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North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 30th 2017

Day 7 – Travel Day to Whitehorse Today was a travel day, mostly riding from Dawson City in the Yukon Territory to Whitehorse. Lots of pretty scenery along the way, a couple of stops for comfort stations. We had lunch at a campground, that is setup for bus tours. The native Indians run it, and I don’t remember their tribal name. They are called “First Nations” here, instead of Native American Indians. The food was a choice of soups, salad, dessert and tea or water. This road is desolate. If you break down, there is no cell service, and it could be days before someone tells someone about your car in the ditch. Traffic is very light on this road. We saw a car in the ditch, and the bus driver said it had been there ... read more
Fireweed Flower
A rest stop with indoor plumbing.
Quaint little stop to stretch our legs.

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse September 4th 2016

2 Sep 2016: Alaska is a large State. It is 811 miles from Anchorage to Skagway, much more than we can drive in one day. There are almost always occasions when the road is under repair and your speed is reduced to 10 mph or even zero if you need a pilot car to lead you through the construction zone. We always like to wave to the flagman or woman at the side of the road because it has got to be a very boring job. Why not try to show our appreciation by giving them a friendly wave and a smile? The flagwomen respond with more enthusiasm that their male counterparts. I wonder if they do that all day long or if they take turns driving the construction equipment? We toyed with the idea of ... read more
Turn from Green to Yellow
Canadian Border

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 31st 2016

We are now in Whitehorse, Canada, in the Yukon Territory. Yes, we are headed home and I am catching up with our last week in Alaska but before I do you have to indulge me for a few minutes……. from Tok to the Canadian border is 90 miles, our last 90 miles of Alaska, and from the moment we made the turn on to the Alaska Highway, poured some fresh coffee from the thermos and began to roll east, it was a very quiet in the truck cab. Neither of us were talking much as we internalized our personal feelings about leaving. A sadness overtook us as we rolled farther east, we both could have stayed longer but the tug of our home and our family is very strong so this was not an easy time ... read more
The Taylor Highway to Chicken
Downtown where the Top Of The World  highway ends, we drove that for about 25 miles as well
Now that's a big Chicken

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 28th 2016

28 Jul 2016: Today's drive up to Whitehorse, YT was not as interesting as the drive to Waton Lake but it was not without its moments. First, we saw a Black Bear early in the morning looking for it's breakfast. I didn't have enough time to pull over and get a picture. Next, we encountered rock messages alongside the hjghway just past Nugget City. According to our Milepost guide, rock messages were first started in 1990 by a Ft Nelson swim team. One may also see inukshuks, rock cairns build by the natives as landmarks. We crossed several rivers and the Continental Divide, which we have crossed and recrossed on our travels. There were a few old lodges which have been closed for many years. Crossing the Nisutlin Bay Bridge, the longest span on the highway ... read more
Yukon River Dam
SS Klondike1
Cargo and fuel

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 27th 2016

Comme un fou – Harmonium I had not taken everything in consideration when I babbled with Em about her meeting me in Whitehorse and eventually leaving with me on my next adventure. We got so excited after bonding so strongly back in Banff that we forgot a lot of things. Of course in the discussion came bike training, gear shopping and fund raising. We knew that some days would be heavier on our friendship and some others would make it all worth it. But had I plan to open my eyes and completely (finally) morph into a responsible adult? Nope. I’ve been careless and adventurous. For the last year or so I have simply given up on society and decided to establish my own rules for my little world. Using some tools that were provided and ... read more
Clay Cliffs, Whitehorse
Emerald lake, on the way to Carcross
Heartbreak hill, Whitehorse

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse May 31st 2016

Today, we went to some very cool places, as in a museum, a dam and a historical boat. We started out today with me waking up late, but we still got going on time. First, we stopped at Miles Canyon in Whitehorse for a walk to find a cache. It was a bit scary because (1) it was very steep and usually either went right off the trail and into the water off a cliff, or a short woodland area separated from the cliff and river, and 2, a sign said the river had a very strong undertow and current. Then we found some caches, and then went to Beringia Interpretive Centre, an ice age museum on the ancient animals of Beringia. When you walk in there is a giant woolly mammoth skeleton along with a ... read more
A Walk Through the Woods
Miles Canyon
Robert Lowe Bridge

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse April 29th 2016

Day: 12/13 Distance: 4651 Miles Good morning, eh. I got up this morning at 5:30 because it was nice and bright. I went to bed the night before at 10pm and it was nice and bright. Well technically, twilighty. You could read by it. I thought the other camper people were being weird for going to sleep early until I looked at my clock. 10PM! I don't think it ever got totally dark. This kinda puts a crimp in my plans to see the Northern Lights. I figure it's just going to get worse the further north I go. I wonder if I'll go bonkers like Pacino in Insomnia? You guys will be the first to know. Yesterday after I left Toad River (I keep wanting to call it Toad Hollow) I took off down PR ... read more
Lots of Buffalo
Mama Black Bear with cub
Indifferent Black Bear

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse August 2nd 2015

We seem to be waking early, probably because it's light at about 4.40am and will get lighter as we move north. So, we moved off from Dease Lake through the mist at around 7am and stopped at Jade City - which is actually just a tiny dot of a village - for a bite to eat and stretch our legs. There were huge boulders of jade everywhere. I found a small bit but Trev wouldn't carry it (too heavy). From there we pushed on for another half hour and ran into String and then Jack (from our group). We then road together and crossed the British Columbia/Yukon border before stopping at Teslin for a buffalo burger and some coffee. Once fueled we made the final push to Whitehorse where we'll settle for the night. Now you ... read more
It would have fitted, but no!

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 20th 2015

Stage 5 HARTS D RANCH to TOK. Destination: TOKDistance: 104 Kms Total Dist to Date 533km Road Condition: v good Weather: Mostly good and a little warmer. Time in Saddle: 4..5 hours Speed: av 228 kph. Av Cadence 62 rpm Elevation: 586 m up; Total up to Date 4600 m; 730 m down. Total down to date 3590 m. After yesterdays' rain it was good to wake to cloudy skies only! Rode all morning and no rain. Tonight is start of a rest day in a motel. On arrival put tent gear out to dry, amazing how much larger wet gear is in your bag. Then off to the laundry- clean clothes. Knees and hips aching. Will need to adjust seat and perhaps pedals tomorrow. Voltaren Tabs a necessity this afternoon, will apply Voltaren cream to ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 25th 2015

English version follows: Du 19 juin au 25 juin 2015 Jour 17 - vendredi, le 19 juin Journée de préparation pour les cyclistes qui vont participer à la course demain ! Les deux amies québécoises s'acclimatent avec le vélo de Jeannette qui ne fera pas le relais et leur a laissé sa place (son étape). Pour ma part, je marche environ 5 km aller-retour pour aller au Walmart acheter des verres à eau. Et oui, hier soir, j'ai cassé trois verres en même temps. Voilà ce qui arrive quand on veut trop en apporter à la fois. Jeannette, même après avoir couru une heure dans la matinée, m'accompagne. Puis, en soirée, nous partons, à cinq, faire une belle marche de 90 minutes le long de la Millennium Trail qui longe le fleuve ( read more
Millennium Trail, Whitehorse, YK
Millennium Trail, Whitehorse, YK
Millennium Trail, Whitehorse, YK

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