Were home...sorry its late it has been a crazy month since we got back

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October 29th 2016
Published: November 22nd 2016
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Alright so as I am sure many of you have guessed we are home now...I am sorry that this blog entry is almost a month late but between not having internet on the train on the way home and all of the things that have happened at work since I got back life has been a little hectic.

We check out of our AirBnb at about 0730 on the 29th of October for the trip to King Street Station, there was a lot of construction on the road so we were running a little bit late. I grabbed the bags out of the trunk of the car and went with Angie to check them in for the journey home. Jennifer went and returned the rental car and grabbed an Uber back to the station. We sat around until it was time to check ourselves with the conductor. I got our room checks and sat back down to wait for a Red Cap to take us back out to the train. The train pulled into the station about 5 minutes late and we all started the mad dash to get on board.

On the trip back Jennifer and I upgraded to a full bedroom instead of a roomette as we discovered that the upper level berth of a roomette is to much like a coffin for either one of us to sleep in. This room is very similar only considerably bigger and has a private bathroom and shower. http://www.kaemena360.net/FS/USA/Amtrak/Amtrak-Superliner-Bedroom/ that is a virtual tour of the bedroom versus the roomette that we slept in on the way back.

We were rather disappointed this time as the Parlour car had been substituted for a Cross Country Cafe so we did not get to experience the ambiance of the 1950's era car on the way home. It was a rather uneventful trip other than us being awake during the bumpy parts of the cascades this time and we ran on time almost all the way into Ventura where we were an hour or so early and we ended in LA 1.5 hours early.

I don't have a lot of pictures of this part of the trip because of the lack of internet and camera capacity. Overall it was great trip and got my to my goal of riding all of the Amtrak routes save for the AutoTrain which I will probably never ride as I never find myself on the east coast trying to get from DC to FL with a car.


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