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North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury February 23rd 2020

its not that i have not been anywhere it is just that where i was i was too occupied to sit for hours recording my adventures. am also getting too lazy to use capitols because i have a new Lenovo laptop and the left hand shift button is half the size ... the other half occupied by the backward slash... did not spot that defect in an otherwise very nice little toy i bought myself with visa reward points. suppose i will get used to the small space with continued use. Lets hope so! The last three years have been occupied with working in my garden from May till September, and traveling from October til December-January. And each of these three year trips were to the UK. 2017 - from Land's End to John o' Groats ... read more
Fort William, Scotland
The Glenfinnan Viaduct
Red Post Box in the countryside

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 1st 2020

Actually not too much to report for our last day in Toronto. We were busy all day, but for some reason there just isn’t much detail! We started off the day with some healthy brown rice and vegetable bowls for brunch, and I think I could physically feel my body healing itself and cleansing me of all the toxins consumed in the past few weeks (although I think it will take a little more than one bowl of vegetables). We then headed to get Adam’s hair cut, and while I waited I got another maple cold brew and walked around the centre. It took a WHILE. I had to text him a few times to make sure they hadn’t kidnapped him or something. Eventually he came out, and we headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame. ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 30th 2020

Another relaxing day in Toronto. I bet you’re sick of hearing that! We went to an all-day breakfast cafe for brunch called Sunset Grill, a brekkie chain across Canada. Adam got a Greek omelette (just for you, Mum) and I got bacon pancakes (just for you, Grandpa). One thing I’ve noticed about Canada is that everything is so cheap for SO MUCH FOOD! The bacon pancakes was $11CAD (so $15AUD) and it came with bacon, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, and coffee. That is so much for $15, I couldn’t even eat it all! We then went to find Adam a good barbershop because his hair is getting a bit long. He was only interested in one place, that did some NBA player’s hair, so we headed there and unfortunately it was closed. We’ll go tomorrow. We then ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 29th 2020

Had a nice, long, exploration day today. We started off at AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) because we wanted to see the new exhibit by Yayoi Kusama called Let’s Survive Forever. It was a long walk to the gallery but once again, so much to look at along the way. Entry is free for under 25s, but in order to get in we had to sign up for a (free) annual pass, so if anyone reading this is going to Toronto in the next year let me know! The exhibit was interesting. It’s a room of mirrors, and there are silver reflective baubles everywhere. Hanging from the ceiling, laying on the floor, and there’s a little window you can look through that shows millions more little silver baubles. According to the exhibit description, the mirrors produce ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 28th 2020

Again combining posts because day 17 was especially quiet. It was a dark, rainy day and we went out for a grocery shop but other than that there wasn’t much to do, so we stayed home. It was super relaxing to sleep in and watch tv all day, although we did watch the city pass by for a few hours. We also made some stir fry rice in the apartment too which felt way healthier and nicer than going out again. However, day 18 was way more eventful. Admittedly, we did sleep in. I don’t know what it is about Canada, must be the darkness, but it’s so so easy to sleep in, and so hard to wake up properly. But we did eventually leave at midday, and we went to a fast food chain called ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 26th 2020

Well I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that we slept in until midday today after getting to bed at 4:30am. But we have a whole week in Toronto and not a whole lot planned so we figured we’d take it easy. We wanted to have a quiet day and ease ourselves back into city life, so the first thing we did was go to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. Don’t be fooled, it’s just a regular aquarium. We went because the “Ripley’s” made it sound like we’d see some really funky fish or some huge sharks or something, but it must just be sponsored by them because it really is a regular aquarium. It was good though! It took us about an hour to get through it all, and it was relaxing to look at all ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Orangeville November 16th 2019

Have you ever thought of where to plan your next upcoming holiday? They say when in Rome do as the Romans do. Well, they say it right. But who says to follow the rules when adventure is in question here? When it comes to spending a good holiday adventure you have to stuff up your stuff and rock the journey to wherever you want to go to. Every town has lots of fantastic things to offer to the onlooker. If you are visiting the town for the first time then you are definitely for a treat in Orangeville. Orangeville is a treat for fun seekers and to be honest for the residents itself. It’s a safe bet to visit the town as its zenith. How to get the Best of Orangeville? You never know what will ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kenora November 6th 2019

This is going to be a 2 part blog which will describe our triumphant return to canoe tripping this past summer. Our odyssey started in the fall of 2018 with the purchase of a used kevlar canoe from a friend. This was not a popular decision as there was widespread scepticism as to whether we would ever use it. ( we also already have 2 canoes) However the new (to us) canoe only weighs about 40 pounds versus 85 for the Grumman and 70 for the Sportspal. The new craft is also quite a lot faster. Trip One-Drewery Lake Our first trip which was planned as a 2 day one night shakedown voyage took place on June 30th/July 1st. This trip route was inspired by a friend (Garth Ward) who had "discovered"this area as an early ... read more
Starting off at Drewery Lake
Morgan LAke
Our only fish of the trip

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa September 7th 2019

I have been very fortunate to work with the kind people at True Patriot Love in an effort to raise much needed funds for their cause. My Dad - Private Kelley and countless others would have greatly benefited from their support. Proceeds raised will be donated to True Patriot Love Foundation, a national charity dedicated to providing Canadian military and Veteran families with the support they need and the hope they deserve. Learn more about True Patriot Love Foundation here. To date I have raised 57% of my target - many of you have already donated - thank you. If anyone else would like to donate please click on the link below. thank you, Keith... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Collingwood August 30th 2019

Biking Clearview (Collingwood) Trail Trail Location: Between Stayner and Collingwood, Ontario Distance: 12 km (+5 more) Surface: Crushed Limestone Difficulty: Flat, Easy Parking: Gideon and Brock Street in Stayner Washrooms: at each end Benches on the trail: None Water: None on trail The Clearview Train Trail is a nice easy ride passing through farmland. It joins Stayner and Collingwood, Ontario. The Clearview Train Rail is 12 km but it connects with other trails in Collingwood to make for a distance of 16 km from Stayner to Collingwood's Millennium Park (beside the grain terminals.) There are portable toilets at his site. The trail follows an abandoned rail line. Unlike most “rails to trails” however, this trail is NOT on the rail bed. The abandoned ... read more
Clearview_Collingwood Train Trail (2)
Clearview_Collingwood Train Trail (9)
Clearview_Collingwood Train Trail (1)

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