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North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga August 25th 2015

Hi there My trip is slowly coming to an end and my last stop for the moment will be Canada. I will be flying home to Switzerland on the 30th of August. Now I am in Canada in the State of Ontario close to Toronto visiting a Swiss Friend. But back to Colombia now for a moment. So I met Florian at Cartagena airport, we booked a hostel and drove there by taxi. Our Hostel was located in a part of the city called "Ciudad amurada" which (if I spelled it right.) means as much as "by walls surrounded city". It was the supertouristic part of the city and did not look at all like the Colombia we got to know afterwards. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to even find the real Colombia as a tourist. ... read more
Florian cruising through Cartagena
Playa Blanca

North America » Canada » Ontario » Simcoe August 18th 2015

Biking Simcoe-Port Dover Lynn Valley Rail Trail Text and Photos last updated: 2015 Number of times on this trail: 2 Location: SW Ontario Distance: 10 km Distance markers: every km Bathroom: yes porta potty Surface: crushed limestone Width: 3 metres Grade: Flat Condition of trail: good Benches: Yes Garbage bins: Yes The Lynn Valley Rail Trail runs 10 km from Simcoe to Port Dover on Lake Erie. The staging area in Port Dover has a porta potty and parking at Silver Lake. Another porta potty is found at the Lynn Valley Road intersection In Simcoe, it meets up with Norfolk Sunrise Trail at Victoria Street south of Clifton Park continuing to Waterford The surface is crushed limestone which is as hard as concrete and suitable for a street ... read more
Lynn Valley Rail Trail  (11)
Lynn Valley Rail Trail  (1)
Lynn Valley Rail Trail  (14)

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sault Sainte Marie August 16th 2015

We woke up in Sault Ste. Marie and headed to the Mill St. Market which is situated next to St. Mary's River. Fresh produce, jewellery, pastries and maple sugar were being sold and we sampled cheeses, salsa and bacon jam. A lovely cross-dresser sashayed his way around the tables, proudly displaying his hairy chest above his full length skirt. From there, we headed to Robertson Cliffs, about 40 minutes north, for a hike. We were being ambitious as the cliffs tower at 1,840 ft. GPS done us wrong once again and we ended up driving around in circles for half an hour looking for the trailhead. We decided to go to a nearby lodge to ask for directions. On the road leading in, we waved down a car to ask for help. The lady inside sounded ... read more
Mill Street Market
Mill Street Market
Building made of pink granite. The bridge to Michigan is behind.

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa August 16th 2015

Today we left Sault Ste. Marie for Ottawa. It was another misty morning and it seemed only right to play Bruce Cockburn and Blue Rodeo, both Ontario grown, on the iPod. Initially the landscape was open and agricultural but it changed a number of times as we went along. Lovely old brick farmhouses flashed by along with big old plank barns, still standing straight and strong. A pair of herons caught our eye, posing calmly for a photo. We stopped to dip our toes in Lake Huron - Great Lake No. 2. We saw a number of amusing road signs in Serpent River. One proudly proclaimed itself as "No Place Special". There was a road called "Handy Spot" and another sign advertised "Cheep Smokes", spelled just like that. We stopped for a picnic lunch in North ... read more
Old Plank Barn
Tim dipping his toes in Lake Huron
Pair of herons in a farmyard

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay August 14th 2015

Today we left Winnipeg, bound for Thunder Bay. Winnipeg was shrouded in early morning fog and when we finally emerged from it, we were in a new landscape of rocky outcroppings and boreal forests. Northern Ontario is cottage country, dotted with pretty lakes sparkling like jewels in the sun. Cabins, referred to as cottages here, line the lake shores. We drove through Kenora, a busy summer tourist town which was hopping with sunny-faced tourists, lattes and floaties in hand. People love their lakes here. We continued on, passing forests of Jack Pines with their twisted, gnarled trunks. They reminded me of the famous Tom Thompson painting. We also passed a reindeer farm. We knew they were reindeer because they were playing reindeer games. Richard, our Couchsurfing host in Thunder Bay, greeted us with his dog Jasper. ... read more
Thunder Bay Waterfront
Thunder Bay Waterfront
The Sleeping Giant

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sault Sainte Marie August 14th 2015

Today we left Thunder Bay for Sault Ste. Marie. The views were stupendous - islands bathed in mist, Jack Pines bent and weathered, abundant lakes and creeks. I turned my iPod on to Gordon Lightfoot. It seemed only fitting considering where we were and the fact that he is from Ontario and is a Canadian icon. The song "Carefree Highway" came on and I sang with it - "Carefree highway, let me slip away, slip away on you", and just then, Lake Superior came into view around the bend. I must admit that my heart swelled and I got a little teary. This was a part of Canada that I'd heard about all my life and always dreamed of seeing and now here I was. There is a lot of pink granite in this area, jutting ... read more
Pink granite (red rock) on Highway 17
Lake Superior
These signs appear regularly along the highway

North America » Canada » Ontario August 7th 2015

I first noticed something was wrong in my head when I was doing somersaults, warming up for jiu jitsu class. When I stood up I got a little dizzy, and this had never happened before. At first I didn’t consider it that big a deal and just ignored it, but then I noticed it more doing other things. When I raised my head up from the workout bench, shoulder checking while driving, even getting up in the morning became a chore. After a trip from overseas I saw a doctor close to my new home, rather than my family doctor in Richmond - which was a mistake. This doctor did a few tests, and then scheduled an appointment with a neurology specialist. During this time the dizziness got worse, and no matter how much I ate ... read more
Head butt love
Cuddle time after radiation

North America » Canada » Ontario August 7th 2015

During my cancer treatments, I decided to become a Big Brother. I wasn't feeling that well at all, but something inspired me to volunteer my time while I was off for a year and a half. If you have 2-4 hours a week, becoming a big brother or big sister means the WORLD to these kids. My little brother is Noah, and he's one of the most amazing individuals I've ever met. He has two sisters Karys and Ava, and two brothers Matthew and Kevin. His mom is Aurora and as a single mom I don't know how she does it so my hat off to her for being able to manage that household. Every time I pulled up to the house, I could see Noah and Karys looking out the window, waiting for me to ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario August 6th 2015

Since I was 16 years old I always had a job, and this is something my mom instilled in me from very early on in my life. When we first moved to Canada, my mom had to start her career over, and I admire her accomplishments in that field. Her first job was as a care-taker for the elderly, which is not an easy job at all, and for very little money. While she was moving a patient, her back went out and she was bed-ridden for about a month with a slipped disc. She eventually had to go on welfare to support us - great woman. My mom also drove myself and all of my friends around to basketball and soccer tournaments, and I can't say enough good things about her. Love you mom. One ... read more
He sure was

North America » Canada » Ontario August 6th 2015

Some time after the original King and Knights club burned down, the show was revived at the Nassau Beach Hotel, and it was called the King and Knights 2. The members of this band were my dad King Eric, Kendall Flowers on drums, Griff on keyboards, Fred on the bass guitar, and Uncle John on the bass guitar and his sexy phone. There were also other performers such as Trixie the fire dancer, Don Black the limbo dancer, Count Bernadino, and an act called The obeah man. Fire dancing is a tradition that goes back many years. The dancers use wands that are dipped in rubbing alcohol, then set on fire. The dancers move and shake to a very sexy song played by the band, while rubbing wands of fire on their body. They would also ... read more
Papa on his steel pan
Count Bernadino

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