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December 10th 2006
Published: August 6th 2007
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Pyramid of the SunPyramid of the SunPyramid of the Sun

Picture taken from Pyramid of the Moon
Having spent the last few days in Mexico City, I was really looking forward to get out of the city to see this archaeological place. I was thrilled at the thought of going to see and climb a pyramind. This would be my first time as i have never been to Egypt. Although I have seen some pictures of Teotihuacan pyramids on the internet, but it is not the same when you are pyhsically there. The idea of a real pyramid stand right before me really excite me 😊.

We took the bus from Terminal Norte and it took about an hour to get there. Teotihuacan is located in the northeast of Mexico City. To the Aztecs, Teotihuacán was a holy place, where the sun, moon and universe were created. It was they who gave Teotihuacán its name, meaning "The place where men become gods". The bus travelled pass range of mountains and there are lots of houses dotted this hilliy landscape. These houses were roughly built with corrugated roof/wall and unpainted brick wall. I was then told that they are illegal settlements and do not have proper sewege system or electricity power.

It was a blazingly hot afternoon
The cactus -Nopale The cactus -Nopale The cactus -Nopale

Entrance to Teotihuacan, I wonder this is the type of cactus that they served me at the restaurant the other day.
when we arrived. We all soon regretted having taken out coat with us. It was so cold in Mexico City though when we left this morning. As soon as we enter the site, we were approached by many souvenir sellers. These sellers are permitted to roam the place. In the beginning, Damien and Kamila were happily doing their shopping, but when their persistent hassle didn't stop, it became quite an annoyance.

The majestic Pyramid of the Sun is the third largest pyramid after Egypt's Cheops and Pyramid of Cholula. As of most of the great ancient building, this pyramid is built by using 3 million tons of stone without the help from metal tool, wheel or animal. How did they manage to do this still puzzle me. Also directly under this pyramid, there is a tunnel which leads to caves used for religious ceremonies. We first climbed the Pyramid of the sun. At the top of the pyramid, one could see the Pyramid of the Moon looming in the distance. We then strolled down the Walkway of the Dead, taking our time, admiring the beauty, occasionally disturbed by the vendors. I never find our why it was called walkway of the dead, as far as i am concerned, i walk this street when i am alive. 😊 The Walkway of the Dead eventually led us to the Plaza of the Moon and Pyramid of the moon. The view from top of Pyramid of the Moon was awesome as you can see the whole site of this place.

Additional photos below
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The TrioThe Trio
The Trio

We made it to the top of the Pyramid of the Moon
View from top of Pyramid of the Moon View from top of Pyramid of the Moon
View from top of Pyramid of the Moon

Back to reality- You can see houses and plantation on the other side of the pyramid.
Colourful costumeColourful costume
Colourful costume

She is not local, Where does she come from?
Cowboy and Cowgirls in a modern busCowboy and Cowgirls in a modern bus
Cowboy and Cowgirls in a modern bus

On the way back to Mexico City

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