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May 18th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Michelle & MeMichelle & MeMichelle & Me

Michelle is the Club O2 Director taking over from me. I already adore this girl.
We were in Costa Maya today. Michelle (my Club O2 replacement), Ronald (gift shop) and I went to swing bar in the village, the same place I went last week. There isn't a whole lot to see or do in this port, so generally the crew flocks to this same place. Ronald only arrived a couple weeks ago, but I've ended up spending a lot of time with him lately. He is so much fun. And Michelle . . . I really enjoy this girl. She is so bloody fun!

Once at swing bar we were joined by many other crew as the day went on. Mostly a big group of us sat in the shallow part of the ocean, enjoying free drinks that a passenger on another ship (who had a package deal at the bar) kept getting for us. "Mama H" was SO funny. Of course the drinks were great. BUt really, what's better than just getting to spend the day hanging out in the ocean under the glorious tropical sun?

One of the guys from the gift shop, Cesar, is from Mexico. He likes to go and find the little local places to eat in Mexico.
Amanda, Janis, Me & MichelleAmanda, Janis, Me & MichelleAmanda, Janis, Me & Michelle

Amanda is the fitness instructor & Janis works in the spa. Our hands are waiting to be filled . . .
He took Ronald, Michelle, Ben and I to a little place for lunch. It was on one of the back streets in the village, a small family restaurant, run out of their house. The dining area was in front of the house on patio tables under a plastic shading with a sand floor. Michelle and Ben were a bit nervous about it I think at first, but I was up for the adventure. I have seen far far far sketchier places in my travels - and at home! This was just small and local and as it turned out fantastic. Great food, ridiculously cheap for the amount of food. Lovely.

Last week I decided something else I want to do for the first time before going home is to go jet skiing. So Ronald, Michelle, Ben and I went. I only expected it to be fun and great. It was bloody terrifying! Honestly, worse than sky diving. I mean, well, the mental stuff with sky diving was more intense, but today I was screaming like a little girl. I rode tandem with Ben. When I took a turn driving, I was just starting to get the hang of it and thinking that I could possibly start enjoying myself. But riding in the back is so scary. All I could do was grip onto the straps of Ben's lifejacket and try not to fly off. Because I nearly did, many times. I'd lift right off the seat, be tossed from side to side. The salt water splashed in my eyes and moved my contacts everywhere. I felt completely out of control. I just expected to go flying off and to swallow salt water and it was going to be like drowning in the nile all over again. Anytime we slowed down, I'd look at the shoreline and think "yeah, I can swim there". I'd consider going jet skiing again, but only on my own. But bless Ben. The poor man has probably lost hearing from me yelling!

So, another fun day at the beach. Hard to believe I only have two more weeks of this left!

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Party in the SeaParty in the Sea
Party in the Sea

L-R: Janis (spa staff), Ronald (gift shop), Michelle, Helen aka "Mama H" (guest on another ship!), Chris (social host), Martin (showband), Me & Mark (gift shop)

28th May 2007

Looks like a nice day! One final Hoorah in Mexico I suppose huh? Assuming you're home safe and sound by now. Hope you're well. Miss ya.

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