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July 14th 2011
Published: July 14th 2011
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So after a week at the beach baking in the hot sun, i decided to head back to Oaxaca for a few days to get in on a mountain bike tour...
After a day of mooching around the city, i found a tour company and booked fopr the following day.
Unlike most tours that pick you up from your hostel, this one would meet us at the tour destination, and i had to get a bus out to the middle of nowhere, then walk a few kms up some deserted road adn the guides would be waiting for me.
After arriving at the bus station to catch the said bus, it became apparent that a million mexicans needed the same bus also. Thus there was no room on the bus for me, or the other 8 people doing tours with the same company.
So we all went off in search of a company who would drive us all to our destinations... thinking we were americans, they tried to rip us off 3500 pesos, but after 10 mins and calling their bluff by walking off they finally accepted 1500. Of course i got dropped off last with one other guy doing the same tour, and the driver was trying to tell us we owed him more money.. ha he had no leverage over us now, we were at our destination.. so told him where to go.
Now i knew it was a ┬┤mountain┬┤ bike tour, but we drove so high up into the mountians, i didnt see how there was any more space to go up. But there was, so for about the first 1.5-2 hours the ride was all up hill.. it was gruelling.. but inthe end the ride ending up being really great, with great scenery, tho the weather was rubbish, so the views were there somewhere in the clouds.
For the mission home, we just had to do a reverse of the supposed ride into the mountains... so we walked out to the main road (was almost as tough as the ride) and waited for the said bus to come.... and waited and waited and waited... Until some guy stopped and asked us if we wanted a ride. So of course we said yes. He was literaly sent from god to take us into town... turned out he is a paster in Oaxaca city.
Spent the other few days wandering the markets and finally tried grasshopper... hmmm definately and aquired taste.
Am now in Coatzacoalcos and ready for more adventures... but those that dont include eating bugs.

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