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Today was a rather relaxed day, we went and did some souvenir shopping and then headed off to Capilano Bridge for a few hours of wandering around there. A lot of the pictures from the day revolve around that. After we got done at Capilano we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for Angie so she could get a guitar pin for her collection. I then went in search of Poutine, for those of you unfamiliar with this dish it is Crispy Fries topped with Cheese Curds and then drowned in brown gravy. I had heard of this place called Mean Poutine while I was up there and went off in search of it. I found it and I was not disappointed and it made for a great lunch. Jennifer and I each tried a different ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler October 24th 2016

So most of the day was spent in Whistler today after we got up and had breakfast. Jennifer and I drove up the mountain where we hopped on to ATVs for a 2 hour tour. I have ridden a lot in the desert and thought oh this would be easy to ride on...let me tell you that riding in the mountains is a totally different experience. I was sore by the time this was done. The technical level here was much higher and I felt like a first timer getting on a quad up here. Jennifer was great at it and had a blast enjoying every minute of it. We went through a ton of mud and water, I was drenched and dirty brown and it was awesome. Jennifer was trying to hard to get dirty ... read more

Ok so yesterday I fell asleep writing this, we arrived to Vancouver after getting up at 0600 again to grab the train from Seattle. After getting off the train and clearing customs which was an interesting conversation as our party looked a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies with 5 bags for 3 people. Border Control was really interested in why so much luggage for 3 days in country, after explaining to him what we were doing we went along on our way. Grabbed a cab out in front of the station...they don't believe in Uber here in Canada so much and off we went to go grab our Rental Car. Picked up the rental car and we were starving as we hadn't eaten since the night before, so right across from Enterprise we found a Costco...Alright ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle October 23rd 2016

Alright so this blog entry is going to be rather short as a lot of our time was spent reading or watching out the window. Watching out the window the pictures will be able to tell that story. I will say that there are a lot pictures of rivers and valleys. We had lunch in the Dining car and we had dinner in the Pacific Parlour Car. I will say that this has been kind of cool having two different places to eat on the train. We arrived 45 minutes early into seattle where we all went to the hotel and showered and slept ready to start the next morning. See Ya Later,... read more
All Aboard
Down the Halway
The Throne

North America » United States » California October 22nd 2016

Well our day started at 0600 as we got up and ready to meet the town car to take us to the train station. That was an experience from hell, the driver was falling asleep and texting at the wheel, the car was in rough shape mechanically and appearance wise. I contacted the car service and lodged a complaint; I will be receiving a full refund for this time. We left for Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal(LAUPT) at 0630 and arrived at about 0730 after many delays related to the driver's abilities. We proceeded into the service and checked in our luggage. For those of you that have never ridden Amtrak before you are allowed two checked bags (up to 50 pounds) free, two carry-ons (airplane style) and then a personal item. Jennifer and I are ... read more
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Desert
Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Cinnamon Graham Cracker Crust

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles September 15th 2016

Alright Friends, We are at less than a month away from the trip so it is time to start writing about this crazy journey. I figured it was time to start this posting of the journey that Jennifer and I are taking. As you can see on the map with this entry we are taking the train up to the Pacific Northwest where we will be spending time in Vancouver and Seattle before returning to Los Angeles on the train. We will be gone about 10 days and have exciting things like an ATV tour in Whisler, we will be visiting of course Starbucks and the space needle and the Markets of Seattle. So lets get started...shall we... The Equipment We will be traveling in an Amtrak Roomette (See pictures) sleeper. This allows us to have ... read more
The place to sleep
Pacific Parlour Car
Pacific Parlour Car

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