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North America » Canada » Ontario July 21st 2018

Phase 64 of the journey, and beating the behavioural policy record, we made it to Toronto for the day. Like Mr Bean we needed match sticks to keep our eyes open, but it was absolutely worth it. Toronto is stunning and would have loved to have seen more. We took a boat trip to see as much as possible, CN tower, Rogers Centre and the small islands I didn’t even know existed. The Canadian people are so friendly and the kindness kept us going for the day. Back at the airport, the delays grew and grew, and as I write this we are on our 3rd bottle of wine thanks to meal vouchers. #eatingis heating. We sat with a guy flying to Delhi and we laughed at the constant tannoys for “Captain Clark please report to ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kenora July 16th 2018

We pulled out of camp at 9:30 into a cool morning—62 degrees with clear blue skies and the wind blowing. Our first stop was at the Canadian Mint where we promptly signed up to take a tour at 10:00. The tour was interesting and had a larger crowd than we would have thought on a Monday morning. Everyone was quite respectful to the docent who walked us through the area so we could all hear what she was saying. The Canadian Mint has contracts with over 72 countries throughout the world, including the US. They do NOT mint coins for us, however, they do supply some of the blanks we use to mint our coins in the States at one of our four mints. They do a lot of specialty coins, such as the Olympic Medals, ... read more
Parade of Flags
Canadian Mint
Waterfalls at Mint

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa July 2nd 2018

I'm currently on the train to Montreal from Ottawa, and I can say that the first 24 hours have gone pretty much as expected, with one exception. It's hot as hell. I'm lucky to have brought some clothes appropriate for this weather, since I normally try to ESCAPE the heat when I come to Canada. But after I had already bought my plane ticket, the forecast changed dramatically. It's now supposed to be hotter here than it is in Georgia, the place from whose heat I was hoping to escape. One particular item that was last minute, but which has garnered quite a few envious stares and comments, is my Arkansas boonie hat. Wide brim all around and ventilation up top. I put it in my bag literally as I was walking out the door from ... read more
Parliament Hill during Canada Day festivities
Canada Day cookies waiting for me at the hotel!
My very first Canadian passport stamp

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 2nd 2018

„...I got your smile, that‘s all that matters“ Kanada: Das lang erwartete Grande Finale dieser Reise. Nach Sommer, Sonne, Strand und Lebenslust wartete Toronto darauf entdeckt zu werden. In meinem Kopf spielte sich einiges ab, zwischen Wolkenkratzern, hektischem Stadtleben, Fastfood-Großketten, Straßenmärkten und Kultur-Events. Doch wie schon so oft wurde ich überrascht; es folgten sehr entspannte, glühend heiße Sommertage - am Strand! - quasi eine Fortsetzung meines Kapitels in Mexico. Nur diesmal auf Englisch.Gute kanadische Musik zu diesem Blog: Xavier Rudd und Hey Rosetta! Zum Einstieg ein kleiner Schwank aus Downtown Toronto: Ich war in einem kleinen Vintage Shop auf der Qu... read more
Mary's Nachbarschaft in Toronto
Toronto's Skyline
Toronto Downtown

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls June 24th 2018

Rain, rain - was raining when we got up this morning, and still raining when we finished breakfast, could barely see the falls out the window. Decided to wait a little while before heading to the "Journey to the Falls Boat Cruise". There has been a constant stream of people in rain ponchos (red for the Canadian side, blue for the US side) coming and going from these boats since we got here. There are four boats that go all day, 2 from the Canadian side and two from the US side, and the Canadian ones run at night as well (must be making a fortune). They seem to be in synch, only one is right up at the Horseshoe Falls at a time, and only one on each side is docked at any time. Walked ... read more
Boat getting ready to leave from the US side
Boat the same as the one we were on
American Falls up close

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara-On-The-Lake June 23rd 2018

Had a wine tasting tour in Niagara on the Lake booked today, including a visit to a lavender farm and a ginseng tea shop. Weather forecast was awful, so set off with rain jackets and umbrellas to the pick up point (which was the hotel next door). Ended up with a group of eight, in a small bus, a mother & daughter from Michigan, two couples from Orlando, Florida and us! First stop was Neob Lavender (were a little concerned when the guide/driver said we were going to a lavender shop, but there was more to it). They have a lavender field, a greenhouse where they grow different sorts of lavender and other essential oil producing plants and a distillery for the essential oils. Had a tour of all of this, very interesting, then into the ... read more
Neob Lavender greenhouse
Ginseng Tea Shop
Lakeview winery

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls June 22nd 2018

Goodbye NYC, had a ball, don't think I could live here, so busy, all the time. Walking the footpaths is next to impossible, and crossing the road, not for the faint hearted! Our airport transfer arrived on time this morning, no drama like when we arrived. Lots of traffic on the way to Newark, but still there in plenty of time for our flight to Toronto (on a much smaller plane than we have had so far). Airport transfer all went smoothly in Toronto as well, but traffic between Toronto and Niagara Falls was pretty bad. Took us close to 2 hours, but all worth it when we looked out the window of our hotel room with a view! Could see all the falls, the American, the Bridal Veil, and the Horseshoe. And also the Rainbow ... read more
Rainbow Bridge
People on the zipline
Skylon Tower

North America » Canada » Ontario June 20th 2018

We rode a boat to Maid of the mist in USA in the morning. Then we went to Ontario in Canada to see the Horseshoe Falls. We saw the back side of the Niagara Falls.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa June 18th 2018

Deep River to Hawkesbury Deep River is famous for being the place where Canada's nuclear industry started and Chalk river has a reactor that produces medical isotopes. I pedalled through these towns after high tailing it out of buggy old Ryan's gifts and camping. Signs appeared warning of slow moving troop vehicles. CFB Petawawa was next up. Over the fence there was a sandy road where camo painted Humvees with heavy machine guns were raising dust clouds as they raced along. Our Canadian army training - perhaps they were getting ready to go peacekeeping in Mali. The base seems like it is pretty big. I never did see the town as the highway bypasses it completely. The highway was flatter and therefore easier to ride but the 1 foot wide paved shoulder had been turned into ... read more
Farmhouse near Renfrew
Michele playing her Uke
Finn, Mike, Michele, Mabel and Caroline

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury June 15th 2018

Massey to Deep River Michele found a site at the Unifor mill workers campground just outside Sudbury. As a former union member (CUPE 1930) and a strong believer in unions, I thought it was a good choice. The campground was mainly filled with RVs and trailers - we were the only occupants of a huge field designated for tenters. I had a few problems getting there, as I had to go on the Sudbury bypass on which cyclists were not allowed. It would have been nice if the authorities had placed the no cycling sign before the ramp to the bypass, rather than after. I could only shrug my shoulders and carry on. We drove into Sudbury so Michele could get her fix of Chapters. The city reminded me a bit of Kenora, built into and ... read more
unifor campground sudbury
cache bay
It is illegal for men to wash dishes

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