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Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait October 24th 2008

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Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait September 9th 2008

I'm back. I'm still a bit dizzy from the trip. A arrived friday and now I'm already back at Kuwait - not so happy, very tired and a bit depressed. To make it worse its ramaddan, to make it better its only for 4 days. I think the trip has put somethings in perspective. It is really difficult to be satisfied whith everything that life offers you (at least for me). And the one thing I found out is that what is able to do it for you is people. As much as I am kind of a loner and like to be alone more than most, the only trully peacefull moments come when I'm surrounded by good people. This is much more important than the place where you're at. (of course a good paradisiac beach ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 26th 2008

I got up early this morning to go get issued another set of body armor. I was issued a set at Ft. Hood but the set I received today is designed to be dropped in the event of a fire. There is a rip cord that you can pull if you become trapped in a vehicle on fire. When you pull the cord the armor falls to the floor and you can step out of it. This new armor covers my whole trunk and sides. We are supposed to get deltoid armor to cover the tops of the arms but it is still missing. The vest is lighter by 3 pounds but still weighs 55 pounds. I will have to maintain both sets of armor until I return home. Since it is memorial day the base ... read more
Flags for each fallen Soldier

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 25th 2008

I had training all day today. It is mostly classified so I cannot share what I learned about. I did learn that the Army has created a task force called Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell (CEXE). The acronym is pronounced SEXY. I don't know who they put in charge naming that - probably a bunch of undersexed soldiers. CEXE is the CSI of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices or Roadside Bombs). They will go to a bomb scene after soldiers have been attacked and do forensic research to look for clues as to the bombs origination. They are collecting great evidence and are able to find the bomb maker occasionally. The bomb makers are revered in Iraq. If we get to the maker instead of the emplacer we really help the troops on the ground. Get em' boys. ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 23rd 2008

Had a slower day today. I had to attend a class on an Army computer system today. It was a 4 hour block but the computers were not working well so we spent most of the class attempting to log on to the system. It was really a waste of the afternoon. Mark and I worked out for a couple of hours today. I feel really good now that I have had time to work out. When I came back to the tent I spent a few hours drawing. I am trying to get back into it - the guys think I am really good but I feel I need lots of work. I will share as I improve. ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait May 21st 2008

Laundry day. I took my clothes to the laundry trailer today. The laundry is run by the Indians too. They first weigh your laundry in kilograms then ask you to dump it out. They thouroughly check your pockets for cash and ammunition; then inventory it. They list the size and type of every item and write it up as if you were at a real dry cleaner. It will be ready in three days - better than the turn around at my home dry cleaner. Hopefully it will smell better. This evening we went to an outdoor concert at the Camp stage. The Redding Brother's from Nashville, Tennessee played. They are a rock band who played some original music and covers. They were not great but the best band in Kuwait right now anyway. The singer ... read more
Mark with the SA80

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 20th 2008

We went postal today. I bought some trinkets for the girls and mailed them today. We have a little post office here on the FOB (Forward Operating Base). It seems that no matter where you go - postal employees are still turse and unhelpful. You would think that for 100,000 dollars a year they could muster a smile. I worked out until late with Mark. We have been working out to pass the time as there is little else to do. I find that it gets me worn out enought to sleep. After working out we went to the Green Bean - a little coffee shop by the PX. They have fruit smoothies with protein powder to help build muscles. Doubt it will make me look like Arnold, but it tastes good when it is hot ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 19th 2008

Today we woke up at 1:30 AM to go to the firing range. We had to test fire our weapons to ensure that they work. We drove about an hour into the middle of the desert to get away from any civilization. I say bedowins with 2 herds of sheep. I also saw my first camels. There were two of them several hundred yards off in the distance. I fired my weapon as did 400 of my closest friends. It sounded like a huge fire fight. We arrived back at camp in enough time for breakfast. I decided to take a short nap. I woke up at 1530 realizing that I had slept half of the day away. Mark and I went to the gym. Who knows what tomorrow will hold.... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 19th 2008

Little to do today. Mark and I walked to the front gate of post to take pictures of the Camp sign. It is about a mile and a half to the sign from our tent. The sun was not too high as we began our trek. When we arived some of the workers were polishing the brass letters. The took pictures of us standing be the sign. We gawked for a while and began to hike back - y then the sun was higher and the temperature had risen considerably. It was supposed to be 104 today but the sand and dust cleared exposing the direct sunlight. Generally we do not see the sun as it is blocked by a dust cloud making the air thick and the view hazy. I got my first haircut today ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 17th 2008

Today we had our first classes. We learned about Force Protection and IEDs. Our first trainer was from the Navy. He was a knowledgeable guy but a little rough around the edges. The second trainer was a British Engineer. What a riot. He taught us about fratracide. He showed us a video clip that had a guy getting his in the testicles with a golf ball. He said, "No matter what culture you are from or how civilized we become seeing someone getting hit in the testicles is funny." He class was witty but informative. His parting discussion was to list all of the various coalition forces in theater. He listed the Americans, Brits, Aussies, Pols, etc. The smallest contingent is the Moldovan Army with 4 troops. He said, "that is 4 more than the French." ... read more

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