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August 3rd 2013
Published: August 23rd 2013
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Shut up Anne! Just Shut up! Shut the Fuck Up!!!

To sum up the past 7 weeks. It's been awesome!!!!! We've been lazy and busy and tired and bored but alas we have made it through 7 weeks and have 1 week to go. Sad but happy but we are ready to move on.

We've been a bit slack on the blog front, but we've done a lot and seen a bit, Jana more then me, but that's only cause we rarely get the same days off. So here goes. Our sum up of June - July.

June 21st - We went to the Summer Solstice Festival in Whitehorse. Saw the sunset on the longest day of summer - 19hr and something minutes. Anyone been to homebake? Big Day out? Well picture that, but with 1 tiny stage tent, 1 bar, 2 food tents and what do you get - A FESTIVAL IN WHITEHORSE. And with a mosh pit of pushers and shovers...and Amy. Saw the prime stock of Whitehorse Hotties. They were either gay or something else only known to Yukon.

June 27th - Skagway, Alaska. That's right! Been to Alaska Y'all! Hired a car with Carla, a fellow Muktuk-er, and headed straight off into the mountains, stopping regularly at the Emerald Lake and Carcross and any other photo opportunity that was just spectacular. Needless to say we took our time to get to Alaska because the drive is absolutely beautiful. We went from clear blue skies to a Canada/USA border that was cold, wet and so foggy you couldn't see 2 metre ahead. Had a bit of a immigration snag at immigration, but we made it none the less - those Damn! US Customs Bitches.
Skagway is quite small. It's a touristy town. Lots of old folk. But we fit the bill of Cruise staff and got ourselves a sweet discount on a cupcake. And Jana, who was listening intently, told the lovely waitress 'yep' we'll be back next week on the next ship. Bought some socks, some Kettle Corn, some fudge. Day a success.

June 30th - Lizards. The place to be on a Friday/Saturday night. Party Central. Where songs like this gets played -

July 5th - Bye Bye Flora 😞. Went to Kusawa Lake for Flora's fairwell from Muktuk. Great view. Had some selfie sandwiches by the lake with a swarm of mozzies over head. Was lovely. Took an aimless walk through the foliage, led by the guy with the fro (Alex - see photo). Then saw a porcupine by the road. He tried to climb a dirt wall.

July 20th - Braeburn! Took a road trip with a Belgium and a Denmarkian. Nice drive. A few near misses with a Semi-Trailer and an RV. But we made it to Braeburn. Shared a massive burger with the boys and bought some massive delish cinnamon scrolls. Get in my Mouth!!

July 26th - Fire ban Lifted!!!! So what do we do - start a fire. Camp Fire style. Roast some marshmellows. Drink some wine. Listen to some animal noises from the cabin next store. Yep. Was a wild night for the GM.

Muktuk - How to sum up. Hmmm. Dog Yard = Good. House = Kinda Shit. Nothing fun about housekeeping. But it's had it's perks I do little work. I won't deny it, but it's only obvious to the people who know me. Cause lets face it, I'm damn good at doing a fucking good job with minimal effort and minimal time. And lets just say the rosters are pretty fucking shit and they're not the most organised group. Let'sThe Yard is fun. Just ask Jana.

We have many favourite dogs. Love them all though. We bring in lots of different dogs. Josie started with Bellini, but then she went into heat (Lady issues aye) so then Kahto became a regular. Jana loves Crosby - Big and Black (What she loves best), but Nutmeg's a cuddler but super spoilt.

We've met some other great volunteers. A lot of Germans, 2 Danish and 4 Aussies. There's been alot of pictionary the past 2 weeks since the aussie Guys Arrived - Scott and Daniel (aka DJ). The adrenalin is pumping and there's a lot of screaming. But we all know Katie's the best. There was a porcupine incident. A half naked Belgium kept saying porcupine to a German girl - she didn't understand he word porcupine, so she was a little put off and confused by his propositions.

Now. For the 2 most condescending people at Muktuk. Lets just call them MR. F and MRS. A. What topped it off was when MR. F said "Just when I think you volunteers are worth nothing more than Pig Shit, you go and do a great job" Well you can go fuck yourself! You have no common sense and don't understand that there's a time and a place to say and do certain things, and I guarantee that it's not when it's really fucking busy or when there's a meeting on or when there's only one person on. And can you get your head out of ass and not blame people for things they clearly have not done! Fucking sort your own recycling!!!!!
MRS. A. Come on! You're condescending and maybe a little bit racist. I'm real sorry the only 'coloured folk' you knew growing up was the 'hired help', so I guess you must of been heaps surprised that you were 'working for a Big Black Man', and Whoop-De-Do I don't care about your doctorate in English Lit, that doesn't make you a real doctor. And if you want something done a certain way, FUCKING TELL US don't just assume we know and go criticising for things done wrong. I'm not a gardener, plant your own crap!!!

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