The ancient city ruins of Teotihuacán.

Published: July 24th 2010
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We decided that it would be a great idea to go on a guided tour to Teotihuacan whilst we were staying in Mexico City. We stopped at an Agave farm on the way and were amazed by the use of these plants. Did you know that you can get 5 - 6 litres of a 7%!c(MISSING)ider-like drink a day from each plant?, you can make various other drinks, use it for cooking, washing, sewing, paper, medicine etc Sounds like the perfect plant for your back garden! we also had our first tequilla shot here and it was really really nice and the perfect way to kick off a walk around some ancient ruins 😊

Teotihuacan is about a 45 minutes drive from the city so the journey out there gave us a chance to see more of the sprawling city. The name Teotihuacan means ‘place where gods were born’ reflecting the Anzac belief that the gods created the universe here. They are among the most important ruins in the world and mystery still surrounds this former city as it’s inhabitants vanished without a trace. The pyramids and palaces cover approximately 30 square kilometres, luckily we only walked around the best bits 😊 We explored some of the palaces and tombs before tackling the pyramid of the moon. This climb was surprisingly difficult and we had to stretch afterwards - we are blaming it on the altitude 😊 We then walked down the Avenue of the Dead trying to imagine what it was like centuries ago, this was particularly hard as hawkers were selling noisy instruments, which of course kids have to constantly blow! Finally, we mustered enough energy to scale the 248 steps of the Pyramid of the Sun, the third largest pyramid in the world! The view was magnificent and worth the still aching legs we still have today ! 😊

It was great to go on a guided tour, not only for the information but it’s a fab chance to meet fellow travellers. The day was rounded off with a lovely meal with some new friends 😊

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