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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 19th 1998

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North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay August 31st 1997

I believe this date is correct-ish. In 1997 I was dating a girl who really enjoyed camping and taking long road-trips. She has probably seen more of the world than I ever will...well, lets hope not. At the time, the only thing I could think of were the long car trips as a child/teenager. -In the back seat, seeing little to nothing, feeling as though you might get sick at any moment because I don't think my parents ever had a car with AC. She convinced me that taking a camping trip to Ontario would be a lot of fun. I was hesitant at first but decided it could be romantic and so we went. As I remember, it was only a long weekend that we took. She had decided after see numerous "Amethyst is for ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa September 7th 1995

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Karen's car

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 7th 1995

Geo: 43.6485, -79.38541 - Greyhound... read more
CN Tower
CN Tower
CN Tower

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 3rd 1995

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls July 17th 1994

Naturally, the scenery is impressive. The Horseshoe Falls of the Niagara Falls could probably not have been more beautifully designed with the most modern techniques. It's wet, it's big, it's touristy, it's mighty. Yet, the wow-experience is just not there. Probably there is something wrong with me, as I keep thinking that there are more impressive places than this. This wonder of nature, admittedly one of the most romantic and legendary of attractions. Stories - true or not - are told about people who went down the falls in a barrel - and survived. Or the lady who dropped her newborn baby in the falls. Not sure whether these contribute to the overall impression in a positive or negative way, but they sure add to the legend and mystery. Maybe a boat ride into the falls ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 9th 1993

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 5th 1993

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North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 3rd 1993

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Prime Ministers house

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 2nd 1992

Geo: 44.0109, -79.2662Stayed with Mum & her friend Ann. I remember climbing the CN Tower & seeing the Toronto Blue Jay's playing in SkyDome & going to a cool empty nighgclub where we saw a Miss Haversham dressed woman, and if you ask directions they tell you what bus to get even it's only 1 stop!Then Niagara Falls - amazing - and theme park of some sort. Crossed over to US on GreyHound.... read more

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