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September 28th 2011
Published: October 12th 2011
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Another yummy breakfast at Olympus with an Omelete and then we said bye to our tree house and caught the mini bus back up to the main road.

Within 10 minutes a long distance bus pulled in and we were on our way to Kas about one and a half hours away, bus fare 15 TL (NZ $9.50) The trip followed the coast for some of the time and then high up in the mountains
We had phoned our accommodation through on Skype and the owner of Melhem Pansion was there to meet us at the bus stop.

Kas is a nice quiet fishing village sort of town but geared up for the tourists that want to visit the Sunken City by boat

After we settled in we decided to go for a swim and be back at the ancient ampitheatre by sunset for pictures. Once again we were off in the wrong direction and ended up a long way from the beach so only enough time to catch the sunset.
The following morning we had arranged a boat trip to the Sunken CIty. We sailed on Safari 2 a gulet and were away all day. The trip was great and the crew quite entertaining. I even got to steer the gulet for about 10 minutes, The captain kept pointing at me and I thought he was saying I should keep out of the sun, but he wanted me to steer the boat for him. From then on he kept calling me captain.

Along the way we had 3 opportunities for a swim and lunch was served onboard, a shis kebab cooked over a BBQ onboard

The sunken city is not viewed that well from a larger craft like ours but still it was great to see the ruins under the water, they are the remains of a coastal village that sunk into the sea after an earthquake many years ago.

We stopped at one pont on the mainland and visited a small village, all the announcements were in Turkish and a lady translated for us saying that the boat was leaving again at 3pm. We looked around and headed back early and came across a young american couple who asked what time we had to be back so we told them 3 pm.

After leaving the village we had been underway again for about 20 minutes when the boat suddenly slowed down, turned around and started heading back towards the village. There in the distance was the two Americans being ferried in a liitle boat back to our ship, we had given them the wrong time. OOPS

Had a lovely swim in a cove on the way home, one of the younger guys on the crew then decided to encourage the passengers to dance to Turkish music, we arrived back at Kas at sunset with the music stil blarring. a great day had been had by all.

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