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North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa June 18th 2018

Deep River to Hawkesbury Deep River is famous for being the place where Canada's nuclear industry started and Chalk river has a reactor that produces medical isotopes. I pedalled through these towns after high tailing it out of buggy old Ryan's gifts and camping. Signs appeared warning of slow moving troop vehicles. CFB Petawawa was next up. Over the fence there was a sandy road where camo painted Humvees with heavy machine guns were raising dust clouds as they raced along. Our Canadian army training - perhaps they were getting ready to go peacekeeping in Mali. The base seems like it is pretty big. I never did see the town as the highway bypasses it completely. The highway was flatter and therefore easier to ride but the 1 foot wide paved shoulder had been turned into ... read more
Farmhouse near Renfrew
Michele playing her Uke
Finn, Mike, Michele, Mabel and Caroline

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury June 15th 2018

Massey to Deep River Michele found a site at the Unifor mill workers campground just outside Sudbury. As a former union member (CUPE 1930) and a strong believer in unions, I thought it was a good choice. The campground was mainly filled with RVs and trailers - we were the only occupants of a huge field designated for tenters. I had a few problems getting there, as I had to go on the Sudbury bypass on which cyclists were not allowed. It would have been nice if the authorities had placed the no cycling sign before the ramp to the bypass, rather than after. I could only shrug my shoulders and carry on. We drove into Sudbury so Michele could get her fix of Chapters. The city reminded me a bit of Kenora, built into and ... read more
unifor campground sudbury
cache bay
It is illegal for men to wash dishes

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay June 13th 2018

I spent the winter preparing for the ride east by "bulking up" - the all important procedure of adding about 50 lbs of blubber in order to make it harder to ride up hills so as to strengthen my leg muscles. This extra fat would also come in handy in case Michele and I lost track of each other: I would have the physical reserves to survive at least one day without my lunch (granted an unhappy day). So on June 1, thus conditioned, I set off from SI to Nipigon. I had done a few pre-rides of 100 km each to prove I could still go that far and also to prove that I could surmount the 10% hill where highway 587 meets the TC. I could... albeit just barely and with much huffing and ... read more
Nipigon Marina Campground
michele at rainbow falls
Mike rainbow falls

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay June 12th 2018

Leaving Tennessee, we spent several days in Elkhart, Indiana, getting the Cruiser all ready for our long trip. We had the oil changed, had it washed and waxed, and had it weighed (an interesting process that gave us the separate weight of all four corners of the camper. After the calculations were complete, we learned that we’re about 1000 pounds under the maximum weight for our E450’s axles and that we have things pretty well balanced. While we were at Phoenix Cruiser, Tom and Doug, one of the craftsmen, took the Cruiser for a drive, looking for one of those mystery rattles you always have. Doug noticed a vibration in the drive shaft at about 40 miles per hour and told Dave Ponsler (Production Manager, I think) that the driveshaft needed to be re-balanced. Dave sent ... read more
Our Hero
Maggie on the Road
Sault Ste Marie

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 28th 2018

It finally appears that I am taking a long awaited trans Canadian rail trip. The rail portion of this trip begins in Toronto, and ends three nights later in Vancouver, BC. I flew yesterday to Toronto from home to start the trip slightly late. Sixteen hours, to be accurate. Yes, originally 10 pm last night, but now 230pm Wednesday. On the back end in Vancouver, I will get there at 2am, stay the night, then fly back home on Sunday. VIA Rail Canada was established in 1977. The basic route we are taking is Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper, Kamloops, and finally, Vancouver. The distance is 4466 kilometers (2775 miles), 4 nights, and 3 days. I shall be housed in a "Sleeper Plus" berth for one person. Meals are included. There is a bon voyage champagne ... read more
The rear observation car
Night lights on the VIA
Winnipeg at dusk

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 28th 2018

Meal time on the train has never been more than mostly average. After all, the food is basically loaded onto the train already cooked, and heated prior to serving. Usually, the best meal is a steak or a hamburger. It was even worse on the Trans Siberian Railway, where the meals are simply awful, and food has not been refrigerated!!!! So, this trip on the VIA Canadian is, by all indications, a step up. A BIG step up, according to these food bloggers. I will wait and give you a better report when I get to Vancouver. Here goes on the bloggers: From Food Guy Montreal: In short: the food was excellent. I don’t know many trains, buses, boats, or airplanes where you can get duck confit eggs benedict for brunch, shrimps and scallops with a ... read more
The bar
Some of the food

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 23rd 2018

Just about every blog I have read about this trip says that VIA is NOT Amtrak. Thank goodness. I took my last long distance Amtrak journey last January, the Coast Starlight, from San Diego to Seattle. Why is VIA different? Most bloggers say that the staff is happy to be there, or at least, really good at faking it, right Elaine? They are friendly, just as if you are in Canada! But on the downside, the Canadian share track with freight and guess who gets priority? Just like Amtrak, freight comes first, after all, it pays the baggage, so to speak. Some delays have been up to ten hours, which I find difficult to believe or endure. But it is reasonable to gain a little time back, since some VIA Canadian stops are rather long. If ... read more
My seat, in a single room
Lounge car at rear of train
Small but comfy bed

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls May 20th 2018

Niagara River Recreational Trail Number of times on this trail: 2-3 times annually Location: Niagara River from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario Distance: 57 km Distance markers: no Surface:asphalt and concrete Grade: Flat with two steep hills Conditions of trail:Very good Read my other Blog on the 140 km long Greater Niagara Circle Tour and on the Welland Canal Trail The Niagara River Recreational Trail, at 57 km, is the longest trail in the Greater Niagara Circle Trail. It connects the towns of Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake and passes through Niagara Falls. This description will follow the trail North from Fort Erie through Niagara Falls and to Niagara on the Lake. ... read more
Niagara Rec Trail  (7)
Niagara Rec Trail  (5)
Niagara Rec Trail  (3)

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls May 18th 2018

Welland Canals Parkway Trail Number of times on this trail: 2-3 times year since early 2000's Location: Niagara Penninsula of Southern Ontario Distance: 45 km Distance markers: no Surface: asphalt (one section repaved in 2018) Width: around 3 metres Grade: Flat with one long hill Conditions of trail: very good Washrooms/water: Found in parks near the towns Read my separate Blog on the entire 140 km Greater Niagara Circle Route The Welland Canals Parkway Trail makes up almost 1/4 of the 140 Km Greater Niagara Circle Route. The southern Terminus is in Port Colborne (Lake Erie) and the Northern portion is in St. Catharines (Port Dalhousie) on Lake Ontario. This is an excellent trail for experie... read more
Welland Canal Trail  (1)
Welland Canal Trail  (7)
Welland Canal Trail (8(

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls May 16th 2018

I arrived at Niagara Falls today. Once I crossed the boarder into Canada and then went through Canadian Customs, I went straight to my hotel and room. My room was on the 18th floor with a fantastic view right over the Falls. It was amazing. I soon walked down to the Falls and walked along the river to the boats. On the Canadian side, the tour is on a Hornblower boat. The tour was very exciting being so close to the rushing water. Yes, my face and head got soaked. After the boat ride, I walked around and explored the area. Had a great dinner at the Morton Steakhouse in the Marriott. Yes, I ate too much. The next morning, I went to the Falls again and down an elevator to a level near the bottom ... read more

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