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North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse November 4th 2006

Good morning to all of you! Thank you for your comments and messages. I love hearing from you! So.......let me just say this.......THIS is THE way to travel, my friends! Wow! When we left the airport hotel yesterday morning in Toronto, I expected the shuttle to be taking us to one of the Terminals at the Toronto airport.......and then I was planning on heading to Starbucks, so I could begin my journey with a Chai latte (my favorite!). No........the shuttle made an unexpected turn, and we headed to a separate terminal where all the private planes/jets are parked. Wow. We were taken into a special terminal that was just for our group and our private plane was waiting on the tarmac. No lineups, no security, no hassles. Bags were loaded and we were on our way, ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse October 15th 2006

So we've come in search of white horses but alas, the town was actually named after the water rapids that resembled the manes of white horses. Why Whitehorses of all places to visit? Well, Jo-ann and I found a great airfare deal to come up for the weekend including three nights hotel so we jumped aboard that deal. I think i have to take what adventures I can admist the negligence & liability, constitutional and property law thats bogging me down! It was evident on the flight that the great divide between Edmonton and Calgary extends to well, airplanes. Despite booking together, Jo and I could not find seats together as the Edmonton passengers sat separately on one side of the plane from the Calgarians. Jo and I have set off on this fine snowy saturday ... read more
frozen in time
ok, I like the nature shots...
snow day in Whitehorse

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse September 11th 2006

Circle The Wagons We pull over to take a peek at what awaits us, from a vantage point of about 1500 feet we look down on Dawson City. It reminds you of a cartoon, the town is laid our on a square grid and each one is painted a pastel color, yellow, pink, blue, green and some reds and browns. As we look over this historical town, we notice one item of interest, there is no road from our side to the other side of the Yukon River. To get there from our side you must take a ferry across this mighty river. We descend down until the road stops and we are at the rivers edge. The vessel is a flat bottom ferry large enough to accommodate an 18 wheeler, cab and one trailer, we ... read more
Dawson City Ferry Point
Streets of Dawson City
Open Window

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 28th 2006

Hello all, As you may have read in one of John's earlier blogs, my travel plans have again changed. An opportunity arose to go with Chelsea and some of her family and friends to the Yukon Territory of Canada for a wedding, and later to Alaska for a bit of a vacation. After looking at flights to Whitehorse and finding them to be very expensive (1000 dollars for a return domestic flight!) I decided to just book the flight home and drive up there with some of Chelsea's friends, who had bought a van just for this trip. A vehicle we affectionately refer to as the Angry Beaver, because its previous owners were two lesbians. The road from Winnipeg to Whitehorse (actually Haines Junction, a small town) is almost 4000 km and took nearly 36 hours ... read more
Climbing the mountain
I conquered my Everest

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 2nd 2006

Shortly after leaving Watson Lake we crossed the continental divide, a milepost of sorts. From this point, water flows westward to the Yukon River and eventually into the Bering Sea, an arm of the Pacific Ocean. East of here water makes its way into the Mackenzie River and then into the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon and our next stop, is the transportation, cultural and economic center of the region. It has a population of 25,000, and sits on the banks of the beautiful deep blue Yukon River. While the Yukon is one of the longest rivers in North America (2,000 miles), there are only four automobile bridges that cross it. One of them is in Whitehorse. We liked everything about Whitehorse. It’s a modern town, but seems to have ... read more
Teslin, YT
Watch out Behind You
Teslin River

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 27th 2006

Greetings from Yukon Territory! It feels like we’ve been here a long time—we’ve run into some trouble, and the road is feeling long. Dad’s been feeling homesick for a while, and that eventually translated into physically sick. We took him to see a doctor in the little Yukon town of Watson River, and he had a heart flutter. So he is leaving on a jet plane—back to US medical care, back to his beloved Mary. We put him on a plane this morning, Monday June 25. He’s doing better and I really believe getting back to resting well in his own bed, under Mary’s loving care, will go a long, long way towards mending his condition. Back on the Yukon front, Scott and I will carry on with the trip. We’ve got a lot of miles ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse April 25th 2006

April 25th On to Whitehorse. Now over 60 degrees north latitude. I arrived in the Cessna ahead of the road-bound travelers, but unfortunately, as has been the case in most locales, the museums are closed for the winter. Reopenings are typically posted as mid-May. There was a theater advertising what looked to be an interesting experience in Watson Lake yesterday, but it was not open for the season yet. What a spectacular flight it was today. Most of what I saw on the flight today was indistinguishable to me from Alaska. After Scott and Maria arrived, I took her for a local flight to see the Yukon River and the mountains. A minute of so after liftoff, we shared a small bit of airspace with a magnificent golden eagle. Its wingspan looked to be in the ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse November 7th 2005

It’s now day 2 of driving on the Al-can and we haven’t made it that far. We’ve only driven about 5 hours each day -- we made it as far as Whitehorse, in the Yukon, today. Yesterday, on the Dawson Creek to Watson Lake section, we saw so many Caribou - most of them were standing in the middle of the road, apparently licking salt off the road. We also saw a Big Horn Sheep - just one on a section where some rocky cliffs came close to the road. He ran off into some pine trees pretty fast once he saw us, and then he looked like he was going to climb up the cliff, but I think he was trying to fake us out because he just stayed in one spot. I think he ... read more
Caribou Crossing the River
Close-up:Caribou Crossing the River

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 28th 2005

Mom drove to Whitehorse where we did laundry. We met a woman who owned 11 dogs and lived by the dam/bridge on the Yukon, where we saw a baby northern in the water... he was so cute! We have fallen in love with the waters of the North, they are so often crystal clear and give off the most compelling blue and green colors. We have decided that we must go back, this time with a canoe, no kids and no dog... haaha. We ate at Pizza Hut, got gas and drove up the road. Close to Kluane Provincial Park, we switched drivers at Christmas Creek. I drove then to kluane Village and got gas. Gas at Destruction Bay was advertised as 99.9 per litre but was actually 1.19!! ... read more
Kluane Lake
Old cabin in Kluane on the road

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