Jana & Josie


Jana & Josie

This is a story about two hitch hiking honeyz, minus the hitch hiking.

100% natural.

USA and Canada.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 19th 2013

6 months!!!! whoop. Can't believe we've made it this far. Jana is busting her booty at Nester's Grocery Store, but she goes to Hawaii soon. Lucky girl. I am working at Gener8. A neat little 3D conversion studio. Working on some epic projects and enjoying being employed :)... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse August 3rd 2013

Shut up Anne! Just Shut up! Shut the Fuck Up!!! To sum up the past 7 weeks. It's been awesome!!!!! We've been lazy and busy and tired and bored but alas we have made it through 7 weeks and have 1 week to go. Sad but happy but we are ready to move on. We've been a bit slack on the blog front, but we've done a lot and seen a bit, Jana more then me, but that's only cause we rarely get the same days off. So here goes. Our sum up of June - July. June 21st - We went to the Summer Solstice Festival in Whitehorse. Saw the sunset on the longest day of summer - 19hr and something minutes. Anyone been to homebake? Big Day out? Well picture that, but with 1 ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 17th 2013

It's Day 3 on the Ranch. We arrived safely in Whitehorse and stayed our 1 night in town. We got picked up at 9am by Danielle and arrived at MUKTUK ADVENTURES!! It's been an amazing experience so far. There's 120 dogs, the youngest litter is 7 months old and are all named after treeish things, like Aspen, Cedar, Pine, etc. The oldest is 17, and boy is he old. Can barely move the poor guy, but he gets around. They're so cute. I want them all. We do a few jobs with split shifts so we have a bit of down time - housekeeping from 8am-1pm then 5pm-7pm. and Gardening from 8am-11am then 4pm-9pm. It's been interesting, and everyone is really nice. Theres about 8 other volunteers and a few full/part timers, 2 aussies, a lot ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum June 4th 2013

3 pizzas and 3 beers = US$37 = Happy chaps. Just made our bus from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum, walked it to the bus stop - BooYah! Megan didn't lose a wheel and Jana and I didn't break our backs. Loving the back packing, gaining some serious muscle. Jumped on the bus, I sat next to a spanish, she fell asleep as the air con dripped on her, I didn't know what to do, I was fine. I'll just ignore it...diddly dee, potato. Found our hotel. it's amazing! It's brand new! Only has 9 rooms and we're in the 9th. It has it's own kitchen, bathroom king bed, bath robes and slippers, mmmmmm love luxury. So we've decided to extend our trip a few more nights till we leave on the 12th June and be ... read more

Wet and rainy. $20 peso a chair. Shitty beach. Lots of margaritas. Not much happened this day cos of the weather. We watched a child use the public shower. Shit got weird.... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun May 31st 2013

Bye Bye Cancun, hello Playa Del Carmen... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun May 29th 2013

Hola! We're in meh-ico. After a confusing which taxi owns who or what or what, we're in a taxi enjoying a semi english semi spanish chat with our driver. Megan thinks his cute, but the excessive hair gel on every man in Mexico is more than I can take. It's 6pm, we dump our stuff, shower, etc, and are out the door for some dinner. $1 bus ride later we're in Senor Frogs expecting a decent meal and a drink or 2 but NO! we get so much more for a Wednesday night in Cancun. Guacomole. balloon hats. name tags of 'sexy,sexy' 'dat ass' and 'mmmm hot'. held a horny sign. watched some crazy guy on a pipe, water, jet, flying thingy. Ate some taco, drank some margherita, then got the hell out there!!! stabs - ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas May 27th 2013

That fruit drink is weak...actually, I'm pretty drunk. Two words - Buffet Breakfast. #foodgasm Then to walk it off we walked the strip all the way from Luxor down to Wynn and Encore, passing the shops and having a gamble now and then, obviously in the High Limits room. We popped into the Venetian and had a geez at the famous cloud ceiling. We got to the other end of the strip and were hungry. again.......feels like we have been eating 90% of this trip?? anyway, irrelevant. We decided to go to a bar called Senor Frogs which was pretty sweet. Straight to the bar! We ordered two giant cocktails and some 'fries'. The guy laughed when we said fries. We never understood why. Half hour later we were drunk and watched a cool pirate show ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas May 26th 2013

You look like the type of girls that like to smoke weed. Longest bus ride! 20 hrs later. And an unforeseen disabled person takes up 8 seats on the Greyhound and Ha-zah, we get refused our 8.30am transfer to LV and are eating some shitty free breakfast, more like sugar sandwiches, while waiting for the 10.15am bus! Greyhound - you're kinda shit! But we were semi glad, that bus was full of looneys. Saw one passenger washing her hair with hand soap in the toilet. But finally!!! We're in Las Vegas!!!!! We get in around 5pm and check into our Pyramid - Luxor. So cool. I'm staying in a Pyramid. Legit We sat by the pool, got offered some weed, drank some cocktails and went for a buffet dinner! All you can eat - yes please!!! ... read more

I JUST STEPPED IN SHIT!!!! Last day in San Fran. So sad. We've loved our stay. We checked out of our hostel, put our luggage in the holding cell and began our day finding a dentist/hospital at the Medical Centre...but she was not Asian, or a member and was refused an appointment. So we went for 'breakfast' instead in Little Italy and ate lovely omelettes, and a cup of froth. Back to the hostel we go, sitting for a moment and deciding what to do for the day. Decisions made we strutted our stuff down Colombus st, eventually finding us a push (pull?) sushi restaurant and a boot full of shit on the way. HUMAN shit. It was 5 minutes of so much confusion and uncontrollable laughter no one could contain themselves. We then headed off ... read more

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