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Our day began with an unsolicited, pushy "wake up call" from our time share lady friend making sure we were up and getting ready for our time share "presentation breakfast." might as well call it a manipulation breakfast, as Lindsay so begrudgingly pointed out. We were up, and the call kind of pissed kemper off. Not a promising start for the time share people. Lindsay reminded kemper that she was just doing her job, and it was only going to get worse from here. Kemper assured Lindsay this was going to be quick, only 90 minutes of our day and a 300 dollar pay off. We get in, we eat, we get out. Interior Pueblo Bonito Sunset sales office. Limper enters the building. "Hello ladies! Mark Weber will be taking care of you ladies". A goofy ... read more
First stop... Pura Vida
In business?
Hotel California

First challenge of the trip... pack everything into one piece of carry on luggage. Now let me back this up. Every "limper" adventure starts with Lindsay making a stellar packing list. We all know she is the true captain of our adventures... At least when it comes to planning. Every good adventure has a woman behind it. Our adventures have two. And this adventure was Kemper's time to shine. Shine like her skin glistening with bug spray. Lindsay was boggled down with work so Kemper seized the moment and took command of the ever important packing list. In true Kemper style, it was no ordinary packing list. This list has flare. a couple hours and a couple glasses of wine later a new type of packing list was born. We will leave it at that... See ... read more

I'll never forget my first impression of Cabo San Lucas. We drove straight from the airport to the hotel in a rental car. As our friends walked into the hotel's reception office to check in, my curiosity pulled me in a different direction... I passed the foyer and I stepped out into the open patio, then my jaw dropped. I saw my first glimpse of the most breathtakingly beautiful panorama of the bright blue ocean, the waves crashing on the beach shore, the sun shining, and palm trees swaying in the wind. The views here are so stunning that it made my heart skip a beat. This was our first time in Mexico, and our first time taking a beach-y style trip. However, for our four friends that were with us, it was probably around their ... read more
Cabo San Lucas
Chileno Beach
Sun Rise Cabo Pics

We thought about renting a car for the day but in the end decided to take the public bus to Cabo San Lucas. We are getting the hang of the bus system here, luckily the first bus that came by was a direct express, meaning that it only had a few stops between San Jose and Cabo. The fare for tourists $32 pesos, locals ride cheaper, something like $11 pesos. People here drive like lunatics down the highway including the bus drivers. They also fly through stop signs unless there are other vehicles there. While the seats were hard plastic and not very comfortable, the breeze going through from the open windows was cool and refreshing. I couldn't help but notice the picture of Jesus and cross which was mounted on the header of the bus ... read more
Marina & Mall
Mexican Buffet

Since we only had our rental car until 2 pm, we decided to drive to Cabo San Lucas, about 20 minutes South on Hwy 1. A beautiful drive along the coastline, beaches, private villas, several gorgeous golf courses, large hotels. Economically it seems to be doing well here unlike Cozumel or Costa Rica where we saw lots of real estate developments that were started then abandoned, here everything seems to be booming. Most likely due to all the Canadian contributions to the local economy. We drove a loop around Cabo San Lucas, a large cruise ship was parked in the harbour. Downtown in the narrow streets there are lots of tourist shops selling souvenirs, restaurants, stores, hotels, pretty much what we expected. We drove by a lovely marina we will need to explore in more detail ... read more
Made it to Costco
Walking back from town

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 30th 2013

Doing their Christmas shopping in Cabo San Lucas this year.!!... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 20th 2013

I watch the cruise ship enter the bay not long after the sun rises from the balcony overlooking Bahia Cabo San Lucas. It is nearly 1000 feet long and dominates the landscape of the area. The ships carry many hundreds and sometimes more than two thousand tourists, all waiting to come ashore at their first port-of-call since leaving California. Today there is only one, but often several ships arrive in one day. I imagine some passengers are getting their first view of Mexico. The water of the bay is crystal blue and the earlier morning clouds are a light pink color as the sun gently warms the day. It doesn’t take long for the anchor to drop and the launches to begin their first trips to the piers. I wonder what the passengers think as they ... read more
Pacific Sunset
A Bench with a View
Los Cerritos

We watched a huge, heavy sun rise above Isla Carmen from our balcony on the next to last day in Loreto, Mexico. The abnormal line of clouds in the distance turned evil, showing almost neon shades of orange and red. The Sea of Cortez turned from its overnight steel color to beautiful cobalt. It was rougher than normal and showed orange tinted wave caps as the day quickly brightened. By afternoon the clouds had filled the sky and ominously darkened as they stalled on the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains that separate Loreto from the main Baja Peninsula. The clouds began to swirl slightly and by noon a steady downpour had begun. By night the sky had opened and was dumping huge quantities of water. Our cement block roof began to leak again despite the relatively ... read more
Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas
Eye of the Pacific

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 20th 2013

Wednesday Febuary 20 – Catching that big bird home - The plan for today is to walk down to the bus stop on Lazaro Cardenas street a bit East of Puerto Paraiso Mall and catch one of those white buses with a green stripe (not a Colectivo bus), and take it to the Airport for my flight home. I had my usual oatmeal with cinnamon for breakfast and then after browsing the web a bit I packed up my bags the rest of the way and left a huge pile of stuff on the counter here that I don’t see any sense in taking home. Items such as sugar, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, microfiber towels (which I have tons of at home) and etc. I also left a M$100 for the maid as well as let her ... read more
The Cabo Inn February 2013
The "bus stop" at the airport
The gap in the fence

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 19th 2013

Tuesday Feb 19 – Last full day in Cabo - This morning is a beautiful day, and nice and cool. I am relaxing on the terrace and having my oatmeal and tea while visiting with people coming and going. There are three guys here who have been here as long as I have and each day they head out somewhere. I have started to call them The Three Caballeros. One of them in particular named Joe has had many an adventure and misadventure and I have taken to calling him Cabo Joe. The other friend I have made here is named Bob and he is a Canadian from Alberta. Bob is closer to my age and goes out somewhere each day to try out a new taco stand or place and other than that sits on ... read more
No More Tacos
The Cabo Inn February 19
Enjoying my last day on the terrace in Cabo.

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