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Bonjour à tous ! Bienvenue dans mon blog.
Le grand départ arrive, et c'est avec une certaine appréhension que je compte les heures.
Comme vous pouvez l'imaginer le voyage a été longuement préparé, il consiste pour le moment en un vol Aller pour San Francisco...
Le programme est:
- Californie (environ 1 mois): Les parcs (Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, ..), Las Vegas, Los Angeles, la côte Ouest, San Francisco et tout autre surprise en cours de route
- Mexique (environ 1 mois): Le "train de l'enfer" au Nord, la côte Ouest, puis direction le sud-est pour jouer les Picaros
- Equateur: A voir plus tard
- Pérou : A voir plus tard
- Bolivie : A voir plus tard
- Brésil : A voir plus tard. Rendez-vous début mars pour le Carnaval à Salvador de Bahia !!
Retour prévu en Mars... mais possibilité d'aller en Argentine / Chili pour suivre les traces de Nicolas Hulot.

Pour répondre à la demande oppressante de mes fans à travers le monde, je vais tenir mon blog dans les langues de Racine et Ellis, mais je ne compte pas traduire mes posts (google le fait mieux que moi), j'écrirai donc soit en français soit en anglais en fonction de l'envie, de l'humeur. Le but ultime est de réussir à vous faire partager mes récits en espagnol ( j'ai commencé ASSIMIL il y a ... 3 heures).

Je ne vous fais pas perdre votre temps plus longtemps, je vous donne rendez-vous ultérieurement dans mes posts.

Je tiens tout de même auparavant à remercier toutes les personnes qui sont venues pour la leaving, Pascal pour son inspiration, et mon pharmacien pour cette trousse de secours qui ferait pâlir Kouchner. Un sac de riz c'est bien, des médicaments, c'est mieux.

N'hésitez pas à réagir aux posts, et surtout à venir partager un bout d'aventures avec moi. Je suis plus flexible que le gouvernement sur les retraites, ce qui signifie que je peux adapter mon voyage en fonction de vos venues.

Bises à tous !!

Welcome to everybody in my travel diary.
24h to go before leaving to USA, I have to admit that I am getting nervous. With very little preparation so far (one-way ticket to San Francisco...), I decided to adopt my favorite way of life: let's see when we are there. Well, not sure I have another option anymore...
The trip is supposed to bring me in the following countries: California, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brasil. For roughly 6 months.
Expected to come back by end of March, but there is an option afterwards on Argentina and Chili to visit Pantagonia.

For practical reasons, I will post either in english or in french. Randomly. Obviously the ultimate goal is to write in spanish. hmmm, sounds like an interesting goal, isn't it ??

Now is time for me to let you go.
Thanks to all of you for your wishes and encouragements.

I would be pleased to read your comments on my upcoming posts and even more pleased to welcome you anywhere you want. As you understood, the planning is not really fixed, so I am flexible upon your request.

Kiss and hug !

South America » Paraguay » Asunciòn » Villarrica March 23rd 2011

Dear Friends, I have spent one week in Paraguay, very fruitful for my future, and I think I can do with 1 post only. Well, the 1st 2 things you think of about Paraguay are: - Corruption and criminals paradise (not only the nazis) - Larissa Riquelme, the paraguyan model who got super famous at the last World Cup. Remember the phone ? So, From Rio de Janeiro I flew to Benuos Aires on the 16th, then to Asuncion in the evening. Basically I decided to go to Paraguay because we (Tonio and me) met some german guys in Bahia who talked about the business they conduct here. Funny story, the guys went for dinner @ Toni Pizza. When they realized Tonio speaks german, and the pizzas are very good, they came back twice the following ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro March 15th 2011

hello my dear ! So last week I arrived in Rio. Pretty lazy boy as I am, I headed to Ipanema. It is said to have the most beautiful beaches and girls of Rio. And it is quite posh. So after few days on the beach I moved from my towel to visit the city. A tour on the Corcovado and in the super hood of Santa eresa, a bohemian spirit.... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 7th 2011

hello my friends ! As you know, I had the chance to attend the "carnaval brazileiro" in Salvador de Bahia. Well, this lasts for 5 days or so, but we went only 1 evening. The carnival in Salvador is pretty wild, so we booked tickets for a camarote. I explain: The carnival takes place in one of the main avenue of Salvador, about 3-4km long. On each sside there are big stages, called the camarote, with food, drinks, concerts, .... with private access (you have to wear a colored shirt to enter). having tickets for the camarote allows to rest because being in the crowd is super wild and tiring ! Especially when carts are coming, everybody is packing to make space. The carnival in Bahia is very reputed, said to be the best. Actually I ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia March 1st 2011

hello dear ! The beach next to Antoine´s house is great but we decided to escapr for few days to a (even) more relaxed place, ie la Ihla de Boipeba. So we took the car for a 1h drive, then a ferry, then another 1h drive, and then a little speed boat to reach Boipeba. We found a pousada on the beach, and then ... did nothing ! The purpose of the trip altough was to check some lands. Antoine is now very interested in building houses and Boipeba is one of the place moving up. A very nice little paradise, and you can see that over the last 2 years many changes apperared: Pousadas poping up with bright colors, youth hostels, and an upcoming shopping center ! Every one is trying to sell his house ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 25th 2011

Hello dear ! That's about 2 days now I am in Salvador de Bahia at my friend's place, Antoine aka Tonio. And yesterday evening I have learnt how to make a pizza ! So let me explain. Tonio has opened his pizzeria about 2 years ago. Pretty successful business I have to say, it is well run. In normal time he is not working in anymore, only on weekends when it rushes. But yesterday one of the employee let him down and the other pizzaiolo couldn't come, so he had to go there and to get back in the old business ! Let's roll some discs and make pizza ! I decided to join him to help and I won't lie because I was super curious about making the pizzas. The discs are already prepared from ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 24th 2011

he he ! Not much to say here, I just want to share some pictures of the Pelo. This is the old town of Salvador with the colorful houses and the numerous churches. Very stylish, and very touristic. This is where is located the house of the famous brazilian writer Jorge Amado. ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 23rd 2011

hola my friends ! Today I arrived in Brazil ! To do so, I had to take a flight a 6.50 this morning from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, and then another one from Rio to Salvador, with 2 different airlines. As you may remember, everytime I have a flight to grab, since the beginning of my trip, I almost missed it. There is no exception here. This time I left the hotel way in advance to make sure I will be on time. So the taxi came at 4.00am. After 5 minutes we had to stop because the car was overheating (Thanks Renault..). Another taxi picked me up and we drove 40 minutes to the airport. And at the airport, guess what ? I wasthe wrong one !! There are 2 airports in B.A, ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 21st 2011

Hey folks ! Tomorrow I leave Argentina just for 3 weeks as I will come back. I make a quick detour to Brasil to visit Antoine and attend the Carnival... So let´s say that I have not been impressed so far by Argentina. Yeah it is great, beautiful etc but my experiences have been a bit disappointing. After a nice stop in Salta, I visited Cordoba (huge city !!) and Rosario, and finally Buenos Aires. I have not done much in Cordoba and Rosario (mostly visiting) so no posts. What we can notice is that I got robbed in Rosario by gunmen. The usual thing, I was walking by night in the city in a remote area and there were some guys... I am still wondering whether the gun was real or fake but I did ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Calchaquí Valleys February 13th 2011

Hola todos. Me voila a Salta depuis avant-hier. Un peu de mal a trouver un hotel, alors je me suis installé dans un 3 etoiles, La Posada del Sol. Oui j ai des gouts de luxe. Et alors ? Salta, ville tres sympa, relax, "a taille humaine" comme on dit (ca faisait longtemps que je n avais pas utiliser cette expression passe-partout). Il fait beau, il fait chaud, les filles sont jolies, la bouffe est bonne et le pinard aussi, en plus d etre bon marché ! Que demander de plus ?? Evidemment j ai pu satisfaire ma soif de culture, a savoir la visite du musée d Anthropologie (ou est exposée une momie decouverte en 1999 a 6700m d altitude !!!), d Art Contemporain et des beaux-arts. J en ai vu des plus impressionnants dans ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 11th 2011

Don´t cry for me Argentina. No worry, they won´t. So, yesterday I crossed the border with Bolivia. What I tought would be a piece of cake was actually a piece of cake but cooked in a cold oven. Pretty easily I left Bolivia, with a bus 2h after I crossed thew bridge between Villazon and Quiarca (the river IS the border). And then I got stuck for 3h. Why ? because there is only 1 person to stamp your passport !! Thing is that they found 72kg of Cocaine hidden in a car earlier the same day, so they were very cautious with cars, less with backpackers. I missed my bus, managed to take another one at 11pm to San Salvador de Jujuy, waited 2h there (and I tell you, so many things to do at ... read more

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