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January 31 - Cabo –Thursday - I went to bed at a decent time but woke up in the middle of the night and so did some reading on Cabo before going back to bed around 6AM. I woke up around 1PM and so got my usual time of the day start. I pretty much just relaxed on the terrace for a couple of hours and drank my tea while writing my blog and thinking things over. I decided to go to Wal Mart to get some milk, 100% whole wheat bread, cereal, and fruit. The meals at restaurants are mostly meat or fish with hardly anything with fiber. So I have to make sure to work fiber into my diet on my own. So I walked down to the bus stop on Lazaro Cardenas east ... read more
Puerto Paraiso Mall
Old Mexico
Transporte Collectivo Bus

January 30 – College Station to Cabo San Lucas – Only slept a couple of hours last night and then woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. Finally got up around 3AM and did a little homework on the internet till I suddenly realized at 5AM that my plane was leaving at 06:40 instead of 07:40. So I loaded up quickly and went to the airport. One thing about B/CS is it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. I got checked in and got my boarding pass and went through security in plenty of time. I really do believe that they use the flights out of College Station, Texas to train pilots or to break in new ones. We just about ran out of runway before the plane finally went into a very steep climb ... read more
The Cabo Inn
The Cabo Inn
FMM Card

As it is getting warm enough now to leave the balcony door open all night, we awoke to the sounds of morning boat traffic just off Cabo Wabo, where we dropped the hook and prepared for “tender operations.” Our ship is so large at some ports we have to anchor off the coast and get ferried in by the ship’s “tenders” (English translation = life boats). Hit the beach at 1000 in the bright sunshine and headed off to our first shore trip – Zip Lining, rappelling, cliff climbing and such at the UNESCO preserve here in the Southern Sierra! Dan and Desi look out dudes – Two new Cliff Team guys coming your way! Carol took to it like a duck to water, and the driver had to chain her to the mini bus to ... read more
Back to the SS Scurvey
Baja Headlands
Bonjour, Cabo San Lucas!

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas September 27th 2012

Random thoughts off the west coast of Mexico: Walla Walla and the Perfect Foot Among the more memorable fellow passengers I have met are two elderly ladies from Walla Walla, Washington. You know, the town so fine it was named twice. I met them the other evening when we were waiting for the evening’s entertainment to begin in the ship’s theater. I told them I probably wouldn’t remember their first names and asked them if they minded if I just called them Walla and Walla. I discovered quite soon that they have a fine appreciation of the arts and are long time patrons of the venerable Walla Walla symphony. They were interested in my connection to the Seattle Symphony. They have a cantankerous maestro who has outlived his usefulness and we in Seattle have just got ... read more
Sharon, Nancy & Bill soaked in Cabo

If you are planning a trip to Cabo and have not decided what activities your vacation should include, you are in luck! Cabo and the area surrounding it offer a variety of great things to do and all are likely a short trip from your resort. Depending on the size of your group or to just give you some added flexibility, you may even want to consider renting a car during your visit. However you choose to get around Cabo, make sure you include time for these 5 fun things to do in Cabo! Located at the southern-most part of the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo has large desert areas and mountain terrain, both providing excellent opportunities for horseback riding. With several local equestrian centers, it is possible to take a horseback ride to experience breathtaking views ... read more
Calm Pool
Palm over the Pool

After a rough 2011, for both Sarah and I, this year is one that we wanted to fill with adventure, laughter and fresh starts. We had already traveled throughout China, so even though we are both up for anything, our work schedules and hectic lives dictated only a short adventure. But it still managed to meet all our requirements. After a few suggestions/options, we narrowed it down to Cabo San Lucas in hopes of guaranteed good weather, gorgeous beaches and a possible chance to see Justin Bieber (to brag to my 6yr. old niece) and George Clooney (to brag to my 56yr (ish) old Mom)!! I have been to Mexico only once before, Cancun, and I do not know if it was that I was much younger, had longer, blonder hair, was considerable less travelled, or ... read more
Hot Lady!
It never fails
Ladies Night

Acupuncture this morning. We will see later today if it helped my ankle or not. end of trivia and then changed to go ashore. Got VIP tender tickets so it did not matter when we went down. Walked around the town and shopped a little. Not much there but tourist crap. Spent an hour and came back to the ship. Toni and i accepted cold water and a cold towel in the line and then showed our key card- guard told us we were trying to get on the wrong ship - it was the celebrity line. We laughed and found the right place! Spa and more trivia. changed for dinner and more trivia! Late dinner and bed. Ankle started hurting after dinner. Can't decide if i should do more acupuncture or not.... read more

Due to drug wars at Mazatlán, our planned stop over was canceled so we spent another day at Cabo San Lucas. We stayed aboard, Bree went to Camp Carnival and yes, we sat by the pool and drank cocktails.... read more
Fun In The Sun
Cabo San Lucas From Carnival Splendor
Cabo San Lucas From Carnival Splendor

Arriving early in the morning to Cabo San Lucas the day was bright, clear and very hot. Boarding one of the ferries to get to port with the rest of the crew we just loved Cabo with happy smiling locals everywhere. We wandered the streets buying souvenirs and rum and Cuban cigars. Coronas were 2 bucks each so large numbers were consumed sitting in the shade of a local cantina. We had planned only a half day in Cabo so after lunch it was back to the boat for a relaxing day by the pool.... read more
Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas
NZ Yachts At Cabo San Lucas

After having stayed in two all inclusive places and a time share this past week along with ducking into town on occasion, we feel like we can provide a glimpse of Cabo, so, here’s the down and dirty on Cabo San Lucas according to the Binkley’s. When you last heard from our traveling heroes, they were describing some of the activities and antics that we shared with our good friends Art and Deb. Cabo is not exactly our cup of tea, but we would not want to miss an opportunity to hang out with Art and Deb. This past Saturday they reluctantly boarded a flight back to the States. In the meantime, we moved up the beach to an all-inclusive resort. Cabo seems to cater to Americans and Canadians. Want to experience the real Mexican culture? ... read more
Infinity pool
A Sunset Ride
Cabo Rock Formations

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