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February 5th 2007
Published: February 9th 2007
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woke up at 8 am aaargh!!!!!
so today i had a tour booked to go see mexicos biggest ancient city the city of the gods. home of the pyramids of the sun (the third biggest pyramid and the world) and moon.

The interesting thing about Teotihuacan is that we dont actually know anything about it. at some point in the 8th century it was abandoned by its original inhabitants. centuries later the aztecs came along and decided it was the city of the gods. they also dubbed the main street ¨the avenue of the dead¨ because they mistook ruined palaces as tombs. they also named the pyramids, so we have no idea what they were actually for, only what the aztecs thought they were for. no aztecs actually lived there because they believe it was too sacred (they believed it was built by giants and that the gods sacrificed themselves there to start the sun moving) but it was used as a pilgramage sight (and still is).

well anyway thats enough history! would you believe that i climbed both pyramids!!! althogh the moon was was sooo steep, and im afraid of heights, that a tour guide in training let me hold his hand the whole way down!!! i was shaking so much!! and i think i broke his hand i was holding on so tight!! and now im so stiff i can barely walk!!

at 8 that night i once again tried to go to the sex capital with that guy and his brother but again it was closed... so i ended upback at my hostel chatting to one of the guys behind the bar that i had become quite friendly with, and also an aussie couple who had been on the temple tour with me. Adriane turned out to be an artist and brought me some photos of one of his exhibitions, and hes really really talented!! hes sweet too and takes care of me, sneaking me free cans of sprite whenever he can and getting me pretty much watever i want.


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