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North America » Canada » Ontario » Woodstock July 31st 2021

Day 30. 8475Km. I’d hoped the weather forecast would change but when I got up Saturday morning the rain was on it’s way as was forecast to continue for 33 hours. I didn’t unload the bike the previous night in anticipation of leaving so my options were to unload the bike so I could sit inside for a day and a half watching tv or sit outside under the awning. I had pretty much decided on Friday that if it was going to rain I was going home. I could watch TV at home and be more comfortable than in the trailer and since I’d been on the road for a month anyway cutting it short by a couple days was no big deal. I cooked the half package of bacon I had left in the ... read more
Back in storage for a month.

North America » Canada » Ontario » Parry Sound July 30th 2021

Day 29. 8135Km. I don’t know if it’s my age or just moving around so much but some days when I sit down to write this I have to stop for a second and think about where I was when I woke up. I do remember I had peanut butter on toast and yogurt with raspberries and nuts since it was a travel day. I also put a bunch of water in the holding tank so I didn’t have to connect a water hose at my new location. It’s supposed to start raining tomorrow morning and last about 33 hours so I may just leave early and head home which sucks because it’s a long weekend and a beautiful campground. Probably the nicest I’ve ever stayed at. Not to mention it’s a nice area to ride ... read more
Serpent River
New cuts

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sault Ste Marie July 29th 2021

Day 28. We had quite a thunderstorm last night. It came in waves from about midnight through six this morning so I kept getting woken up or maybe I would have woken up anyway. In any case I stayed in bed till 9:20 by which time things were drying up half decent. I dried of the bike which despite being parked under the awning got wet. Have a cover for it but it’s such a paid to fold back up I only use it if I can’t have the bike covered otherwise. Bacon, eggs and toast started the day off and by the time I finished up the dishes it was about 11:30 so maybe that made it brunch instead. I changed into my riding cloths and took off for Hwy 129. If you’ve ever heard ... read more
Mississagi River

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sault Sainte Marie July 28th 2021

Day 27. 7651Km. There was dew on the BBQ and other things this morning. I hadn’t seen dew since… well maybe not at all on this trip. Certainly none out west where it was so dry. I don’t remember if there was any the first couple of mornings when I was leaving home either. Maybe it was too warm? Another long drive but better with scenery today. I believe this is the fourth time I’ve driven across the top of Lake Superior but it’s the first time I’ve done it from West to East, not that it makes much difference. Maybe some day I’ll ride it but it’ll have to be after I get a bike with more range or carry extra gas because my bike only goes 200Km before I switch to reserve. I think ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay July 27th 2021

Day 26. 6963Km. This won’t be entertaining or informative. It was just 10 hours of driving 744Km. A few construction delays, a police lane closure after an accident I imagine and at least four stops for fuel, maybe five. I woke up a bit before six but stayed in bed with my eyes closed in the hopes I’d catch another fifteen minutes of sleep. Of course that didn’t happen. I had my usual yogurt with raspberries and nuts then started the BBQ to toast a hotdog bun and warm some bacon I’d cooked a few days back to make a sandwich of sorts. I had so much fresh water in the holding tank from when I was resurrecting the water pump that I didn’t connect the water hose last night which meant I didn’t have to ... read more
A little smoke outside Thunder Bay
Thunder Bay KOA

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay July 4th 2021

Day 3. 1519Km. Knowing I had a long drive today I was up early and on the road by seven. Unlike the night before I had fuel’d up before I stopped so there were no delays. The drive across the top of Superior is… long. That’s true but it’s pretty too. Lots of rock cuts, elevation changes and of course Lake Superior popping out of the trees on occasion. This marks the third time I’ve done it. Twice from the East and until I return, only once from the West. A few years ago I drove all the way around but without camping. I forgot about the fact that all you see in the North is evergreen trees, and mostly small ones at that. After I had set up camp I saw a van I recognized ... read more
KOA Thunder Bay

Day 2. 839Km. I don’t remember if I calculated the overall fuel mileage the Dodge gave me in 2009 but the Jeep sure drinks the diesel while pulling the trailer. I’ve seen an all time high of 1200Km per tank on a solo trip without the trailer but so far I’m getting about 400Km per tank so I’m guessing about $2000 for fuel this trip. Oh well, vacations aren’t cheap. I broke camp in good time this morning but lost a bit of time doubling back for fuel in Orillia because the station I went to had an issue with the pumps not working. The rock cuts in the Canadian Shield heading up hwy 69 toward Sudbury are something to see. The road is under continuous expansion as they widen it to four lanes so there ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Hawkestone July 2nd 2021

Day 1. 242Km. If you’re reading this in the future do you remember Covid19? Well because of it the Canadian/American borders are closed to non essential traffic so I have to take the long way around Lake Superior adding many hours and kilometres to the trip. That means driving up through cottage country north of Toronto on a long weekend and since it’s 800Km from home to Sault Ste. Marie I decided to break it over two days. As I suspected the traffic on Hwy 400 toward Barrie was nasty so it was the correct decision even though I had to pay for three nights because it IS a long weekend. That will officially make this the most expensive night of camping at almost $200. Unlike the trailer I had when I made this trip in ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Woodstock July 1st 2021

Almost all loaded up tonight. A few last minute items and the bike in the morning and I'll be goo to go.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto March 1st 2021 28th February - A Walk Through Toronto’s South Core Our guide today focuses on the architecture of the city. We started our tour outside the huge Union Station. Construction on this iconic landmark began in 1914 amidst a materials shortage during World War I, but the station didn’t officially open until 1927. Since then, Union Station has welcomed waves of immigrants to Toronto, survived a major fire, and endured more than 90 years of wear and tear. Union Station was designed in the grand manner of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris It was built by Canadian Pacific Railway and Grand Trunk Railway at a time when a railway station was viewed as the gateway to a city, Union Station was the largest and most opulent train station erected in Canada during the last great ... read more

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