Murray Thomson


Murray Thomson

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum October 3rd 2011

Bodrum is a lovely coastal city. All the buildings are painted white and is has a lovely beach. This was blob out time for us as we had been on the road for 4 weeks without too much in the way of a break We also caught up with Adem and Terry over a meal and met Adem's brother Murrat and his partner from New Zealand Just a few photo's here... read more
Dinner Out
View from the Terrace

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye September 30th 2011

Fethiye is where I had hoped to have a go at tandem paragliding, it is one of the best locations for paragliding in the would and such a picturesque spot Fethiye is also another pretty seaside location which is the destination of many travellers from England on package tours. So it was interesting to see Fish and Chips advertised outside the restaurants. The bus trip to Fethiye was interesting we passed through acres and acres of glass and plastic glasshouses. Now I see from where all those lovely tomatoes and cucumbers we have been eating came from. We booked to stay at the Fethiye Guest house, after getting on the Dolmus and telling the driver where we were going once again we were still on the bus, everyone else had got off and our driver didn't ... read more
Gulet on the Harbour
Tomb in the hills above Fethiye
Kayakoy Village, this lady gave us a good luck charm each before we visited the site

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 28th 2011

Another yummy breakfast at Olympus with an Omelete and then we said bye to our tree house and caught the mini bus back up to the main road. Within 10 minutes a long distance bus pulled in and we were on our way to Kas about one and a half hours away, bus fare 15 TL (NZ $9.50) The trip followed the coast for some of the time and then high up in the mountains We had phoned our accommodation through on Skype and the owner of Melhem Pansion was there to meet us at the bus stop. Kas is a nice quiet fishing village sort of town but geared up for the tourists that want to visit the Sunken City by boat After we settled in we decided to go for a swim and be ... read more
Safari 2 Gulet
Murray at the Helm
An elderley lady came alonside to sell goods

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos September 26th 2011

I have split Olympus into two sections as I would like other people to find out about the Pansiyon we stayed at in Olympus. Saban Pensyion and Tree House is a great place to get away from it all and just relax, the accommodation is either in Bungalows or Tree Houses. We chose a tree house as they looked nice and cool and airy and we were guaranteed there were no mosquito's as ther is no glass in the windows. The Pnsiyon is very well run and food is fantastic, a real bonus was that not only the breakfast is included in the price but the evening meal is as well and we are talking about substatial meals. We tried different Turkish dishes here than we had been having in the East and enjoyed them all. ... read more
The Master Bedroom note the Wood Grain PAnels
Lounging around out of the sun
Evening Meal

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya September 24th 2011

Caught the tram again from our hotel after breakfast served in our room (thats a first). This time we knew where we were going and arrived at the Otogar for our midday 5 hour bus trip to Antayla. We leave the East now and head towards the Mediterranean Coast Outside temp today is in the low 30's, the bus takes us over some very high mountain passes, but very good roads also a nice bus to travel in. Most of the buses here have satellite TV and free WiFi access, Arrived at Antayla Otogar and try to find the free shuttle into the old part of the city, it is a lovely warm afternoon and at last we start to see glimpses of the sea. We realise that we are now the only people left on ... read more
The Harbour just below our Pansion
The Harbour
Gulet's on the Harbour

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Konya September 21st 2011

After the balloon flight it was a quick breakfast and pack back at Walnut House and onto the bus for our trip to Konya,( 3 hours) we had broken the journey at Konya so as not to be doing too long a bus trips in one day. The Otogar at Konya is a reasonable distance out of town but there is a tram service to the city centre so that made it easier, but still can be difficult to know what stop to get off etc. Konya is said to be one of the most conservative Muslim cities in Turkey and I had read that most worman would be fully scarved, this didnt appear to be the case. After getting off the tram at what seemed to be the right place we stopped to read the ... read more
The Mevlana Museum
The Mevlana Museum

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme September 21st 2011

Cappadochia is one of those places in the world that has you going "Wow" everywhere you look. The scenery is stunning and the addition of the balloons in the sky for the morning is great. As we said earlier we had to wait an extra day to get a booking and there was the possibility that our flight may be cancelled due to thunder storms looming. Having been on the flight now I see why the weather is such an important factor as you truely are at the mercy of the wind. We were picked up at 05:30 for our flight and taken to Kapadokia Balloons office where there was about 60 people waiting to fly. Graham our pilot was from England and flies n Cappadochia for 6 months of the year and then in the ... read more
Inflating the Balloon
Graham our Pilot
Sister Balloon Inflated at same time

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme September 20th 2011

Today was a day of making bus connections. To get to Goreme we had to travel via Kayseri a six hour trip 35 Turkish Lira each, about 21 NZ dollars then a connection to Goreme that took about an hour. Arrived in at about 6.30 pm and picked the closest accommodtion, Walnut House, it turned out to be a good choice Only just off the square where all the transport is and also close to the Hot Air Balloon companies The staff at Walnut House were very helpful, our room was a deluxe room ( NZ $45 )and even though it wasn't in a cave as some are in Goreme, the walls were made of carved local stone. The room hade a huge bed and the floor was covered in Turkish carpets and cushions. Filled in ... read more
Walnut House
Walnut House

Middle East » Turkey » Southeastern Anatolia » Gaziantep September 20th 2011

Gaziantep was another of those towns that it was suggested that maybe we shouldn't visit. Apparently it is meant to be a bit wild. Well once again we were pleasantly suprised and we are so pleased we included it in our trip. It was only a stopover arriving late afternoon and then out again in the morning. The trip from the Yuvacali Home Stay to Gaziantep was about 210 km's, a 3 hrs bus ride and it cost 39 Turkish Lira, about $21 NZ. Sad goodbyes to our wondeful Kurdish host parents and Halil took us to the bus station at Hilvan. Gaziantep is another large city about 1 million people. It was easier to catch a taxi from the Otogar to our hotel, The Belkis Hotel. Staff were very friendly and we had a comfortable ... read more
View to the Castle from our window
Inside the Tinsmith Shops
Tinsmiths working on the footpath

Middle East » Turkey » Southeastern Anatolia » Mount Nemrut September 19th 2011

The next day Mehmet had a trip organised for us to Nemrut Dagi (Mount Nemrut). It turned out to be a 450 km round trip, which was a long day but truely well worht it. Mehmet's car is Air Conditioned so the driving was fine. It was the hiking to and walking around the sites in 38 - 40 deg that got to us. Nemrut Dagi is in Nemrut Dagi National Park and to get there we had to cross the Euphrates River by Ferry Boat. I remembered the Euphrates River from my Sunday School teachers as it was one of the 4 rivers that flowed out of the Garden of Eden. I am not particuarly religious but it made me think as we chugged across the river on the ferry boat, that the countryside around ... read more
Euphrates River Ferry Boat
The Road we had travelled from the Euphrates
About to climb Nemrut Dagi

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