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August 22nd 2007
Published: August 24th 2007
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My hostel was running a trip to Teotihuacan (pronounced Tey-oh-tih-wacan) which is an ancient city with pyramids an hour north of Mexico City. However, I decided that to save money and to beat the crowds I'd make the journey myself. Tricky.....or so I though!

I set my alarm early and work to find that it was raining outside- boo! I grabbed my umbrella but stupidly didn't bring my jumper (I assumed it would soon brighten up) and set off. After an hour on the metro and an hour on the bus I arrived at the site. It was still raining, but the plus was that it was absolutely empty! The site is set over 2km and I counted 12 people while I was there.

Piramide del Sol is the world's 3rd largest Pyramid and I climbed to the top- yey! There are 248 steps, and I was nearly dying of exhaustion after 48! I was secretly relieved when I started to climb the piramide de la Luna and found it roped off after the first set of steps!

I spent about 2 hours looking round and would have spent more time there if the weather had been nice,
View from the topView from the topView from the top

It took me about an hour to catch my breath after climbing to the top! You can see the Moon Pyramid in the distance.
but it was soooooo cold and wet! There were also lots of wild dogs roaming round- I was for the first time glad that I'd paid 120 pounds for my rabies injections!

My best laid plans always seem to go wrong, so when I went to catch the bus back at 11.45, I found out that the next bus back left at 1 o'clock! Waaaaaaaa!!!!! I stood shivering and feeling sorry for myself for a while, til the man who collected entrance fees let me shelter in his hut- phewee!

Spent the rest of the day eating and chilling out. My idea of fun!

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Windswept SophieWindswept Sophie
Windswept Sophie

The 'Gabrielle look' is very on trend in Mexico at the mo!

The remains of people killed as offering to the Moon and Sun gods. Notice the nice dental necklaces!
Weird Cactus TreeWeird Cactus Tree
Weird Cactus Tree

I think that that it has paw-paw fruit on it, but I may be mistaken!

24th August 2007 my best mate says "Assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups!" Stay warm and don't get sick!!
24th August 2007

Lovely teeth necklace... I hope you are going to be bringing me home one of those dental necklaces to wear round toon! Looks like just the thing..... x

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