Hello, friends and interested readers.

Time to head north again for the Australian winter.

First stop Morocco where I will be joined by some friends for a short tour around the country.

From there a few of us head north to Holland to purchase bicycles.

Train on to Prague for a few days sightseeing, and then down to Cesky Krumlov - a beautiful and now one of my favorite places around the world.

We then transfer bikes and our selves over to Regensberg in Germany to start our bike ride along the Danube River towpaths. Not sure how far we will get before some fly home out of Vienna on 26th July.

Lyn and I hope to continue on into Hungary and Romania - with or without bikes. Fly on to Rome for a week, then back to Holland and England to catch up with friends before Lyn flys back to Oz on the 5th September and I will return to Morocco on the 6th.

Will try to keep up on blogs when we have internet, but not sure how good it will be.


Tuesday 3rd June 2012 After breakfast and a last stroll around Prague it was time again to load up the bikes and head to the train station. It was nice staying at the apartment for a few days, plenty of room and right in the centre of the old town - great location. We pushed our laden bikes through the crowded cobbed streets until we were able to ride them the rest of the way to the station. I went and purchased tickets for us and the bikes to Cesky Krumlov out next stop. 237.2kc = $11.86 per person with bikes. We had a little time to wait for the platform to appear on the board and hoped that the loading of the bikes onto the train would be a better experience than it was departing ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 2nd 2012

Monday 2nd June 2012 It rained again last night, enough to have to close one window, but at least it was cooler to sleep. By morning it had cleared but we did have a cloudy sky all day. Not to worry it was still warm but not as hot and humid as it has been. I stayed in all of the morning as I had some paper work to catch up on. The Lemons went out exploring, Robyn went on the free tour and Lyn sat with her foot elevated playng solitaire. After a bit of lunch of bread and herring, Lyn and I mounted our bikes for the short ride to the shop for our manicure and pedicure. We had only received about 10 minutes of pampering before Robyn showed up after her tour and ... read more
bit of colour
took a good hour to clean up those feet
coffee break

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 1st 2012

Sunday 1st July We had a little bit of rain last night, which explained why it was so hot and humid when we went to bed. the apartment we are in does not have air con so all windows were open so I was woken up by a few spots of rain falling on my face. nice and cooled down a little. After a lazy morning, Lyn managed to fit a front rack to my bike (will put photo on later) but no luck with attaching one to her bike. We don't have a tool to remove the front light on her bike so it will have to wait until we find something to remove it with. It was hot and sunny out and the crowds were out enjoying the sunshine as well. Lyn, Robyn and ... read more
traffic on Charles bridge
bridge band
whisy instrument

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 30th 2012

Saturday 30th June After a night on the train, we all slept a little, better than if we had a sit up seat anyway, we arrived in Prague on time around 9.30am. Getting the bikes off the train was somewhat easier than getting them on because the platform was on the side of the carrage where the door was actually working. Passing down the panniers which we piled up on the platform and then unloaded the bikes from the train. Then it was a matter of loading the panniers onto the bikes and riding the short distance to the Old Town. I phoned the contact for the apartment and we found a nice cafe to sit and have a coffee and some breakfast. I went off in search of an information office to get a map ... read more
horse & cart

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague June 26th 2012

Hi all, been a little too busy to write much about our travels so will try and just do little bits and add photos. Tuesday 26th June Yesterday we bid farewell to Miss Sarah who was returning home to her much missed husband via a shopping stopover in Bangkok (like she had not already bought everything on offer in Morocco)! Miss you already Princess!!-- oops sorry Queen Sarah! And then there were 6! This morning after breakfast we bid farewell to Miss Leanne, who is returning home via a very brave stopover alone in Paris. Sure you will love it, and you are now an experienced traveller so don't panic. And then there were 5! This remaining 5 flew out later in the day and headed north to Amsterdam. We are all couchsurfing with our friend ... read more
can we go shopping with bolt cutters
just to re-hydrate

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow May 29th 2012

Well it's that time of year again, when I head off to the Northern Hemisphere. I'm like a migrating bird heading north for the winter towards warmer weather. Quite true really, as I do hate the cold. Another big 6 months coming up - but more of that later - back to my departure. The last few weeks have flown by and after finishing my latest temp job last Friday, the few days leading up to my departure have really flown. Although my departure perhaps does not come fast enough for some, ie my house mate who takes every opportunity to remind me that when I am in residence he is unable to roam or lounge around the house in the nude. Not that you would want to do that activity at this time of year ... read more
Singapore airport

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean September 26th 2011

Monday 26th Sept - Olympos to Saklikent Gorge We took our bags down to breakfast and after we had eaten our fill advised Meral (the owner) that we were leaving today. When she asked where we were heading and I said Saklikent Gorge she said we would have to go to Fethiye and then go back to Saklikent. This seemed like a silly idea to me as we would almost pass the gorge to go to Fethiye and then to go back seemed like a waste of time and travel. Meral said it was not possible, but I had a look at the map and as we had all day decided to take the chance and get out of the bus at a place called Kinik and hope there was a dolmus from there to Saklikent. ... read more
last look at Saban
lunch at Saklikent
Saklikent river

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos September 24th 2011

Saturday 24th September - Egirdir to Olympos Before leaving the hostel we enjoyed an lovely hot shower and an enormous breakfast. Our bus was at 10.30 am so luckily we had time to do these things without having to get up exceptionally early. We bid farewell to Ibrahim, who advised us to go to his friend's tree house accomodation in Olympos, and we headed off with our bags down to the bus station. We were about 15 minutes early and the bus was about 10 minutes late, so again we sat waiting at a bus station. Eventually, our bus arrived and we loaded our bags, took our seats and took off towards Antalya. Tickets were 15 try = $8.40 each and the journey was to take about 2 hours. At the Antalya otogar we transferred to ... read more
our bed in the tree house
Zak walking back from the loo
exiting treehouse

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir September 22nd 2011

Thursday 22nd September - long day travel Goreme to Egirdir An early start today as we had a long, long way to travel. We did not have time for breakfast at the hotel as last night we purchased tickets for the 8.30 bus to Konya. We had bit our farewell to our host Cemil last night also as we left the hotel before he had arrived for work. The bus station in Goreme is just in the center car park where there are a few outdoor benches and a row of ticket offices for the different bus companies. I went and bought some bread and we had a makeshift breakfast on a bench with butter and jam we had collected from previous breakfasts. The local dog population decided we were interesting enough to sit and watch ... read more
balloons over Goreme
on the bus

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme September 21st 2011

Wednesday 21st Sept - Scooter Safari Breakfast at the hotel again this morning. I was up at about 8am and managed to see a late traveling hot air balloon floating over Goreme. Such a cool sight! I asked Zak if he wanted to go up in a balloon but he declined saying it was too expensive. It is pretty expensive, but at 120 euros it's actually cheaper than what we paid 6 years ago to do it. I think that is because competition has stepped up, when we went last time there were about 6 balloons all up, now there are 118 that go up daily! Unreal! Not a bad rate of growth over just a few years. Anyway, I think we could have stretched the budget to cover the flight, but perhaps Zak is still ... read more
Zelve Valley
Zelve Valley
Zelve Valley

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