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We decided that it would be a great idea to go on a guided tour to Teotihuacan whilst we were staying in Mexico City. We stopped at an Agave farm on the way and were amazed by the use of these plants. Did you know that you can get 5 - 6 litres of a 7% cider-like drink a day from each plant?, you can make various other drinks, use it for cooking, washing, sewing, paper, medicine etc Sounds like the perfect plant for your back garden! we also had our first tequilla shot here and it was really really nice and the perfect way to kick off a walk around some ancient ruins Teotihuacan is about a 45 minutes drive from the city so the journey out there gave us a chance to see more ... read more
A reflection of the Sun pyramid
Sitting on the Sun looking back at the Moon
The Pyramid of the Sun

Above panorama: view from the pyramid of the moon About 50km from Mexico City lies the ancient city of Teotihuacan. It is still debated who built it, but it were the Aztecs who gave the city the name we now know it by, after they rediscovered the city centuries after it had been abandoned. The cities oldest structures date from 200 BC and the largest pyramid was completed by 100 AD. I took a bus and arrived early to avoid the tourbuses and to enjoy the site more quiet and at a more bearable temperature! A Japanese guy was on the same bus as I was, so we explored the site together. Most of the site is still unexcavated, but the pyramids that dominate the landscape here, are restored in full glory. The biggest pyramid, the ... read more
Pyramid of the sun
People climbing the Pyramid of the sun
Me on top of the Pyramid of the sun

I decided to spend today at Teotihuacán. Teotihuacán and Chichen Itza were the two images in my head when I first came to Mexico and I was disapointed not to be able to fit a visit to Mexico City into my Easter travels with my boyfriend. I had a map marked with the route I need to get to the pyramids and decided it was more relaxed going alone than joining the tour at 9. As I walked down the stairs I bumped into Theo coming the other way. The coincidence of us both staying at the same hostel and meeting each other was surprising. He was heading off with his visiting friend for other sightseeing and we agreed to meet up for dinner or if not, see each other back in Sahuayo when we returned ... read more
Piramide del Sol
View of Teotihuacán
Random dog at the ruins

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán February 2nd 2010

We are back home and I am back speaking English! We got up very early on Saturday and hired a guide and driver. We really enjoyed hiking up the pyramids at Teotihuacan and learning a little history. I flew home sitting next to a man from Mexico and enjoyed practicing my Spanish! I am looking forward to continuing my Spanish study and attending another language school in the future!... read more
Photo 32
Photo 33

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán January 26th 2010

The video is a Korean wedding song (I think) that these girls sang for my brother and his fiance who are getting married in Playa del Carmen this May. I met the two Korean girls at the hostel. They had just spent a couple weeks in Cuba and I had a lot of questions about it. We talked and had tea and decided to go to Teotihuacán together the following day. Teotihuacán is a 2000 year old pyramid structure and former city that apparently housed around 200,000 people at the time. It is just outside Mexico City. Not very much is known about the society that occupied Teotihuacán; most of the names and history come from the subsequent Aztec discovery of the site. The largest pyramid at Teotihuacán, the Pyramid of the Sun, is apparently the ... read more
Photo 12
Photo 9
Photo 20

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán December 30th 2009

Our next stop was Teotihuacan - the site of the pyramids left by an ancient culture that nobody knows much about. As we knew the site gets hot and crowded in the middle of the day we chose to stay overnight in the small town by the ruins so we could visit in the afternoon. Maytal was exhausted and so was I, and as I had been in the pyramids before as a tour guide, the boys ventured there on their own. Here is their account and pictures. Amit: “Did you know that the Pyramid of the Sun is the 3d highest pyramid in the world? First we climbed the Pyramid of the Moon like mountain goats. Climbing the Pyramid of the Sun was an amazing experience! It was like being in the royal family ... read more
Moon pyramide from Sun Pyramid
The boys
Sun Pyramid

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán December 19th 2009

Dec 22, 2009 After the church tour we left for the pyramids…. Or so we thought. As with a lot of our other tours, the tour groups always get a special cut to hook up their buddies by taking us to gift shops/convenience stores/restaurants/etc. Well, this was quite a stop - over an hour at a gift shop. If the Belgium/Mexican couple wouldn’t have bought something, I think they would have kept us there until we bought something. It was a nice gift shop, most of their specialty was Aztec carvings and statues from obsidian. Very authentic, very well done, but very pricey, so we just drank our free tequila shots and waited by the van. Outside did have some interesting things. The picture describes their “beauty” much more than I can, but we got to ... read more
Us and the Moon
Moon Temple
Overlooking the Ancient Civilization

We decided last night that there was not enough to merit staying a second night in Puebla so we made a change on the fly (called an audible in American football speak) to our original itinerary. We headed back over to the street with all the talavera shops and picked up a couple of items that hopefully will go with the bathroom in my house--can't remember the color at all, but hey, at least the toothbrush holder and soap tray will look nice. Also picked up some local sweets for the kids--hopefully those make it back without spoiling inside the car over the next week (or getting held up by our ever-vigilant customs officials when entering the US). Just as we were heading out of Puebla the police blocked off the main road so a demonstration ... read more
Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Moon
Temple of the Plumed Serpent

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán April 27th 2009

27th APRIL 2009 - A LOT OF WALKING AROUND RUINS & PYRAMIDS I got up at 8ish, showered and dressed before heading for breakfast. I could only face one slice of toast that morning and filled up on a banana instead. No crazy girl at breakfast though and she had not returned to the hostel...must have been detained! Breakfast over, we finished getting ready and then set out to the tube station with the Czech girl from our room. I can't remember her name so I will just call her Phillipa from now on! We donned our masks for the tube and joined the crowds. Almost everyone was wearing a mask. Quite a weird experience to be honest and not a nice feeling at all!! Don't think I could become a surgeon and wear them for ... read more
Enjoying looking around!
So huge!!
On my way down!

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán April 26th 2009

26/4/09 = An organising day :( Worst sleep ever, if I even slept at all. Really not dealing well with jetlag. Woke up at 11pm convinced it was morning and hungry for breakfast. When realised it wasn’t even a new day, closed eyes and spent next hours tossing and turning wide awake. Eyes were actually stinging when tried to close them. Then at 3am, door to room opened, light poured in and noticed a large…v.large… figure fill the frame. It was girl talking v.loudly, which I thought was quite rude. Presumed she was drunk so turned over and waited for her to go to bed. 10mins later, she was still shuffling about the room and talking really loudly. Couldn’t see another person, so thought she must have been on her phone = even more rude. Couldn’t ... read more
A temple complesx
Me and the steps
Impossible stairs

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