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9th August 2023

I love reading your blog! Xx
1st September 2018
Mist on The Lost Lake

Beautiful photo
Did you take this photo?
1st September 2018
Suspension Bridge

I've been on that bridge and I agree that it is safe but suspension bridges makes me uneasy.
24th February 2011
Bikini Tree

Apparently the 'Bikini Tree' has been on a diet. I have a photo taken in the '70's and it is certainly bigger, legs shorter and the bust huge. '
23rd November 2010

Dear Waterfia Your photo shoot Post is indeed an award winning task mighty enough to entice anybody to undertake intensive travel trips worldwide. With a view to render help and enable adventurous people accomplish their travel safely and comfortably Citymedia foundation (http://citymediafoundation.org) has launched www.city.vi , a network of 68,000 city specific video sites, where you can share videos about cities and regions across the world. like for Perth videos you can visit http://Perth.vi . You can also find out about other cities that you are interested . hope to see you there
14th November 2010

When your up there your very exposed to the elements, even on a sunny day it can be quiet windy and when your up there for such a long time it can get quite cold. I have been on the walk and its amazing, you dont really mind the stupid suit :)
24th August 2010

Fun and Games but Hating it Out of Principle
Dear Valued Guest; I was just reading your experience at the Stratosphere Tower and thrill rides. I am the Operations Manager here and I am always interested in making my guests experience better. I am sorry that the line was moving slowly. Please feel free to contact me with more information if you have the time, I am interested which rides you rode and details. kimberly.huff@stratospherehotel.com. I hunt down all my guests experiences because it matters to us! I am so sorry that Vegas was not as kid welcome as people sometimes say it is now. I too have noticed the all too "revealing" Pleasure Pits, this is the new thing here. Also, the TITO system, or Ticket in/Ticket out is quite brilliant if you think of why, but I too remember the money and the actual real sound of clinking..and it is somewhat part of the experience. I am a native and miss old Vegas on many levels. In any event, please feel free to contact me and I do hope you come to visit again! Kind Regards, Kimberly Huff Operations Manager Tower, Retail and SKyJump Stratosphere Tower LV 7023807791
24th August 2010

Corrections to Half Dome info
1. The falls you see from Glacier Point are Vernal ( 300 ft) and Nevada (600 ft). 2. The Half Dome hike is 16 miles round trip. 10 - 12 hours. 3. Half Dome was NOT cut in half by Glaciers...it was above the 3 major glacial periods. The 20% of the rock missing was due to exfoliation - 10,000 years of rain water getting in and freezing and shedding the rock along the vertical joints. -- Rick Deutsch ("Mr. Half Dome") Speaker, Adventurer, Author "One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome" www.HikeHalfDome.com - Hiking

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