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September 13th 2007
Published: September 13th 2007
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Mexico CityMexico CityMexico City

Our breakfast before heading out to Teotihuacan
(July 31, 2007)

In February of 2004 a professor at the department of anthropology at Michigan had offered some students the opportunity to do a dig just outside of Mexico City. It was part of the work he was doing, and I became very interested. However, because I had been offered another research job in Cuernavaca, Mexico, I was not able to take up the offer to do the dig. At that time, my interest in Mexico was growing, especially the history and the archaeological record. Tenochtitlan, now Teotichuacan, always came up in readings, and soon became one of the top spots that I had wanted to visit.
Three years later, I finally was able to visit the historic Aztec capital with Janneth.

We left our hotel room early, had a nice breakfast, and made the trek out there. We were advised not to take the metro and the bus that awaited for us outside the metro station; however, it seems to me, to be the best way to get there. From the Zocalo, and a few train changes, you head all the way north to Indios Verdes, the last stop north on line number three. From there head
Mexico City Mexico City Mexico City

Our breakfast before heading out to Teotihuacan
to where the buses are, and find one that takes you there--simply ask the bus drivers where their bus is going--which leaves you at the front of gate number one to the entrance to the zone. We payed 56 pesos each round trip, plus the metro.
The heat was punishing. The first thing we came across was the Temple of the Feathered Serpent. I was very happy to see it. It was also another piece that I had wanted to see. (I have a picture in my blog from Cuernavaca, Xochicalco, of a feathered serpent.) As we walked along the Avenue of the Dead, all the unearthed buildings, and finally standing in front of the Pyramid of the Sun after all the wait, I felt like I really wasn't there. As if I were watching it on television. That soon went away as I made the walk up, and the heat soon woke me up from my dream.
The walk up to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun is worth it. The views that it provides are marvelous, and along with the tourist that walk with you, the atmosphere is impressive. The Pyramid of the Moon could only

Entrance to the zone
be hiked half way, and the city from this point lays out in front of you. All along the walk, which is really extensive, I had a big smile as I finally made the trek I had wanted to do for some time. Janneth knowing this, made me feel happier, as she also enjoyed this archaeological zone with me. She made me feel very nice.
Many people sell shirts and crafts, and after haggling prices, Janneth bought me a beautiful black shirt with both pyramids on it. (The shirt is in her room--I forgot it. I left it behind on my trip to visit her in Bogotá.)

The bus back to Mexico City is gotten at the exit of gates number 2 or 3, and takes you back to Indios Verdes. We both fell asleep on the bus as we couldn't take it anymore.
Back in the zocalo we ate rotisserie chicken, with ice cold beer. After another nap in the hotel, we headed to Garibaldi Plaza, famous for the mariachis. Advice: do not go there, it is not worth it. If you do, stay in the plaza, pay the mariachis outside 50 pesos for each song, and drink

The Pyramid of the Sun in the background
the caguamas (one liter beers) in the stalls that are 25 pesos. Many restaurants have fine print on the menu that tourists, like us, don't read, and you end up paying 710 pesos for 4 beers. (They added the show--which were told it was free--service, taxes, and anything else the restaurant felt like it. The waiter charged us 100 pesos for not ordering variety.) We left angry, sat outside to drink caguamas, and left for the hotel.

Additional photos below
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Teotihuacan Teotihuacan

The pyramids in the background. The Pyramid of the Sun is closer in the picture.

Temple of the Feathered Serpent

In front of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent

From what I have studied and have been told, this was were waste came out of living areas with in the city. Sort of a sewage system.
Teotihuacan Teotihuacan

Pyramid of the Sun as you come north on Avenue of the Dead
Pyramid of the SunPyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Sun

A view of the city as you look back when making the hike up the Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Moon...Pyramid of the Moon...
Pyramid of the Moon...

view from the Pyramid of the Sun

view of the Pyramid of the Moon
Hike up the Pyramid of the SunHike up the Pyramid of the Sun
Hike up the Pyramid of the Sun

Janneth exhausted 3/4 of the way up
Atop the Pyramid of the SunAtop the Pyramid of the Sun
Atop the Pyramid of the Sun

Both of us exhausted after the climb up

View of the Pyramid of the Sun from the front

on the stroll along Avenue of the Dead towards the Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the MoonPyramid of the Moon
Pyramid of the Moon

from the Avenue of the Dead

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