Last day in Cabo

Published: February 26th 2013
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Tuesday Feb 19 – Last full day in Cabo - This morning is a beautiful day, and nice and cool. I am relaxing on the terrace and having my oatmeal and tea while visiting with people coming and going. There are three guys here who have been here as long as I have and each day they head out somewhere. I have started to call them The Three Caballeros. One of them in particular named Joe has had many an adventure and misadventure and I have taken to calling him Cabo Joe. The other friend I have made here is named Bob and he is a Canadian from Alberta. Bob is closer to my age and goes out somewhere each day to try out a new taco stand or place and other than that sits on the couch at the top of the stairs and talks to everyone who goes up or down. His focus is on finding a good taco stand and getting his nap in each day.

One of The Three Caballeros has a car and relatives here in Mexico and today they are going out to the Santa Maria Beach and have a BBQ. They invited Bob
No More TacosNo More TacosNo More Tacos

This was on a t-shirt. After 3 weeks in Mexico I think I know the feeling. I need to get some fiber back into my diet.
and I but we declined. Neither of us drink much and as they say in Texas “if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch”. Besides I am leaving tomorrow and just want to relax and later today pack up some of my stuff.

I did walk down to the marina and walk around a bit and then walk down Marina Blvd. and shop a few of the stores there and bought some T-shirts for souvenirs.

I must say that even taking into account that I really don’t drink much I have had a very good and enjoyable time in Cabo.

The plan for tomorrow is to walk down to the bus stop on Lazaro Cardenas street a bit East of Puerto Paraiso Mall and catch one of those white buses with a green stripe (not Colectivo bus), and take it to the Airport for my flight home.

The Three Caballeros are heading home tomorrow as well so things ought to quieten down a bit here.

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The laundry next to the Cabo Inn that I used to get my clothes washed my last day in Cabo. 52 Pesos wash, dry, and fold (about $4.00 US)

2nd March 2013

Like your little friend.
Sounds like your trip to Cabo has been wonderful.
2nd March 2013

quite an adventure was quite an adventure. : )

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