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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 2nd 2003

The foot of Toronto and the end of the longest road in North America. In fact on the sidewalk just SE gives distances to towns near and far and more info on Yonge (loops right around to Thunder Bay). Just south of this is Captain John's restaurant on a converted fishing vessel. Street musicians sometimes play here. Tall ships also go on lake cruises from the docks SE at the foot of the parking lots. Just SW is the Westin Harbour castle hotel (see BayAndQueensQuayWest) also a high speed ferry that goes to St. Catherines near Niagara-on-the-lake and the US side of Lake Ontario). NE is the Toronto Star building (Hemmingway used to work at the Star but it was on King's street in those days. They sent him all over the world which allowed him ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 2nd 2003

To SE is the famous Union Station with Indiana Marble. Fre Bell WiFi for 2003 in the grand terminus (near Harveys eatery). To SW is 151 Front the telecom hub of Toronto. To NE is the famous Royal York Hotel where the queen stays. In the overpass there are pictures depicting Toronto in the early 1900s and in modern times (1989). The old pictures are surprisingly clear makes you feel you are back in time. To NW is a lovely copper green building a nice 2nd Cup coffee shop at the apex and waterfall sculptures below. Bardis is an upscale steakhouse just north of the green building. University Avenue branches north west. ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto October 20th 2003

During the last two weeks of my exchange I decided to go to Canada to visit family friends. I caught a flight to Buffalo and then Bobby pick me and drove me across the border into Canada. Gill and Bobby saw to it that I got to see as much as possible during my stay there and also that I tried as much food as possible (I wasn't complaining). The Niagara Falls were incredible - I couldn't believe the mass of water flowing over the top. We walked around for about half a day going under the falls (through a tunnel) and trying to see as many view points as possible. Next I went to the CN Tower. Right at the top is a viewing deck (enclosed) and a thick glass floor which people can use ... read more
Niagara Falls
CN Tower
CN Tower Glass Floor

North America » Canada » Ontario August 27th 2003

Ontario:Toronto,Huntsville, Niagara Falls, Algonquin Provincial Park Quebec: Montreal, Quebec City,Tadoussac, Rivière-du-loup New Brunswick: Edmunston,Fredericton,Moncton, Bathurst Nova Scotia: Antigonish, Halifax, Sydney... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 22nd 2000

I flew from Colombo, Sri Lanka into Heathrow. My connecting flight to Toronto was only 28 hours later so I spoke for a while with a lovely lady from Canadian Airlines and she was nice enough to somehow get me onto an earlier flight on a completely different airline to Toronto. It was so sweet of her. I arrived in Toronto to be told by the captain that the ground temperature was a FREEZING minus 11!!!! Now you can imagine this was quite a shock coming from the dead of summer in Sri Lanka where temperatures were around 34, 35 and high humidity. I was picked up by the President of the Canadian cricket association and driven to my hotel. I then had a bit of a whirlwind tour of Toronto. Such a beautiful city, especially ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 26th 1999

DAY 7 - THURSDAY 26 AUGUST Arose at 3.30am, albeit not voluntarily. Dean drove me to the airport just after 4am, it was strange seeing little traffic on LA streets. Boarded the 6.30am American Airlines flight to Toronto, via Chicago. Sat next to a Scottish bloke who is living in LA and coaching an under-17 girls soccer team. Another example of the globalisation of sport. Got into Chicago at 12.30pm before changing planes for a 1.20pm departure to Toronto. I had been to Auckland and LA before, but not Toronto or even Canada, so I was pretty excited about the whole thing. They put me in reverse business class again, great to see. Arrived in Toronto and was introduced to the whims of Canadian customs, which consists of a series of checkpoints. After the first checkpoint ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario August 18th 1999

Ottawa - la capital du Canada Finally we’re back in an English speaking territory! Arriving in Ottawa on Saturday evening, we spent the night in a University of Ottawa dorm room that serves as a hostel during summer break. Ottawa feels like London, especially around the Parliament building where the English architecture dominates the landscape and the changing guard ceremony is as colorful as the Buckingham Palace one. Other than around the Parliament complex, tourists are hardly spotted in Ottawa. Toronto Toronto is a modern city, and it feels like we are back in North America. A lot of things are going on, from Toronto's busy street with cars and loud pedestrian crossings that beep all the time, people are dressing up in funky style, and tall modern looking buildings and shopping malls. Our visit to ... read more
Parliament Tower, Ottawa
CN Tower, Toronto
Horseshoe Falls

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 20th 1999

Yeaha, spring is coming!! But the first half here in Toronto is already over... So there is a lot to say! First of all, I'm riding now a bicycle! It's exhausting because Toronto is all the time going up or down. But it's a good exercise for me as well as I'm a lot faster then with public transport. The ride to my school takes me about 15min whereas the bus takes 25min. In school I changed from "General English" to "Cambridge Advances Exam Preparation Class". It's a lot of work there, but I think I’m improving my English better than before. It's just a pity that we are about 80% Swiss people in this class... A few weeks ago I went to a Baseball game. According to a friend’s advice, we first went to a ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario January 15th 1999

Ever since 1999 my dad and I and others have gone for a week long trip to the Boundary Waters in Nothern Minnesota. This is not for everyone but if you enjoy the outdoors and quite evenings by the campfire than this may be the trip for you. My annual trip north is one of my favorite parts of the year as it is a complete paradigm shift for me . . . when you leave the Boundary Waters certianly feel like you have been removed from civilization for a while as you are basicly removed from the outside world. You canoe many hours to many days into the area and only the occasional sound of a brush plane flying by. There is a lot of work that is associated with this "vacation" such as portaging, ... read more
Monument Portage
Sunset at Camp

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 19th 1998

Picture coming soon.... read more

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