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August 25th 2018
Published: August 26th 2018
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The Lost LakeThe Lost LakeThe Lost Lake

Sadly, not the sunrise I was hoping for.
I wanted to walk to the nearby Lost Lake for some early morning, sunrise photographs. After the early morning walk in Seattle, there is absolutely no risk of me being murdered by some doped-up cannabis junkie here (see The History of Seattle Buried Underground), but, sadly, the others were, if anything, more worried about me being eaten by a hungry grisly bear.

On the bear subject, the Canadians have had to take practical steps here because of them. One of the most visible is all the rubbish bins that have been designed at an angle and with bear proof lids to stop the bears tipping them over and looking for food.

It was still pitch-black, but, thanks to the light on my phone, I was able to work out where to go and eventually I managed to find the lake. As I was walking there, there were stars in the sky and the lake was mirror still. Unfortunately, just as the light started to improve, the clouds moved in, as did the wind. There were no longer any reflections in the lake, there was no sunrise and it started to rain. A bit of a disappointment.

At least the rain waited until I
The Great Toad MigrationThe Great Toad MigrationThe Great Toad Migration

Sadly the toads themselves were too small to get a photo of.
was back in the apartment before it really got going.

One of the reasons that we had picked these apartments is that they had a pool, which may not be an option for today at least. We had also planned on some walks, which won’t be much fun in the rain.

I got back to the apartments and breakfast was just starting. There was only one family there and I grabbed a sneaky chocolate muffin to take back to the room with me. We all went down later for breakfast and it was heaving. And all the chocolate muffins had gone - I told the others how nice they were.

Given the weather, we stayed in our apartment for a while and played some board games.

As I’d found the Lost Lake easy to find, nice place to last and and walking distance from our apartment, we thought we would go back there once the rain stopped. It was just under a four mile round trip and lots of nice views despite it still being overcast.

Whilst we were walking round we saw some tiny little toads crossing the path in front of us. We
Caution BearsCaution BearsCaution Bears

Do not run - back away slowly (easier said than done).
were really careful to make sure we did not step on any, as they were really difficult to see unless they were moving. Later on we saw a sign all about them - they are an endangered species that migrate from the lake to the forrest in early August. The area is usually closed during the peak of the migration to protect them.

Later, we walked into the village for a look around the gift (tat) shops and for something to eat.

We spent the evening researching how not to get eaten by a bear.


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