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December 30th 2009
Published: December 30th 2009
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Our next stop was Teotihuacan - the site of the pyramids left by an ancient culture that nobody knows much about. As we knew the site gets hot and crowded in the middle of the day we chose to stay overnight in the small town by the ruins so we could visit in the afternoon. Maytal was exhausted and so was I, and as I had been in the pyramids before as a tour guide, the boys ventured there on their own. Here is their account and pictures.
Amit: “Did you know that the Pyramid of the Sun is the 3d highest pyramid in the world? First we climbed the Pyramid of the Moon like mountain goats. Climbing the Pyramid of the Sun was an amazing experience! It was like being in the royal family long ago, going to pray for the sun. Later we met my mom in a restaurant which had a great playground, we were very sad to leave it”.
Shakked: “ The city of Teotihuacan was long ago destroyed by a fire - no archeologist knows why. We went to see it, it was amazing. Ancient temples cast their shadow over you as you walked along the long dusty dirt road. Two pyramids, one on each end of the road loomed above you. The Sun Pyramid, the larger one, was probably used for private royal ceremonies The moon pyramid’s purpose was probably the opposite - presumably it was used for public ceremonies. Both were immense but looked very different. The sun was bigger as I said but also, well the only word to describe it is plainer. It looked as tough a child had taken 4 enormous building blocks and stacked them on top of each other, each block getting smaller as the child went up. The moon pyramid was in my opinion more beautiful, it looked like a sculptor had taken an ordinary block of stone and carved intricate patterns of stone blocks into it. The steps to both of them were so steep and widely spaced that we had to take them, as Amit put it, “mountain goat style”, using our hands as well as our feet. The view from the tops of the pyramids was amazing”.

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30th December 2009

I went to Mexico as a little girl with my parents 60 yrs ago.To this day the names of the two mountains, Popocatepitl and Isticiwatl, still come easily to my lips. Aren't the two supposed to be brother and sister mountains? I remember riding a burro at night to get closer to seeing an active lava display; not sure where that was. The burro driver offered me some cheese, and my father appeared out of nowhere and knocked it from my hands. He was a doctor, and I guess he saw germs everywhere, but I was very embarrassed.
30th December 2009

Shakked and Amit's description of the pyramids are so detailed. I almost feel like I'm right there with your family.
31st December 2009

Very cool! thanks for sending the blog site. The boys look so big, glad to hear Shakked is feeling well. Amazing adventures so far and only a couple of weeks! Happy New Year Noy Ohana!
1st January 2010

Any more blogs???? I keep looking for them when I'm at my computer, which is a good part of the day. You both write amazingly well (to use a favourite word of yours). Saba also reads and enjoys them. And the pictures, of course. We are counting the days till you arrive. Have a good time in Greece (tracing the Odyssea?) with the Amis. Tutu
2nd January 2010

I read your blog on the Sun and the Moon Pyramids. You are fortunate to see so much of the world. Till the age of eleven I was never on a plane, and traveled only once from Naharyiah to Jerusalem! I hope you are also having a great time in Greece. Like the Mexicans, they had a fantastic culture thousands of years ago. I suppose you have already seen the Acropolis and the archeological museum in Athens. And in few days you will also see the Straits of Korinthos, Epidavros, Nauplion, and Olympia. Please try not to be greedy creatures (by the way your Mom never wrote to us how greedy creature is in Spanish - ask her) and take the ancient sculptures you like best to Hawai'i with you. I suggest you test your parents' knowledge on the myths of Ancient Greece. Tell them that if they fail the test they will have to take you to Greece again next year, or on the way back from South America!!! Enjoy your cousins. Tutu and I think that the six of you are the best kids in the world. We are waiting impatiently to see you at the end of the week. Saba Benni (FORMERLY greedy creature)
3rd January 2010

Those photos are really nice!Who took them?About how big were the Sun and Moon Pyramids?Happy new year!-Mika
5th January 2010

And? What is the Odyssea tour like? Tutu
6th January 2010

Mexicans in Hawaii
The view from the road is really pretty. Nesya wishes she was in Mexico. Funny thing: We were at the Polynesian Cultural Center in the Aoteora village. You may recall that they have some games set up there that include big, long sticks. A family was sitting on a bench, and the son picked up one of the sticks like a bat, swinging it in the air. The father laughed and started singing, "Dale, dale, dale..." just like in your video of the pinata. If we hadn't just heard your video, we likely wouldn't have paid any attention, but because of your blog, we struck up a conversation. They were from Mexico City and sang the song for Nesya and Selilah.

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