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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler August 27th 2018

The weather had finally cleared, so I headed down to the Lost Lake again for sunrise. It was completely different to last time. Whilst the sky was clear, there was a mist over the lake itself. I’ll have to wait and see whether that was a good thing or a bad thing as far as the pictures were concerned. As I walked back, there was also a mist below me, hanging over the village, whilst the sky above was clear and blue. A mountain had also appeared, which had not been there over the last couple of days - either that or is has only now become visible. Given that the weather is now so much better, day has been designated a chilling day and time to relax by the pool. It was certainly hot enough ... read more
Beat-up Car
Mist on The Lost Lake
Mist Over Whistler Village

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler August 26th 2018

The weather was awful again today but, according to the forecast, the rain was due to stop at midday. We had a causal morning to wait it out and sure enough it cleared up as scheduled. Whilst bears are dangerous and there are warnings everywhere about not feeding them and how to react when you come across one, they are actually something that everyone wants to see. Black bears are apparently relatively harmless, but it is the grizzly bears that you need to look out for. Apparently, however, there are constant patrols checking for grizzly bears and if any are spotted then the whole area is closed off to the public. Anyway, there is a road called Callaghan Road where there is apparently a strong chance of seeing some black bears. We drove along it and ... read more
Inuit Symbol
One Mile Lake
Cultural Center.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler August 25th 2018

I wanted to walk to the nearby Lost Lake for some early morning, sunrise photographs. After the early morning walk in Seattle, there is absolutely no risk of me being murdered by some doped-up cannabis junkie here (see ), but, sadly, the others were, if anything, more worried about me being eaten by a hungry grisly bear. On the bear subject, the Canadians have had to take practical steps here because of them. One of the most visible is all the rubbish bins that have been designed at an angle and with bear proof lids to stop the bears tipping them over and looking for food. It was still pitch-black, but, thanks to the light on my phone, I was able to work out where to go and eventually I managed to find the lake. As ... read more
The Great Toad Migration
Caution Bears

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler August 24th 2018

It was our last day in Seattle today, but before we left we went for a late breakfast / early lunch at the Russian pastry shop. Being that bit later there was a queue outside, which was almost as long as the queue at the Starbucks next door. The reason for the long queue at the Starbucks is that it is ‘the’ original Starbucks, dating back to the 1970s and a place where people are obviously keen to order some coffee. Today we were driving to Whistler in Canada, which should take about four hours. There was a bit of convoluted driving in Seattle (not as much as when we went to Everett), but once we got on the Interstate 5 it was just a matter of just keep going until we reach the border. The ... read more
Cannabis Shop
British Columbia

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler July 1st 2018

Sun: wow, really?! Wow, so many things worked together to make this day so difficult. One, BART doesn’t run until 8am. So we parked the car in the long-term parking lot at the station but had to Lyft to the airport. And the Lyft guy dropped us at the international terminal, no question asked. We found good seats at the World Cup viewing area. The game went OT/PK so we had to run to the gate despite our flight getting delayed by 30min. The gate was calling our name. Got lucky with economy plus seats with our packs in the overhead compartment. This is where things started to get funky. We had to rush to Bellevue Hertz rental on Lyft cuz we weren’t going to make it to their closing time at 2pm on a bus. ... read more
On the way to Panorama Ridge
On the way to Panorama Ridge
On the way to Panorama Ridge

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 2nd 2018

Supposedly Whistler isn't named after some whistling founder but after the whistling noises the local marmots make whilst mating. As it's still Winter here at the moment we have very little chance of seeing - or hearing - any marmots whilst we're here so won't be able to vouch for the accuracy of this. Originally I hadn't expected to ski Whistler but once J found a reasonably priced Air BnB place in Creekside for 4 nights mid week so we thought we would give it a go. Whistler is considered to be one of the top ski resorts in the world, so I have been keen to come here for a long time, but I have also heard some mixed opinions so I am keen to experience it for myself. We have 4 days skiing here ... read more
P3020001 (2)
P3020012 (2)
P3020016 (2)

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler June 25th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Certain parmi vous ont dû voir sur la chaîne 24 RMC découverte, les constructeurs de l'extrême. C'est l'émission qui diffuse, l'activité de la société Pioneer, qui construit de magnifiques chalets de bois rond, souvent de plusieurs millions de $. Elle est basée à Williams Lake. Ce matin en partant je suis passé à côté du chantier de construction de préparation. Malheureusement dans une zone de travaux, et je n'ai fait qu'une photo en roulant, j'ai aperçu, de la route, pas mal de ces chalets, mais tous sont bien abrités dans les arbres, et l'à aussi pas de photos exploitables. Ma route du jour, plein sud, direction Clinton, où je suis passé hier matin, mais cette fois par la route nationale, le décor rien à voir, avec mon chemin de terre d'hier. Beaucoup plus ... read more
là on commence à parler
le chemin du jour
Williams Lake

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 4th 2017

Geo: 50.1183, -122.954On Saturday, March 4, 2017, I drove toWhistler, British Columbia to participate in the “DiscoverBobsleigh” activity that was being offered by the Whistler SlidingCenter. During this activity the participants are given basicinstruction on how to pilot a two person bobsleigh and how to operatethe brakes. Then it is off to the Olympic ice track, the fastest inthe world, for two runs down the track from the lower starting point– one run as the pilot and one run as the brakeman. Here is adescription of the “Discover Bobsleigh” activity (temporarily off line): interest in bobsleigh goes back toat least 1987. In November of that year I flew from Oakland, CA,where I was living at that time, to ... read more
Discover Bobsleigh
Discover Bobsleigh
Discover Bobsleigh

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler October 24th 2016

So most of the day was spent in Whistler today after we got up and had breakfast. Jennifer and I drove up the mountain where we hopped on to ATVs for a 2 hour tour. I have ridden a lot in the desert and thought oh this would be easy to ride on...let me tell you that riding in the mountains is a totally different experience. I was sore by the time this was done. The technical level here was much higher and I felt like a first timer getting on a quad up here. Jennifer was great at it and had a blast enjoying every minute of it. We went through a ton of mud and water, I was drenched and dirty brown and it was awesome. Jennifer was trying to hard to get dirty ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler September 10th 2016

Today is a huge 122km bike race from Vancouver to Whistler with 4000 entries. It is called the GranFondo and is one of the main cycling events in North America each year. The main car park is closed for competitors and prize giving, roads are diverted and the main road has a lane taken out. So, what to do in order not to get too tangled with this event? Our host suggested that since we were in Whistler South we should continue in that area and hike up a river valley to a small lake called Logger Lake. It would also incorporate seeing the bike riders coming up the main route into Whistler. First, we went into Creekside to get some lunch then packed a backpack and set off on a shared bike trail just down ... read more
Logger lake
A strange caterpillar

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