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North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 5th 2015

English version follows. Jour 1 - mercredi, le 3 juin 2015 - Québec, QC. Mes bagages sont prêts. Je pars pour le Yukon en fin de matinée. Je passerai le mois de juin chez un couple d'amis (J. et J.) qui vivent présentement à Whitehorse et qui se marient samedi. De temps à autre, j'écrirai pour parler de mes petites et grandes excursions au Yukon et en Alaska. Et je posterai, bien sûr, quelques photos ! J'arrive à Whitehorse à 21h22. Le voyage s'est très bien passé : Vols Québec - Montréal - Vancouver - Whitehorse. Il est trois heures plus tôt qu'au Québec. Fatiguée mais heureuse d'être arrivée ! Il fait encore très clair, et à minuit, lorsque je me suis couchée, il commence seulement à faire sombre. Il fait nuit pour à peu près ... read more
Sur la route - On the road
Fish lake road
Jeune aigle à tête blanche - Young bald eagle

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse May 31st 2015

Distance driven today: 273 miles / 439 km Cumulative distance driven: 592 miles / 953 km Today’s trip: Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Yukon spruce trees along the road: 237 million (give or take a few) Crushed bugs detected on the windshield: 3,568 Potholes on the first leg of the Alaska Highway: 873 The first leg of the Alaska Highway after Beaver Creek Yukon was in pretty bad shape. About 80 or so miles of the road were gravel, and some of the paved sections had lots of potholes. Apparently, the constant freezing and thawing of the ground, year after year, takes a heavy toll on the road. I asked the owner of lodge that I stay at in Beaver Creek, whether last winter had been cold or not. She replied that it ... read more
Haines junction in the middle of nowhere
May 30 map

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse April 8th 2015

This could not have been a more fitting title for my next adventure. I had fluctuated between either going to Fort McMurray or Whitehorse in Yukon to see the Northern Lights and had decided that I would go to Whitehorse as it seemed to have more things to do while I was there. Anywhere north of the 60degree latitude mark is a prime spot to see these astonishing night show spectacular but this was the destination for my hopeful observation. This trip has been a mixture of highs and lows and one that has been mentally challenging for a number of different reasons, but I will never forget the moment I first had a glimpse on this amazing phenomenon that all people must put on their bucket list. The journey did not start off how I ... read more
Main st in Whitehorse
The view during snowmobiling just out of Whitehorse
Riding around on the snowmobil

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 18th 2014

Un peu d' infos sur le Yukon, Sa superficie est de 484 000 kms (France 551 000) assez proche. Population 36400 habitants (France 65 000 000) La capitale Whitehorse 27000. Watson Lake et Dawson City 1500 chaque. La aussi ca laisse de la place pour les autres. Ces deux villes ont eu leurs heures de gloire a l' époque de la ruée vers l' or fin du 19 eme siecle. Aujourd'hui on en entend plus parlé pour des records de froid, ou la Yukon Quest la plus difficile course de chiens de traineaux au monde. Elle part de Fairbanks jusqu' a Whitehorse, 1660 kms, ou inversement, les premiers mettent 10 jours. Avec un repos obligatoire de 36 h a Dawson City, Dawson a été un peu la capitale des chercheurs d' or. C' est la que ... read more
un ex "bordel"
les rues
les facades

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 12th 2014

Je suis maintenant au niveau du 60 eme parallele. Cela veut dire qu' il a environ 20 h de soleil, clarté par jour. La nuit c' est environ de minuit a 4 h du matin. Ca n' aide pas vraiment a s' endormir. Ce qui fait qu' hier au soir apres "souper", je sors, fumer ma cigarette. Un couple lustre 2 Harley Davidson, immatriculées Ontario, et ils se parlent en Français. Je les aborde, ils viennent d' Ottawa. Tout en frottant leurs motos, nous discutons. Eux font le parcours a l' envers de moi, c' est a dire qu' ils arrivent d' Alaska, et s' en vont vers San Francisco, et ils semblent pas mal connaitre les Rocheuses en Alberta, que je vais parcourir dans quelques semaines. Leur avis "ce que tu as trouvé de beau ... read more
ces couleurs
il est mimi
Watson Lake 10H30

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse September 12th 2013

First off, I need to put in a correction to something I said in my blog post about being stuck on the highway. I thought the nice couple in the camper went back to Eagle and told people we were stuck, but apparently, they found the construction camp and that's why the folks who showed up were the ones with the keys to the heavy machinery. Our first stop today was at the Beringia Center. Beringia is the name of the land mass formed between Siberia and Alaska during the last glacial period. They have a nice woolly mammoth skeleton, as well as a scimitar cat skeleton and a megasloth. They showed us a film about the center, and how the First Nation people of the area have helped in fossil collecting. Our second stop of ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse September 10th 2013

Today was another long bus day, but fortunately, it was a fairly quiet one. Dinner last night was maple garlic salmon. They put a lot of roasted garlic on it, i scrapped it off and mixed it into my mashed potatoes. Show at Gertie's was good, but not great. A lot of dancing, and that was a bit boring for my taste. I'm on the computer at the hotel, and it seems to be set to French, so I can't find the question mark.... And i have to keep remembering where the apostrophe is.... We left the hotel a bit before 9 this morning, to go over to the cultural center to watch a 15 minute film they made. They opened up early just for us. That was nice of them. As I said, today was ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse August 4th 2013

Die Fahrt war heute lang aber nicht wirklich aufregend: Waelder. Waelder. Waelder. Manchmal ein Fluss. Manchmal eine Tankstelle. Dann wieder Waelder. Unterhaltsam war eine Stelle, wo es Zimtschnecken gab; sie kosteten 10$ (7,50 Euronen), aber sie waren ganz frisch und RIESIG!!!!! etwa 30 cm Durchmesser. Wir teilten sie unter 6 Leuten auf und dann war noch was ueber. Bisher sind an allen Strassen so kleine Erdhoernchen gewesen; sie wohnen irgendwo in einem Bau in der Naehe und haben ungefaehr das gleiche Verkehrsgefuehl, wie der Sammy: ploetzlich stuerzen sie auf die Strasse, sausen wieder zurueck und sind voellig unberechenbar. Dabei schaut das sehr lustig aus, ungefaehr so wie ein ferngesteuertes Auto mit einer Antenne = dem Schwanz, der steil in die Hoehe ragt. Aber weil sie so verkehrs-dumm sind, werden sie auch oft Opfer von Autos. Und ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse August 3rd 2013

Shut up Anne! Just Shut up! Shut the Fuck Up!!! To sum up the past 7 weeks. It's been awesome!!!!! We've been lazy and busy and tired and bored but alas we have made it through 7 weeks and have 1 week to go. Sad but happy but we are ready to move on. We've been a bit slack on the blog front, but we've done a lot and seen a bit, Jana more then me, but that's only cause we rarely get the same days off. So here goes. Our sum up of June - July. June 21st - We went to the Summer Solstice Festival in Whitehorse. Saw the sunset on the longest day of summer - 19hr and something minutes. Anyone been to homebake? Big Day out? Well picture that, but with 1 ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse August 2nd 2013

About a half hour out of Haines Junction this morning, Jon and Joyce heard their tire alarm sound, and lo and behold: their THIRD flat tire on this trip. We all pulled over, put on our flashers; and the three boys got to work changing the tire. In Whitehorse, Jon discovered that the tire was totally irreparable. It was cut in at least 6 places. We all pulled into a Walmart parking lot in Whitehorse. Jon got to work figuring out a solution while the rest of us grocery shopped, debated what to do, and drank Starbucks coffee. Final decision was for the Ancell and Gerdes couples to haul on in to our next campground in Teslin, and await the arrive of the Osborns. By the way, I (Carolyn) hauled for a good bit today. I ... read more
Mayday! Flat tire!
A caravan of two then headed out to Teslin ....
... to park at Yukon Motel campground, and await the safe arrival of Jon and Joyce

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