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North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 12th 2013

February 12 – Today I rode the Colectivo bus to the bus station in Cabo again just to check things out again. Then I rode it back again to Paraiso Mall and had a good walk-around again and a bit to eat. Then I walked back to the hotel and visited a bit and did some homework on La Paz. One of the guys who was staying at the Cabo Inn had made the couch upstairs “his spot” thereby being part of every conversation that takes place up there because he either initiates the conversations or joins in. His name is Bob and he is a Canadian,retired and from Alberta and lives just a bit north of Glacier National Park. He was in Cabo San Lucas last winter and is back there again this year. He ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 10th 2013

Feb 10 - Sunday - San Jose del Cabo – I had decided earlier that at some point during this trip I would go check out San Jose del Cabo. The quiet “sister city” to the rambunctious Cabo San Lucas. Quiet is an understatement, it is more like matronly. I went on a Sunday because I had thought there would be some sort of event going on. There was absolutely nothing going on. I’ve literally seen graveyards that were more lively. I like quiet….but not dead. I caught the CaboBus at the bus stop West of Puerto Paraiso Mall to San Jose for M$27 ( $2.07) and told the driver “San Jose” when I got on. When I passed Mega I started looking for the Wal Mart and got off the bus when I saw it. ... read more
Aguila Bus
The church and the square

February 09 – Saturday – Today will be a work day for me. I’m planning on going to La Paz on Monday taking the bus from the bus station at the Golden Palace Plaza on Hwy 19 just north of its intersection with Miguel Hidalgo. I did some homework on La Paz and then decided I wanted to go do my homework on getting from here to the Airport for when I go back to the US on the 20thFebruary. I have trouble remembering that this is February as it feels like Spring here. In any case I walked down to the bus stop West of Puerto Paraiso Mall and caught the White Bus with a green stripe that was there and showing AEROPUERTO in big letters on the windshield. I was stopping at the Walmart ... read more
SuperWalmart in San Jose del Cabo
The Aguila Bus
Much better bananas than the Wal Mart in Cabo San Lucas

Feb 08 – Medano Beach – Today I walked off of Lazaro Cardenas down Acturaio from just East of the sign for Puerto Paraiso Mall, and then just followed the signs to Medano Beach. It was an easy 5 minute walk. Basically you just walk down Actuario until it deadends in another street, take a right and the up, over, and down the hill. The beach was very nice although I don’t think it is as nice as Lovers Beach. However it is a much shorter walk and if someone came to party, and brought a wheelbarrow full of money, it’s the beach for that. I am more into a beautiful place to relax and swim and Lovers Beach is a better place for that. I walked along the beach to Lovers beach the other day ... read more
DSC08682 (2)

It's been quiet and laid back in Cabo San Lucas. I haven't seen a cruise ship since I got here a week ago.... read more
Evening in Cabo

Feb 6 – Wednesday – Today I caught the Colectivo bus and rode it to the Centro Muelle turnaround and then walked down Marina Blvd till it ended at the beach. I walked along the beach enjoying the great view and when I got to the place where I had to climb over the rocks to get to Lovers Beach I found out it was a little challenging but I climbed over them to the beach without a problem. The water on the Sea of Cortez side was clear and calm and reminded me of the water along the beaches in Greece. I really wish I had worn my bathing suit under my shorts (or worn some different shorts I could have swam in) as the water was soooooo inviting. I had brought some water to ... read more
My room at the Cabo Inn
Outside my room at the Cabo Inn
Centro Muelle bus stop

February 4 – Monday - Cabo – The first thing I did this morning was to go downstairs and book another 5 days here at the Cabo Inn. I was paid up thru Tuesday, leaving Wednesday but this takes me through next Sunday leaving Monday the 11th. That will work out well as it gives me enough time to enjoy Cabo San Lucas and then leave for La Paz next Monday. Today I sought out the Gordo Lele’s taqueria on Calle Mariano Matamoros ¼ block north of Lazario Carnetas street. I had their Asada (Beef) taco. It was quite good. They are supposed to have an owner called Javier who sings Beatle songs but I guess since it was in the day he wasn’t there. My main task for today was to go to the bus ... read more
Central De Autobuses in Cabo San Lucus
Muelle to Palma (and back) bus

February 3 – Cabo – I copied and pasted some very good maps of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo as well as the southern Baja Penninsula onto Word Files by going to and then copying and pasting the maps. Or when you get to Cabo grab one or two of those free Los Cabos magazines which are around everywhere and tear the maps out of them. They are some good maps for finding your way around. I set two alarm clocks last night and woke up about half an hour before they went off this morning. I had a reservation for the whale watching tour at 9 AM. I don’t usually do mornings but I guess the whales do so I had to get up. I was told to try and get there ... read more
poquito boat
The Marina

As a human being, you allways try to do better...and when it comes to go one more step further. Thanks to Chip, I had put for the last few months the Socorro Archipelago way high on my diving wishlist. I've so far dived in 39 countries and my top list would read something like Galapagos, Palau, Protea Bank (South Africa), Tubataha (Philippines), PNG or even Sipadan...all done! So what was going to be a week diving on the Solmar V in Socorro, Mexico? It was pretty impressive...but I'm still not sure it's now my prefered place to dive in the world....yes, I'm a spoiled kid is the way you can put it....but if you have never heard about this...let's say that there is not much better in the world when it comes to dive ... read more
Dolphins ballet!
Manta...on 13 dives out of 19!

February 2 – Los Cabos – I copied and pasted some very good maps of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo as well as the southern Baja Penninsula by going to and copied and pasted the maps into Word Files. You could do this or when you get to Cabo grab one or two of those free Los Cabos magazines which are around everywhere and tear the maps out of them. They are some good maps for finding your way around. Today I got up early and after my usual drinking my tea, having a banana and some cereal and thinking things over walked down to the Marina and did some t-shirt shopping. To me a souvenir cannot just be cool but must be useful. I got about 4 t-shirts so I will need ... read more
El Arco at Lands End
Lovers beach
Captain Tony's

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