contract. Everyone is so kind, telling me how much they'll miss me, how the ship won't be the same without me. I just feel so rushed and panicked trying to get everything taken care of. But I'm doing my best to enjoy myself and I have been. Starting today at the beach in Costa Maya. Michelle and I dragged ourselves off ... read more
Swing Bar
Savouring It All
Loraine & Darnell

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual May 18th 2007

We were in Costa Maya today. Michelle (my Club O2 replacement), Ronald (gift shop) and I went to swing bar in the village, the same place I went last week. There isn't a whole lot to see or do in this port, so generally the crew flocks to this same place. Ronald only arrived a couple weeks ago, but I've ended up spending a lot of time with him lately. He is so much fun. And Michelle . . . I really enjoy this girl. She is so bloody fun! Once at swing bar we were joined by many other crew as the day went on. Mostly a big group of us sat in the shallow part of the ocean, enjoying free drinks that a passenger on another ship (who had a package deal at the ... read more
Amanda, Janis, Me & Michelle
Ben Playing Frisbee
Ronald on the Jet Ski

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Mahahual May 11th 2007

Today’s Port of Call is Costa Maya. I think I’ve mentioned before that there is very very little to see at the Port. We stop here mainly because it’s a good jumping off point to visit things farther onland like Mayan ruins. Apparently there’s decent diving and snorkelling somewhere nearby too. There is quite a big cruise terminal area built up filled with shops and bars and market vendors, but I’ve covered all of that already. I got off the ship with Marlize, Brian & Chris, the new social host and we headed to the one place nearby: Mahajaul. Mahajaul is a tiny fishing village. There’s one main road lined with small shops and restaurants and one tiny grocery. The other side of the road is lined with a white sand beach. It’s like a tiny ... read more
A Glimpse of the Beach
The Beach At The Swing Bar
Swing Bar

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