Day 25 and 26 - Mexico City

Published: June 18th 2007
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Day 25 - Mexico City, Monday 18 June 2007 - our first full day.

Not really a huge amount to report here. T and I tried to sleep in today, but as expected, the construction crew next door didn´t help much with that. We still managed to have a late start, which was good, ending up getting organised in time to have lunch around 11.30 in the hotel restaurant and then heading out to explore a bit.

We wandered down to a shopping area, which is really close to our hotel, passing and exploring on the way a Sears, then heading to the markets that line the streets. They seen to go on forever. We spent a couple of hours doing that, then headed off to the internet for a while. Pretty cheap, much more so than the US (not really a surprise), about 12 paesos per hour.

Met up with our tour group tonight. Ernesto, our guide seems good (although I´m sure not as good as Jerry from China, but time will tell) and the rest of the group is made up of 3 couples, 2 from Australia, 1 from South Africa; a single girl and
Me at the Sun pyramidMe at the Sun pyramidMe at the Sun pyramid

This is the top of the pyramid, with the moon pyramid in the background. Proof that I did it!
guy travelling together; and another single girl, all from Australia. No US or English this time! I won´t say if I think thats a good thing, or a bad thing... LOL

Dinner was at a local restuarant, which was pretty good. Chicken Fajitas, very similar to home, but still with some slight changes.

Day 26 - Teotihuacan and other sites, Tuesday 19 June 2007

Well, today was a FULL ON day. We met at 8 for our first excursion, to the Pyramids at Teotihuacan, with two stops along the way. The first was to a ruins sight in the city. I´m sure I should have more details on these, but I don´t sorry!! There was a gorgeous church here though and something about the ruins having layers, as each generation had built on top of the next.

The second was to the Basilica of Guadalupe, to see the painting of Guadalupe, or Mary, Jesus´ mother. A poor Idian named Juan Diego first saw the vision of Guadalupe in 1531 and her vision was implanted onto his robe, which became the painting. He has since been made a Saint, by Pope John Paul II.
Interesting detail of
Some of the steps...Some of the steps...Some of the steps...

coming down. They were steep!
this place is that its HUGE and full of heaps of different churches, all within metres of each other. They are all used as well and are usually full during the more popular services. You can also buy a burial plot here, to be buried on sacred ground!

The next stop was my fave. The pyramids. Totally amazing and covering a much larger area than I thought. Also pretty damn high, with 248 steps to the top, or over 21 stories and its over 70 metres high. Its also the third largest pyramid in the world (according to a website I found), after the large pyramid at Giza and the unrestored pyramid in the Mexican city of Cholula. The steps, oh the steps!!! The steps were pretty damn awful, actually! Some really big in height, over half a meter, I´d say and others being really small and close together. Luckily there is a hand rail, at least most of the way and I managed to make it all the way to the top (of the Sun Pyramid). We also climbed as far as we could on the moon pyramid, which wasn´t really that far, as they were still restoring it. Still, its the shorter of the two, so I was happy to have climbed the larger one anyway.

After lunch and a demonstration of how the first drink in Mexico was made from a cactus (not tequila, but a non alcoholic lemony tasting drink), we headed back to our hotel. By this time it was almost 4m and most everyone was stuffed. A few of us however decided to head out for a couple of hours, to walk around the city a bit and explore. We walked past some great buildings and also a really nice shopping centre, coming up to the large square in the middle of the city. Its also home to the largest church in Mexico city and was simply gorgeous. Just FYI, most of mexico is catholic, so there are a LOT of catholic churches here!

Dinner at another local restaurant and back to the hotel to recover. Oh, my poor legs!

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21st June 2007

Wowsers those stairs look full on! And is the single guy cute? LOL

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