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North America » Canada » Ontario » Meaford March 2nd 2015

Well it's hard to believe that February has gone by so quickly!!! We have been busy visiting with family, friends, both of our schools, we have celebrated birthdays, went snowshoeing, ran (sometimes), went for long walks, shovelled, bought Kellan a car, had dinner with a number of friends, but most of all, we survived a very frigid month after leaving the tropical heat of Costa Rica! As hindsight is always 20/20, we know that we should have spent January and February in the sun, come home for March and then jet off to Europe for only two months. We were kind of shocked to come home to a whole month of "minus stupid" temperatures!! Most of our days have been filled with long hours on the internet, researching our destinations, pouring over google earth maps and ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 28th 2015

Hey everyone, I'm on the road again - This time, with and heading to South Africa. Many of you signed up when I was travelling on the World Tour with Travel Guild - this is a totally different trip. I am heading to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Johannesburg for an exciting and life-changing adventure. If you want to continue to get my daily updates, then just keep happily reading. If you want to bail, then just unsubscribe and you won't hear from me again (and that will make me sad :( .....) I am currently sitting at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, having just arrived from my home in London, Ontario, Canada. My flight to Heathrow leaves in a few hours I have a chance to connect with you and bring you along on the ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 5th 2015

The time is near. Another adventure awaits. Northern Africa, Spain and Portugal. All virgin destinations for me. I will be leaving on Saturday for Marrakesh. 30 Hours and 3 flights later. I should arrive in great shape....not. But I am sure the adrenaline will keep me going. Morocco has been a dream destination for me since childhood. Jimmy Hendrix, Paul Bowles, The Rollings Stones, "The Marrakesh Express". Certainly the wild west and a destination of choice for rock stars but will it still have the same abandon and appeal? One way or another I am about to find out. Snake charmers and street food in Jemaa el-Fnaa (try saying that three times fast!!). The luxurious riads to lodge and eat in. Exploring the dying vats and medina in Fes. I ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario February 4th 2015

We enjoyed 3 final days in Liberia at the Best Western El Sitio just soaking up the sun and walking around the city. We arrived at the Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia to await our flight home on Monday but sadly (not) it was cancelled! The crew had logged too many hours due to their delay in Toronto so they had to have time off. This was to our advantage as we were put up in the Hilton Garden Hotel across from the airport with a free room, lunch and dinner! The best part - another day of sunshine and warmth around the pool!! We arrived back to Meaford last night. Thanks to everyone who followed our adventures, not only friends and family at home but new friends we have met throughout our journey. Curtis and ... read more
Last Hot Days

North America » Canada » Ontario January 31st 2015

So the adventure is almost here... It has been months in the making. My boyfriend and I have been talking about doing a trip like this since we met almost a year ago. We both wanted to go down to Australia - the best way to do it was on a working holiday visa which will allow us to work and travel at the same time. We want to see everything that the country has to offer and go on several excursions near by (i.e. Fiji, New Zealand, etc). My boyfriend has never been to Australia but this is about my 8th time down there (but I also did 3 years down there for school) so we shall see how it all goes. The planning was a long but exciting process, there was a lot to ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa January 14th 2015

The 37th edition (2015) of ‘Winterlude’, one of North America’s foremost winter festivals, will take place Jan 30 - Feb 16. It features dozens of athletic (e.g. a Winter triathlon; skating on the world’s largest rink), cultural, indoor and outdoor recreational events and just plain fun for kids and adults alike. It’s best known for its ice sculptures, produced by amateurs and professionals, individuals and teams, and local and international master sculptors from around the world. It regularly attracts some 600,000 visitors. For lots of information about all the activities, go to: The ice sculptures are located in the one square block Confederation Park, right across the street from City Hall. On Day One dozens of individual artisans are given 24 hours to ... read more
Artists from all over the world had only a short time to create their masterpieces.
in honour of Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee - 60 years on the throne
'Angel Melody' - larger than life-size, night illumination

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 12th 2015

January 12, 2014. Toronto has declared an extreme weather alert warning ... the temperature will go down to -17 and then -25 with the wind chill factor and I am here, not in Harbin, NE China, with millions of others enjoying the Winter Ice Festivsal. Jan. 9, arrived 14:20 by direct flight, Beijing to Toronto, after 13hrs and three to four video movies, on Hainian Air. Waited till 17:00 to be picked up because of traffic difficulties. Great relief to be on familiar ground and able to speak with and help others with confidence speaking fluently in English. Am trying conscientiously not to inflict verbal diahrrea on anyone in my immmediate space. It has taken my body and mind two and a half days to realize and wakeup knowing that I am back and that there ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sault Ste Marie January 3rd 2015

Voyager. J'aime voyager, non J'ADORE voyager! Quand l'idée de voyager te prend dans la tête, tout devient tellement facile et beau. Tu as tellement hâte quand tu penses à toute ces rencontres que tu vas faire et ces expériences que tu vas vivre. Surtout quand tu pars pour une place encore inconnue ou très peu des touristes, la tu te sens wild en maudit! Tu planifies tout, tu en parles à plein de monde, toute le monde est excité, surtout toi! Et la! Le jour J se pointe. On cours partout, est-ce que j'oublie quelque chose? Oui tu vas oublié quelque chose, on oublie toujours quelque chose!!! Surtout quand on pars longtemps.. Fouille moi pourquoi mais j'ai toujours eu un méchant gros trac au moment de partir à chacun de mes voyages (généralement ca se produit ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa December 27th 2014

If you live in Canada, chances are you can keep on dreaming. Senior climatologists predict that this may well be the warmest winter in recorded history all across the country. In the national capital, Ottawa, we normally expect one to two feet (33 to 66 cm) of snow by Christmas, sometimes more. This year 2014 presented us with an almost unheard of situation … a GREEN Christmas! Here are a couple of shots of previous Christmases, contrasted with some of the 2014 variety. Of course we can’t really complain, because it certainly beats the previous winter, when snow and frigid temperatures seemed never-ending. I just wish the Weather Man would get his act together and learn to practise some moderation!... read more
my street on a more typical winter day
Centre Block of Parliament this Christmas
Centre Block at night

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 24th 2014

Well we are at the airport......thanks Auntie for driving us, your so beautiful inside and out even with the ugly cry:):) Checking in our backpacks we weighed in at "Liv - 20lbs, Max - 22lbs, Lisa - 37lbs, Sean - 45lbs"... read more

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