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North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau March 1st 2018

L’achat du très renommé “selfie-stick” fût très fortement suggéré par le mâle du groupe soit-dit-en-passant!! À 1 jour du départ!! ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau February 25th 2018

Les sacs sont complétés. Nous avons même pensé à notre Sherpa...des petits bonbons au sirop d’érable 🍁 pour lui donner un kik en montagne ⛰ ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau August 1st 2017

My final 2 days in Canada are coming to an end! I've got a flight at 5:25 AM tomorrow, which means I've got an airport bus to catch at 4 AM. Fun fun! I've come to the conclusion that the woman from Saturday afternoon was right, for the most part: Ottawa is more work than play. It's not that there aren't fun or interesting things to do around here. It's more that the things that are fun or interesting are not exactly exciting. At least my experience affirms that. Of course, at a different time of year or whatever, it could be quite exciting. But that's not my story for the past 3+ days in Ottawa. The past 2 days included getting some rest (much needed!) and spending the majority of my touristy time at museums. ... read more
My cell at the Ottawa Jail Hostel
Parasaurolophus - at the Museum of Nature
Meteorite at the Museum of Nature

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau October 16th 2016

Sunday, October 16th, 2016 Day 2: Gatineau and Ottawa: Raining fall in Gatineau Park and remembering the fallen at the Canadian War Museum. Today, was a very gloomy day. It was a grey morning on the verge of rain. We planned on being outdoors for the majority of the day. It was the last day to take the free shuttle bus from downtown Gatineau to the “Fall Rhapsody” festival in Gatineau Park. This is the first time Renata and I have been to Gatineau Park. With no easy way of getting to the park without a car, we had to take full advantage of the free shuttle even though there was a 100% chance of showers. Our first stop off the shuttle was Pink Lake. Named after a family of Irish settlers, Pink Lake is Gatineau ... read more
The Preservation Platform
Getting Wet
Reading the signs

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau June 11th 2016

In the early days of New France in the 1600s, most traveling was done by canoe, but as more settlers arrived and opened up the wilderness, and especially after New France became British North America, they needed better ways to travel on ever-present snow during the long winters, and on elementary roadways the rest of the year. In other words, conveyances both elementary and advanced, large and small, pulled by horses, became the standard means of travel. As cities emerged and commerce grew, people needed to travel in all kinds of weather, and in groups large and small. Quebec thus developed a flourishing industry with over 30 major companies engaged in sleigh- and carriage-making. Mr. Paul Bienvenu, a well-known horse breeder in Bromont, Quebec, began some 50 years ago to collect, document and restore as needed ... read more
''power'' back then
the collector-owner
Park Drag Coach

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau May 12th 2016

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Vikings exhibition, a most informative and complete presentation sponsored by the Scandinavian embassies at Canada's largest museum, the Museum of History in Gatineau QC. Like many people, I had a limited and quite distorted image of the Vikings, as nothing but bloodthirsty barbarians, who murdered, pillages and enslaved more advanced societies across Europe. There was some truth in that stereotype, especially when they first became a force to be reckoned with, but this exhibition was designed to show more of their daily life and evolution, for early Viking men were only part of the overall Norse culture. For a broad overview see The barbaric kill-and-rob period of Viking men lasted from the late 8th through the late 11th centuries. They marauded and pillages coastal settlements all around ... read more
a Viking's life
It was rough and tough

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau June 27th 2015

The four girl friends were saying their goodbyes last night (photo 1). Our view from the room window is spectacular (photo 2). I won $5 last night at the casino without even spending anything. Today, I'm going to visit and get my free $10 (photo 3). And that is Ottawa in the distance (photo 4). Much better write ups and stories to come as we see Nicola off tonight.... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau June 27th 2015

I had a few hours before seeing my little one off at the airport. I went to drop off a final load at the Value Village. Jeremy (photo 5) has been such a good natured helper. He now possesses almost half of our former belongings. I drove back to the casino for a quick look around (photo 6). Upon entry I received $10 with the intention that I learn how to gamble. Instead, I discovered an educational display and took the test. A minimum of eight percent of your spending goes to the house (photo 7). The more you play, the more you lose (photo 8). And the kicker: you can lose all your money here (photo 9)! All this in a tiny dank alcove, securely hidden away. I pocketed my $10, but will return for ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau June 26th 2015

Woke this am to the rush of getting ready for graduation. She walked in these doors for the last time (photo 1). The hall awaits the grads (photo 2) and the piper brought in the students (photo 3). She received the first of many: the Margaret Atwood award (photo 4) and as a new grad smiled for the camera (photo 5). The University of Toronto National Book award (photo 6) and Ontario Scholar Advanced Award (photo 7). Here she is will all her awards (photo 8) and with her parents (photo 9). It is worth it.... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau May 12th 2015

LIMA - CANADA Arrivée au Canada.... Y reste-tu de la neige? Mise à jour Fiou y restait pu de neige ! Arrivés fatigués mais sans encombre à la maison à 15h30. On force notre éveil jusqu'à la fin de journée pour se coucher tôt en soirée afin de dormir du sommeil du juste. Voyage fantastique, souvenirs indélibiles, amérique latine dans l'âme, nous vous disons merci et hasta luego! p.s. on mets pas de photo...... read more

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