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North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 18th 2015

San Patrico 8 day celebration ending on Saint Patricks Day, had a little glitch this year as 2 days of down pouring rain flooding the streets with the rising water levels of the lagoon caused it to burst sending the crocodiles out to sea. March 17th the final day held beautiful skies of hot drying sun. San Patricio is named after the battalion of mainly Irish who fought against the Americans in the Mex-American war 1846-1848. The town of Melaque ( San Patricio) is the root of the celebration of kindness for the Irish and the honor of their Families. Parades, fire works and the unity of Families fill the streets in celebration. We are leaving early this morning heading North hopefully to Puerta Vallarta but the storm has washed out the bridges so we are ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 13th 2015

Climbed the hill to the overlook of the town and ocean then took an ATV ride for miles up the coast from Melaque to Barra de Navidad and up the shallow river banks of the river of the Sea.... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 12th 2015

Along the pacific coast line from Melaque to Puerta Valarta you come across numerous bays with beautiful protected waters unlike the boldness of the open seas with the thrashing surf. The small towns that grow at these points have beach restaurants, hotels bungalows and culture trips mainly surviving on tourism. La Manzamikl has the crocodile sanctuary La Penita this area is the home for a large amount of these beasts. We are camping along the coastline in between the lagoon at Lagune Tule have to watch the dog he is curious and there are 100s of them. Boca Beach remains partial un repaired from the last hurricane but has hotels and Rv spots all all the beach, Tenacatita another disaster of propertys been bulldozed down by a person claiming to have rights to the land (42 ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 9th 2015

A wonderful sunny day and a great cruise on a small boat through the lagoon and cannels of a luxurious area of Melaques, Barra de Navidid. The men fishing unfornuately had no luck with the catch, but had a great day surrounded by Dolphins 100,s of them all day long. Off to Collima today an active Volcano.... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 4th 2015

A small town 4400 people laying on a peninsula with a beautiful beach 7 kms from Melaque. The men will be taking a fishing trip from here this coming Saturday. Weather more than perfect... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 2nd 2015

Had a very early start today 4:00 am. My boys did not want to get up still a little chillie in the mountains at that time of the morning hard to believe 32c to 7 c overnight. Drove through the city of Autlan and down Carlos Santana Blvd to view the home of Carlos Santana Born there in 1947. we could not fit the motor home down the tiny streets so unable to see the monument but got a photo of his street guitar. Watermelons a state of growth got a whole one paid 30 pesos $3.00 Canadian approx We dropped from 3500 feet to sea level in 200kms very steep but very beautiful Touraine. Steep, winding and an extrodinary view. Now tonight parked on the beach, waves are rolling and the Volcano across the way. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque September 2nd 2014

===English version below=== We ruilen San Miguel de Allende voor een verblijf aan de kust, in Barra de Navidad. Het is een kleine kustplaats aan een zandbank en baai. We zitten niet langer op 1910 meter maar op zeeniveau aan de Stille Oceaan. We onderschatten de impact van de zon en de hoge vochtigheidsgraad. Pas als we systematisch meer gaan drinken en meer zout eten voelen we ons beter. Toch is de hitte uitputtend. Op een dag halen we een gevoelstemperatuur van 55°C ! We passen op de woning van een gepensioneerde Britse dame die voor 2 maanden naar Canada gaat. De woning staat te koop. Het huis ligt vlak aan het kanaal met een ruim zwembad. Bootjes (lanchas) varen voorbij terwijl we aan het zwemmen zijn. Ze heeft 4 katten. Gato is de huiskat. De ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 21st 2013

We've spent the past week in Melaque (San Patricio-Melaque) to be exact. The village takes its name from it's patron saint, whom we call St. Patrick. The history behind the name is quite amusing. During the Mexican American war of 1846 - 48, a unit of Irish Americans were sent to this area to fight for the United States. As we all know, Irish immigrants in America were not well treated in those days. About 200 of these soldiers deserted and joined forces with the Mexicans. They became known as the San Patricio's (or St. Patrick's) Brigade. We were told that many of these fellows became wealthy local land owners after the war. Given that common soldiers are generally poor, my personal theory is that the Irishmen fell in love with the beautiful dark eyed Spanish ... read more
Norma, Deb and their dog Frieda outside their restaurant, Pata's.
In addition to the lettuce and optional chunks of chicken, this awesome salad had pecans, sliced bananas, kiwi, apples and I don't remember what else.
I had the Denver burrito, Pata's top selling item.

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 17th 2012

The parade makes it way around the corner. Four women are carrying a statue of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of the communities of Melaque, San Patricio and Cuidad Obregon. We could hear the familair Mexican Ranchero music before we even saw them. The excitement builds.... There are several marching groups with dancers performing variations of the Irish jig. Floats deicated to Saints and the faith that they promote and even plenty of music. The parade is short, but it is followed by the parishers who join the parade to the church. The entire procession moves into the church for a long service, complete with band and dancers. Many people, including us, hang around the cnetral plaza and enjoy the festive mood. We enoyed some wonderful tacos, a new dish called gringas, pork, grilled pineapple and ... read more
Little St Patrick
Ed pitching Pesos

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque May 9th 2011

Vallarta: My Healing Place Vallarta: My Healing Place as written by the author for the PV Mirror March 12: March 19: e Last January, I had recently returned from a one-month Christmas vacation in Vallarta when I began to plan a celebratory trip with my best friend. At the tender age of 29, I’d had breast cancer, and last summer would have marked a 20-year cancer-free triumph. In February, two soul sisters (my friend had been through breast cancer 5 years prior) booked a “celebration of life” trip to Italy for the fall. Two weeks later, I found a lump in my other breast. I booked an emergency mammogram, after which the doctor advised that the x-ray did not look promising. I left the concrete institute stunned and confused. After all... read more
Los Mangos
Andre the Trainer
Cooking Class

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