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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos April 22nd 2014

20 April We arrived at Bayram's Tree houses late yesterday afternoon and split ourselves into two groups to share rooms. Talbot had said we were staying in treehouses and I was SO excited until Nic showed me her Lonely Planet that said they might not actually be in trees. Which turned out to be correct. If they're tree houses because they're built from wood, then I stayed in a treehouse. But I tend to think it means they're houses up in trees... The price includes breakfast and dinner so it was nice to spend the hours lounging about whilst waiting for the 8pm dinner call. I found the staff who made me a gluten-free meal with grilled chicken, salad, cheese and yoghurt which was excellent, as was everyone's. At 9pm we piled into a minibus and ... read more
Chimeara flames
The staircase down from our 'treehouse'
Delicious strawberries and mulberries

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos June 5th 2013

Note: by double-clicking on any of the photos you will be transferred to the photo gallery which provides bigger images of the photos. Saturday 1st June: a leisurely breakfast in the sun looking up at the Tahtali Dag, a mountain that dominates the coastline here. It’s 2,318 meters/7,600 feet high and is just 10K/6 miles from Cirali. Later we headed off to Phaselis, an ancient port city just along the coast from Cirali that we had previously visited in 2008 and had good memories of it (Alexander the Great also rated Phaselis quite highly having wintered there in 334/333 BC; but he rated it more for its wine than it’s tranquility). Driving there only took 25 minutes and it hadn’t changed at all except that there were a lot more visitors this time, mostly ... read more
Cerali North
Cerali Central
Cerali South

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos July 16th 2012

ENGLISH: (DEUTSCH UNTEN) So last time, I was in Goreme, in a Hot Air Balloon enjoying looking over Cappadocia and the fairy chimneys. That place is unbelievable. The hotel for the price was also unbelievably friendly, good service, and so worth it! I trekked through valleys of giant penis rocks, went 10 storeys underground in a city that had passageways all over and so small that I just WANTED to bump my head so many times. I'm glad I'm not as tall as my friend Lothar aka Jesus. I then went in a 8 storey Monastry fairy chimney cave. I even won an Onyx stone for giving an answer of "The land of beautiful horses" for the meaning of Cappadocia. Cappadocia - loved it. Problems I had was that my cash card with my money on ... read more
Sunnıes Repaıred
In the Rock Penıs Valley!
Kitten! Kaetzchen!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos October 13th 2011

Beer'll fix it After the entertainment of a couple of nights ago not much has been happening, really. So little in fact, that sitting about drinking a beer has become an event worth mentioning (yes, that's what I am doing now... again!) It's medicinal, helps me relax and prepare myself for any 'midnight mouse catching' duties that may come my way. As for us, we are still in Olympos, killing time waiting for my replacement shock to arrive. Hopefully it will do so tomorrow. On the upside, there are worse places in the world to be stuck. Olympos, for those who have not been, is basically a backpacker haunt where you stay in a "tree house" and sit around on pretty Turkish carpets in front of a small coffee table doing not much. Particularly when it ... read more
The small snake

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos October 10th 2011

A Mouse in the House! Actually, it wasn’t exactly a mouse and we weren’t really in a house. It was a tent. A wet tent. A very wet tent. Last night it rained. A lot. But we were prepared. Or so we thought as we pitched our tarp over the top of our tent. “This’ll keep the water away”, I said, as we put the tarp up for the first time of the trip (hmmm… did I not mention the tarp amongst the many useful items I insisted we bring?). Strangely, the tarp had shrunk. In the lounge room in London it had seemed huge, there was barely enough space to stretch it out. “We’ll get the tent, the gear, the bikes and all under this”, I had thought when we first unpacked it in the ... read more
Tent in the puddles

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos September 26th 2011

I have split Olympus into two sections as I would like other people to find out about the Pansiyon we stayed at in Olympus. Saban Pensyion and Tree House is a great place to get away from it all and just relax, the accommodation is either in Bungalows or Tree Houses. We chose a tree house as they looked nice and cool and airy and we were guaranteed there were no mosquito's as ther is no glass in the windows. The Pnsiyon is very well run and food is fantastic, a real bonus was that not only the breakfast is included in the price but the evening meal is as well and we are talking about substatial meals. We tried different Turkish dishes here than we had been having in the East and enjoyed them all. ... read more
The Master Bedroom note the Wood Grain PAnels
Lounging around out of the sun
Evening Meal

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos September 24th 2011

Saturday 24th September - Egirdir to Olympos Before leaving the hostel we enjoyed an lovely hot shower and an enormous breakfast. Our bus was at 10.30 am so luckily we had time to do these things without having to get up exceptionally early. We bid farewell to Ibrahim, who advised us to go to his friend's tree house accomodation in Olympos, and we headed off with our bags down to the bus station. We were about 15 minutes early and the bus was about 10 minutes late, so again we sat waiting at a bus station. Eventually, our bus arrived and we loaded our bags, took our seats and took off towards Antalya. Tickets were 15 try = $8.40 each and the journey was to take about 2 hours. At the Antalya otogar we transferred to ... read more
our bed in the tree house
Zak walking back from the loo
exiting treehouse

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos September 22nd 2011

Olympos, Kas Today after brekky (not for me) we packed up our gear and left it downstairs and headed off on foot to explore the ruins of ancient Olympos. To get there we turned right after the bridge, walked along the beach for a bit, and then headed in through the next valley. Paid a few lira for our tickets and right there beside the ticket booth were a couple of tombs cut into the rock. It's a long fairly narrow valley with a stream flowing through the middle of it and lots of trees. There must have been quite a community there as there are still ruins of many buildings and a few burial areas. We saw a church, a theatre, a roman baths, some water ways built of the rock, etc etc. Explored for a ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos September 18th 2011

I ultimately spent 2 nights in Antalya which I think was a mistake since there isn't much to be done in Antalya. The harbor is relatively nice, but it doesn't take long to see, and the city otherwise was rather dull. I went on a 2-hour boat cruise, which was nice enough, but it didn't seem to be worth my 30 lira, even though that's a decent price. I also spent a few hours working on some work for my papers, and got my part all sorted out, which allowed me to leave for Olympos because I guessed (rightfully it turned out), that internet and computer access in Olympos would be a bit more challenging. After I got all my stuff sorted out in Antalya, I left for Olympos by minibus. It was something like a ... read more
View over the bay
Fishing Vessel
Another fishing vessel in port

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos August 26th 2011

We woke up early and had breakfast then drove for an hour to get to the place where we were going canyoning. We suited up with wetsuits and helmets and then started down the river. There were some parts which were deep so you had to swim through then, but most of it we waded through the water. It was so cold I was really grateful we had the wetsuits. It was fun going through the canyon and in parts the guides had to help us get up the rocks because the current was quite strong. On the way back through we slid down those parts. We were a bit disappointed because we didn't go very far, the whole thing took only about 1 hours. But by this stage it was 4 pm so we were ... read more

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