Published: June 21st 2007
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I can't say how much I loved Teotihuacan. It was so amazing, I took like 30 photos or so, a mistake considering I didn't have the damn cable to pass the pictures to the computer. Never mind, I was very excited, I kept omg flash and look at that another flash jajaj. I sometimes feel as if I'm losing some part of the experience always being with the camera, flash no flash, light this and that etc. But anyway, Teotihuacan was a place like I have never visited before. It was in the morning, and you could see these massive pyramids standing in front of you... la Pirámide del Sol y de la Luna. Walking to them, there were vendors everywhere offering these gorgeous silver jewelry..... it was very tempting but our mexican friend convinced me that those wasn't pure silver (they looked pretty, anyway), and I should wait to Taxco to see all kinds of silver possible. haha! Anyway, I forgot the silver for a moment and focused on the pyramids, and started fast to climb them, soon to find out that it was a lot harder than it looked. Almost reaching the top of the Sun Pyramid, breathing was kinda hard, breathing air so cold was new for me, being used to run in tropical places where the air is hot and easier to breath. I finally arrived to the top, victorious haha, and saw lots of fellow turists also exhausted but amazed at the magnificent view that was in our eyes. There were also native people with bamboo instruments playing very relaxing music, and you could feel in like in the middle of a yoga class and meditation. I got thankful for the hat I have buyed minutes before, the sun was hard, it was red to match and came very handy, because I used it in the rest of the trip. La Pirámide de la Luna had the top under construction and people could not pass but in the middle of the pyramid you could still have a pretty good view of Teotihuacan. I closed my eyes and meditated, gave thanks for being able to be there and to see all that beauty. I also was amazed at how big the ants were there lol. I feared a bite siting on the floor, but thankfully they didn't bite me, it would have hurted.


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