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Tyler Hastings

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu September 11th 2018

Well about 3 days ago I got a phone call while I was on my way to a wedding..."Hi Tyler it's _____ from the RMS (Staff deployment at work) how would you like an all expense paid trip to Hawaii?" Gee thanks...Hawaii in a hurricane, well I landed late Sunday evening, stopped at the store picked up some canned goods and went to my hotel before hooking up with some local friends for dinner. (sorry no food pics I was tired) I had Chicken Katsu and BBQ Beef Plate Lunch (Is it still a plate lunch if its dinner time?) From there my brain was like I can't handle it anymore, It was 2100 Hawaiian time and Midnight Pacific time. So I went into the hotel room, left the door unlocked and sat on the balcony ... read more

Alright Folks so we are home, It was an extremely uneventful trip home after we left San Antonio it was smooth sailing with the train leaving so early that we had to wait at every station for time to be made up. The most exciting things were the rain in New Mexico, the Dust in Arizona including tumbleweeds and the few things I heard on my scanner during the later hours of the night. The first one was when we were just getting into Arizona I heard a request for an ambulance to meet us a passenger had cut herself and needed to be removed from the train. We got to our next station stop and there EMS waited and took the passenger to be checked out. The next one was a little bit more serious ... read more
It Rained in New Mexico
Some More Rain Mixed with Dust
We are home at 0430

North America » United States » Texas » Cleburne July 12th 2017

Well, we are on the train again we are headed from Fort Worth to Los Angeles at this time. Yesterday was a very laid back day. Jennifer and I went to the gun range and shot through a lot of ammo and targets. The range was out of 9mm but had plenty of .38 and .22; I was amazed at how poorly I shot a .22 versus a 9mm. After that, we stopped at Waffle House where I remembered why I never eat at there. We then moved along to a couple of sporting good stores and a couple of other stores before we headed back to the house. On our way back to the house we found a fabulous chocolate place where we picked up a bunch of handmade chocolates and macaroons for snacking on. ... read more
Jennifer with the first gun she broke...
The empty lanes
Walther .38

North America » United States » Texas » Bedford July 10th 2017

Today's blog post is concise and to the point. Jennifer and I slept in until about 0930hrs yesterday. At that point, I got up and started some laundry before piddling around the house. Jennifer went out to Target and bought some mosquito repellant as well as some fizzy water and some drinks. She also picked up "Chicken Express" which she has been raving about since we started talking about this trip. It was KFC chicken strips with fewer seasonings and some white gravy to dip them in, the best part of the whole meal IMHO was the Mashed Potatoes which were nothing more than Sysco/U.S. Foods potato flakes. Anyway, I am digressing the rest of the day was spent playing Cards Against Humanity and a new game called Million Dollars but...I love Cards Against Humanity but ... read more
Cards Against Humanity (The Christopher Deck)
Enjoying a game of warped senses of Humor
Million Dollars But...

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas July 9th 2017

So First off sorry that this blog post is late. I have had no access to the internet until late night before last, and by then I was ready for bed. Anyway, we left Los Angeles late on Wednesday evening, the latest I have ever left on a train which is at 2200 hrs. We left on time headed east with a train consisting of 2 engines, baggage car, sleeper, lounge, diner, three coaches and our sleeper, more on that later. After a short visit to the back window, I turned in for the night. I woke up briefly somewhere around Palm Springs due to the lights coming in the window. Jennifer didn’t sleep until sometime around 0200 as she was wide awake. I woke up about again about 0530 somewhere between Yuma and Phoenix. Seeing ... read more
Eastbound Track of the Texas Eagle from Los Angeles to Ft Worth
The Long Hallway
Jennifer's Fan

It is getting to be time to hit the road again, this time Jennifer and I are on our way to Texas to visit her brother and do some snooping around in Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas. As was the case with the previous train trip we will be riding on Amtrak. However, we are not going to be going to on the Coast Starlight on this journey. We will be taking a more southern route this time as we are heading to Texas. I have included the maps on this blog as well as a picture of the map. Another difference this time is that instead of Jennifer and I sharing one compartment we are going to be taking two compartments of the roomette style. We did this for two reasons: 1. It allows us a little ... read more
Texas Eagle Route
Day Time Roomette
Night Time Configuration of the Roomette

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles October 29th 2016

Alright so as I am sure many of you have guessed we are home now...I am sorry that this blog entry is almost a month late but between not having internet on the train on the way home and all of the things that have happened at work since I got back life has been a little hectic. We check out of our AirBnb at about 0730 on the 29th of October for the trip to King Street Station, there was a lot of construction on the road so we were running a little bit late. I grabbed the bags out of the trunk of the car and went with Angie to check them in for the journey home. Jennifer went and returned the rental car and grabbed an Uber back to the station. We sat ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle October 28th 2016

Good Day to you all, Yesterday was a very busy day, we went to Pikes Market as well as all the other stereotypical tourist things in Seattle such as the Space Needle, the starbucks roastery, fish market etc. After doing all of these things we hopped back in the car, Angie with a piece of fresh salmon in tow to head back to the house. Once there Jennifer and I got ready for date night at The Metropolitan Grill while Angie cooked that piece of Salmon. Jennifer and I went to the space needle that evening and I actually got her to go up the elevator and take pictures up there. After that we went to dinner and had some of the best steaks I have ever had. I will detail more in the pictures of ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth October 28th 2016

This morning we got up late we slept in until about 0900, after doing the morning routines we got up and headed out to Leavenworth Washington. This is a Bavarian Village style tourist trap but has good food and a lot of niche stores. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. Lunch was had at King Ludwigs where we each sampled various dishes. After wandering through a lot of the stores we decided we wanted to try some pastries and off we went in search of these. We found a bakery that was just closing and made our purchases including some for breakfast tomorrow morning. We then went through Kris Kringl which is obviously a Christmas store. I found the village piece that my mother has searched far and wide for but I ... read more
Headed out in the morning
Along the way.
Cool Photo

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle October 28th 2016

Ok so this morning started at 0430 as we had to check out of our AirBnB by 0500 to catch a cab so we could be at the train station by 0530 to check our bags and clear customs. We cleared customs with no problem and were all the way out to our car on the train when I realized I had left the seat checks on the other side of customs...back I went and after arguing with the customs agents many times (they wouldn't let me back past them nor would they go get the seat checks I could see sitting on their desk) I was finally allowed to go back and get the seat checks before having to clear customs AGAIN...Don't let it be said that CBP doesn't do anything. I then was on ... read more
Our New Chariot
Out by Pikes Place
Have to get a Guitar

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