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Published: July 15th 2017
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Alright Folks so we are home,

It was an extremely uneventful trip home after we left San Antonio it was smooth sailing with the train leaving so early that we had to wait at every station for time to be made up. The most exciting things were the rain in New Mexico, the Dust in Arizona including tumbleweeds and the few things I heard on my scanner during the later hours of the night.

The first one was when we were just getting into Arizona I heard a request for an ambulance to meet us a passenger had cut herself and needed to be removed from the train. We got to our next station stop and there EMS waited and took the passenger to be checked out. The next one was a little bit more serious as it was a passenger who was under the influence of something. They had Local Law Enforcement meet the train at the next stop where they removed the offender from the bathroom and hauled him and his luggage away.

The most fun thing that I heard was from El Paso to Tuscon where we had a Russian Engineer on the head end of the train. This made for a lot of amusement in listening to him try to talk to dispatchers with a southern twang and they struggle to understand each other. For example, a train order to enter the siding at CP Wilcox...should be simple except with a Russian accent CP Wilcox becomes CP Vilcox...after much going back and forth the engineer finally spelled it for him and they agreed that he had it right.

All in all, this was a great trip...the Sunset Limited is by far not my favorite train route for the crazy hours and the delay at San Antonio to Switch the train around. My least favorite part is the walk through 5 coaches to the dining car for meals. I would go back to Dallas to see Christopher again in a heartbeat, however, I would either go all the way to Chicago and Down or I would cut across the plains on the heartland flyer.

Until it is time to hit the rails again that is all folks...I hope you have enjoyed this edition of as the rails retreat....

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Doggy Birthday!!!!Doggy Birthday!!!!
Doggy Birthday!!!!

Yes we actually bought a dog birthday cake from the Dog Bakery at the farmers market in Los Angeles

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