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North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán December 29th 2007

unweit des hostels findet sich die studihütte, die vermieterin ist nett und die küche sitzt voll mit freundlichen studentinnen aus aller herren länder. die schönste frau der welt ist leider vermißt gemeldet, eine mitbewohnerin vermutet sie bei ihrem freund. da das der grund ist warum ich dringend zum mariachisingen und flirten da bin hält sich meine überraschung in grenzen und ich hinterlasse blümchen und die adresse des hostels an der tür. im hostel hat sich auch noch niemand zum bier und nachricht abholen gefunden, dafür ist die hütte voll mit semesterende feiernden jungstudenten. ich begeb' mich zur metro und fahr nach indios verdes, von wo ein bus nach acolman in der letzten reihe des gewirres abfährt. jouan und pedro wollen auch zum konzert, sie zeigen mir wo wir hin müssen und sind sehr fasziniert über deutsche, ... read more
begrüßungsfeuerwerk in acolman
panteon rococo
indianer beim kampfliederabsingen

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán December 3rd 2007

After the Big Apple we flew down to Mexico City (on the 19th november). Again, apologies for the late updates but as I hurriedly mentioned in the previous post we have been having a bit of a mare with our photos and trouble getting the internet to work. Mexico city is a huge, dirty city with a bit of a traffic problem. We were told that 18 million people live there and that 30% of the population are under 18. Randy buggers, the mexicans. Anyway, we quickly checked the place out (there is a really cool cathedral and some mad old pyramids that the spaniards demolished and built churches on top of), and left the next day for Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan is an ancient city that no-one really knows anything about. They don´t even know who built ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán September 13th 2007

(July 31, 2007) In February of 2004 a professor at the department of anthropology at Michigan had offered some students the opportunity to do a dig just outside of Mexico City. It was part of the work he was doing, and I became very interested. However, because I had been offered another research job in Cuernavaca, Mexico, I was not able to take up the offer to do the dig. At that time, my interest in Mexico was growing, especially the history and the archaeological record. Tenochtitlan, now Teotichuacan, always came up in readings, and soon became one of the top spots that I had wanted to visit. Three years later, I finally was able to visit the historic Aztec capital with Janneth. We left our hotel room early, had a nice breakfast, and made the ... read more
Mexico City

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán August 22nd 2007

My hostel was running a trip to Teotihuacan (pronounced Tey-oh-tih-wacan) which is an ancient city with pyramids an hour north of Mexico City. However, I decided that to save money and to beat the crowds I'd make the journey myself. Tricky.....or so I though! I set my alarm early and work to find that it was raining outside- boo! I grabbed my umbrella but stupidly didn't bring my jumper (I assumed it would soon brighten up) and set off. After an hour on the metro and an hour on the bus I arrived at the site. It was still raining, but the plus was that it was absolutely empty! The site is set over 2km and I counted 12 people while I was there. Piramide del Sol is the world's 3rd largest Pyramid and I climbed ... read more
View from the top
Windswept Sophie
The Moon Pyramid

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán August 10th 2007

Here are some photos of when I went to the Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacan. It was a fairly warm day, but not too bad. I went with my 2 little brothers who live in Guadalajara Ramiro 19, Arturo 17, and My little sister Karla 22. Pyramid of Moon (Pyramide de Luna) Here is the first Pyramid I saw, and this is what I saw as I turned the corner. ... read more
Looking at Pyramide del Sol
Wide view from Atop Pyramide del Sol
Me and my brothers

I can't say how much I loved Teotihuacan. It was so amazing, I took like 30 photos or so, a mistake considering I didn't have the damn cable to pass the pictures to the computer. Never mind, I was very excited, I kept omg flash and look at that another flash jajaj. I sometimes feel as if I'm losing some part of the experience always being with the camera, flash no flash, light this and that etc. But anyway, Teotihuacan was a place like I have never visited before. It was in the morning, and you could see these massive pyramids standing in front of you... la Pirámide del Sol y de la Luna. Walking to them, there were vendors everywhere offering these gorgeous silver jewelry..... it was very tempting but our mexican friend convinced ... read more

Day 25 - Mexico City, Monday 18 June 2007 - our first full day. Not really a huge amount to report here. T and I tried to sleep in today, but as expected, the construction crew next door didn´t help much with that. We still managed to have a late start, which was good, ending up getting organised in time to have lunch around 11.30 in the hotel restaurant and then heading out to explore a bit. We wandered down to a shopping area, which is really close to our hotel, passing and exploring on the way a Sears, then heading to the markets that line the streets. They seen to go on forever. We spent a couple of hours doing that, then headed off to the internet for a while. Pretty cheap, much more ... read more
Me at the Sun pyramid
Some of the steps...
T and I at top of sun pyramid

Carlos and I took a long weekend trip with his Uncle Richard and Aunt Claudia. Our first stop was to Teotihuacan, the archaeological zone 50 km outside of Mexico City. We started our trip from Chilpancingo and drove through Mexico City before arriving in Teotihuacan. People that live in Mexico City are called Chilango(s) or Chilanga(s). Anytime you have to drive near, through or around Mexico, as it is called by the Mexicans, one must be prepared for an adventure. It can take hours to drive near, through or around Mexico. We were lucky this time as we started our trek early in the morning. In addition to the traffic, one has to be very cautious of the drivers in Mexico because there are no rules while driving. We escaped two potential accidents while through ... read more
The trek
Teotihuacan - Half Way Up to Piramide del Sol/Pyramid of the Sun
Teotihuacan - Piramide de la Luna/ Pyramid of the Moon View from Piramide del Sol/Pyramid of the Sun

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán April 12th 2007

April 12 - 17 This week I met the “Policia de Mexico.” I now realize it was never a matter of if, only when. Both times (yes twice in one week) I was driving. The first time was in Queretaro. My brother Lance was visiting. We picked him up at the airport and decided to take him on a little tour in the city. After stopping for cake and then tacos we decided to head home. I thought I could find a shortcut by driving into an area where I had never been. I took a couple of turns and then decided that I am driving the wrong way on a one way street. Not really that big of deal because people in Mexico do it all the time and the street is dead with no ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán February 5th 2007

woke up at 8 am aaargh!!!!! so today i had a tour booked to go see mexicos biggest ancient city the city of the gods. home of the pyramids of the sun (the third biggest pyramid and the world) and moon. The interesting thing about Teotihuacan is that we dont actually know anything about it. at some point in the 8th century it was abandoned by its original inhabitants. centuries later the aztecs came along and decided it was the city of the gods. they also dubbed the main street ¨the avenue of the dead¨ because they mistook ruined palaces as tombs. they also named the pyramids, so we have no idea what they were actually for, only what the aztecs thought they were for. no aztecs actually lived there because they believe it was too ... read more

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