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North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon June 16th 2014

I woke up bright and early this morning to go to Monte Alban. This is one of the most important archeological findings in the entire world. Monte Alban sits on the very top of the mountains surrounding Oaxaca. The zapotecas were an indigenous people that built this city before the Spanish came. The zapotecas inhabited Monte Alban from 500BC to 800AC. Monte Alban is filled with temples and a view you only see in magazines. After Monte Alban we took a short trip to Cuilapan de Guerrero. This monastery was dedicated to an incredible man named Vicente Guerrero. He was the second president of Mexico and led a great movement to help the oppressed races of Mexico. After Cuilapan de Guerrero our coordinator Layla took us to get a traditional Oaxacan lunch. In Mexico lunch is ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon February 14th 2014

Dzisiaj po szkole lecę wykupić trekking w jednej z agencji. Zdecydowałem się na dwudniowy (weekendowy) trekking w górach z noclegiem w jednej z wiosek Zapoteków. Rekomenowanym miejscem do odbycia trekkingu w poblizu Oaxaca sa Pueblos Mancomunados w górach Sierra Norte. Pueblos Mancomunados to nazwa pewnej inicjatywy wymyślonej i wdrożonej w życie przez osiem wiosek ją tworzących. Zainwestowano pieniądze w wybudowanie schronisk (cabanas), wytyczenie tras, informację turytyczną i przewodników. Góry oferują wiele możliwosci trekkingu i fajnie byłoby mieć trochę więcej czasu niż dwa dni, żeby sie tam poszwędać :-) Góry leżą na płn.-wsch. od Oaxaca. Na dojazd potrzeba około dwóch godzin. Koszt takiego trekkingu to 1350 peso. W cenę wliczone są: przewodnicy, wyżywienie, nocleg i ubezpieczenie. Dojazd we własnym zkresie. W Oxaca ... read more
Boisko do gry w pelote
Widok na Oaxaca z Monte Alban
Ja w ruinach Monte Alban

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon March 18th 2012

I arrived safely in Oaxaca Wednesday night. I have a great room at La Posada de Los Angeles with two large beds, a bathroom and cooking facilities. I spent Thursday getting everthing arranged in my room, which I hope to occupy for the next 2 1/2 months. (It seems that there was a mixup at check-in and I got a super-sized room. So far no one has asked me to move). I also went to El Instituto Cultural Oaxaca to discuss what classes I would take and the possibility of traveling to the coast to visit the towns with the Afro-Meztizos who are the descendants of the African slaves who were influenced by the spanish/indian culture.I also discussed visiting a traditional medicine clinic. On Friday I went to the bank to withdraw pesos to pay my ... read more
Mi Cuarto
Mi bano privado
La Entrada de la Posada

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon January 13th 2012

Monte Albán This Tuesday, our class took a trip to Monte Albán, the largest archeological site in the Valley of Oaxaca. It is situated in the center of the valley, at the meeting of the three different valley arms. While its function is debated, it is possible that Monte Albán served as a central capital with political and military functions, much like modern Washington DC. The site consists of numerous residential areas as well as large pyramids at the city center. The pyramids, typical to many in Mesoamerica, are rectangular and are orientated with the cardinal directions. The pyramids each have a large stair case, leading to one or two platforms. While many of the pyramids were roped off to tourists, we were able to climb to the top of one at the south end of ... read more
The Southern Valley
Danzante Wall
Ball Court

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon July 14th 2011

So after a week at the beach baking in the hot sun, i decided to head back to Oaxaca for a few days to get in on a mountain bike tour... After a day of mooching around the city, i found a tour company and booked fopr the following day. Unlike most tours that pick you up from your hostel, this one would meet us at the tour destination, and i had to get a bus out to the middle of nowhere, then walk a few kms up some deserted road adn the guides would be waiting for me. After arriving at the bus station to catch the said bus, it became apparent that a million mexicans needed the same bus also. Thus there was no room on the bus for me, or the other 8 ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon June 6th 2011

It was time for a trip out of the city.. so what better place to go then Oaxaca to see some ruins, a giant tree and a waterless waterfall? Oaxaca is about 6 hours south of Mexico city, and is quite a traditional town known for its cheese, chocolate, grasshoppers and protesting teachers. After the long bus ride to Oaxaca, I wandered around the streets for something to eat, only to find there were hundreds of people all camped out in tents around the main town centre. Thinking I had arrived in the ghetto, I soon discovered they were teachers camping out in protest for something or another.. the locals get annoyed at it as every year the teachers are always protesting about things.. they say if they were actually good teachers they could justify the ... read more
Giant tule tree
Agave plant

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon November 17th 2010

Situe a environ 6km de Oaxaca sur une colline, le site de Monte-Alban est une vraie merveille. Tres bien preserve et/ou restaure, c est une bonheur a visiter. J ai fait la visite en compagnie de Lorana, une guide locale qui m a fourni une multitude d info, mais je n ai pas le courage de tout vous transmettre ici. Sachez juste que Monte-Alban a ete utilise a travers les 5 grandes phases de l empire maya, soit environ de 300 ac JC a 1300 ap JC.... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 15

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon August 16th 2010

We're ready to tackle some sightseeing, but first where to go and when? I visit the tour desk in the hotel lobby, and with a little of the lady's english and my spanish we arrange two tours for $1100 each. Today from 10am to 6pm we're touring Monte Alban, Arrazola, Cuilapan de Guerrero and San Bartolo de Coyotepec. The first place is ancient ruins on a hilltop to the southwest of the city, the second the home of the artists that create the colourful semi-mythical creatures that we've seen around. The third place is a sixteenth centry former convent, and lastly the maker of the famous black Zacatecan pottery. The van collects us a little after 10am, and Moses introduces himself. We drive into town to be met by five others for the tour. It will ... read more
Monte Alban 1
Monte Alban 2
Monte Alban 4

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon July 21st 2009

Ok, this makes up for the piddly little space I left myself to explain two of the particular wonders of Oaxaca... Mitla was indeed another beautiful site, opposite another very religious symbol - a colonial church (no division there!) - with some exciting tombs underneath that I surprised myself by scrabbling around in. It was dark and damp but exciting, and you could clearly see the three main burial chambers and the marvellous stonework that had carried on below ground -very exciting to be nuder a pyramid! I also managed this time to get up the steep steps, a whole flight, so maybe this is some way forward to being less ruled by Vertigo. l'll keep practicing. There are some amazing wall designs, made by the actual building blocks; rather than be carved in later or ... read more
Mitla - Zapotec walls
Pools at Hierve al Agua
Me, near the edge...

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca » Monte Albon July 21st 2009

Is been an interesting few days in Oaxaca (pronounced o-wack-a). Firstly, the noise: the Guelaguetza has been getting into full flow, and this mostly means, from our hostel where we have been getting in pretty knackered by about 9pm each night to sleep at 10pm, we start to hear the fireworks going off from about 10.05. When i say fireworks, I'm talking serious explosions here, that sound as though your garden has just been blown up. I imagine this is a little like what it must feel like to be living in a city under siege, but without the fear. Then the car alarms start, then the bank alarms go off, then Gigi and family get back from their celebrations and talk loudly until they go to bed. Safe in our little cocoons (Mum and Dad, ... read more
Mezcal factory
Making weaving wool
Explaining the dyes

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