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North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau October 15th 2012

We woke up this morning to find the sun shining (a little bit) and our colds abated (somewhat), so we decided to take advantage of the good conditions while they lasted, and headed off to drive the Gatineau Parkway. What a trip down memory lane to be in these hills amid the fall colors, with the sun dashing in and out! I remember many hikes up to the Belvedere Lookout, in company with different family and friends over the years. I remember hiking myriad trails with friends Patrice and Susan back in the 90s, getting so lost we probably logged 20 km one Sunday instead of the 5 we intended. I remember the many times I took my mother to Moorside for a coffee and a slice of pumpkin-mince pie. How she loved the tea room! ... read more
MacKenzie King Estate
The ruins

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau April 7th 2012

Après avoir rangé nos sacs à dos pendant un an et quelques mois, il est enfin temps de repartir, yeaaaaah! Cette fois-ci c’est l’Europe de l’Est qui nous attend, départ en Roumanie, ensuite la Serbie, la Bosnie, la Croatie, le Monténégro, la Slovénie, l’Italie et la Belgique (notre vol de retour est de Bruxelles). Ce voyage sera un peu différent des autres, dû au petit « paquet » de plus que nous devront traîner partout avec nous, un petit poids d’extra qui bouge, qui « jase », qui sourit, qui pleure, qui crie, et qui augmentera considérablement la taille de nos bagages. C’est donc à trois que nous partons cette année, la petite Nellie se joignant à nous. Elle sera âgée de 5 mois au départ, donc de 7 mois et demi au retour. Je peux ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau September 2nd 2010

Comme les blogues des dernières années étaient souvent incomplets, Véro et moi avons décidé d’unir nos forces pour former un seul blogue, un blogue forgé dans les profondeurs ténébreuses de Travelblog, un Blogue Unique pour les gouverner tous. Ça part fort, une référence au Seigneur des anneaux, je sais pas d’où ça sort?!? Ceci étant dit, nous reprenons avec joie nos sacs à dos et nous dirigeons pour 3 mois et quelques jours en Amérique du sud, du Pérou au Brésil en passant par la Bolivie, l’Argentine et le Chili. Et si on a le temps, on va peut-être même aller faire un tour dans le pays où tout le monde veut aller au moins une fois dans sa vie, le pays qui peuple les rêves de tous les québécois, j’hésite à le mentionner de peur ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau March 27th 2010

Depending upon which side you stand or which language you speak, the river is called the Outaouais (Oo-ta-qua) or the Ottawa (ought-ta-wa). Both sides of the river are in the same country, but the official language is English on the south bank and French on the northern one. Gatineau is the fraternal francophone twin to anglophone Ottawa and since language is the root of culture it should come as no surprise that one feels quite different from the other. As the capital of Canada, Ottawa gets the international spotlight leaving its twin across the river in relative obscurity. I’m as guilty as the next person, visiting the capital city on an annual basis, but never having been to the other. This time I’m going to Gatineau. Route 148 runs from Montreal, Quebec to Pembrooke, Ontario and ... read more
Le Zouk
Great Hall

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau February 28th 2010

Bonjour je suis au Québec et je voulais essayer ma page TravelBlog ! Ceci est pour garder les gens au courant de mes déplacements et des activitées/aventures dont il sera question durant mon périple au Chili et en Bolivie ! À partir d'aujourd'hui il ne reste que plus d'un mois avant le départ ! ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau October 23rd 2009

This museum is amazing! Paula Canadian Museum of Civilization From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Established 1856 (1989) Location Gatineau, Quebec Type Human and cultural history Visitor figures 1.3 million per year The Canadian Museum of Civilization is Canada’s national museum of human history and the most popular and most-visited museum in Canada. It is located in Gatineau, Quebec, directly across the Ottawa River from Canada’s Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario. The Museum’s primary purpose is to collect, study, preserve, and present material objects that illuminate the human history of Canada and the cultural diversity of its people. For the visiting public, the Museum of Civilization is most renowned for its permanent galleries, which explore Canada’s 20,000 years of human history, and for its architecture and stunning riverside s... read more
Museum of Civilization, 2
Museum of Civilization, 3
Museum of Civilization, 9

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau October 3rd 2009

Saturday AM - We’re experiencing a small hiccup in our usually glorious camping experience. We’ve had 7 days of rain now, although we had about 3 hours of sunshine yesterday and today a bit warmer than yesterday, which was freezing. I’m still dealing with my stomach issue and Bob has a bad cold. To top it off, we have a mouse or two running around inside our cabinets driving the cats berserk and shredding our toilet paper rolls to build a nest. I reached in the cabinet under the bathroom sink yesterday and came out with what looked like a large fluffy bouquet of finely shredded toilet paper and then found the nest she’s constructed. We bought two humane mouse traps last night and put them out, but this AM they’re sprung and no mousie. This ... read more
a baby whitetail deer
feeding the babies
along the Gatineau Valley

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau October 1st 2009

These are some photos of downtown Ottawa. If you don’t already know (and I didn’t), Ottawa, Ontario, is the capital of Canada and just across the Ottawa River from the province of Quebec. All the people are bilingual, as you might imagine. Some have a French accent; some don’t. There’s also a mix of other cultures - people from the mid East and Asia and other parts of the world. Very cosmopolitan. Some years ago Bob and I drove along part of the Rideau Canal and used our kayaks on a portion, going through at least four locks - twice - as we went from one small town to another and back. Sometimes we had to get out of the kayaks to get the attention of the lock keeper as he wouldn’t see us in our ... read more
clock on Parliment Building
spider sculpture
Rideau Locks

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau August 7th 2009

Après plusieurs années à ramasser nos sous, plusieurs mois à en parler, plusieurs semaines à préparer roulotte et camion et plusieurs heures à '''paqueter''', nous voilà rendu à quelques heures du grand départ pour notre voyage de retraite tant rêvé. Avec ce blogue vous pourrez avoir de nos nouvelles et par la même occasion nous donner de vos nouvelles. À bientôt,... read more
Photo 3
Photo 2
Photo 4

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau June 30th 2009

The start of a very hectic day. Still need to finish the installation of the aux. battery. I hope it's going to work Here's a picture of the beast this morning, almost ready to go!... read more

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