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May 21st 2008
Published: May 23rd 2008
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Laundry day. I took my clothes to the laundry trailer today. The laundry is run by the Indians too. They first weigh your laundry in kilograms then ask you to dump it out. They thouroughly check your pockets for cash and ammunition; then inventory it. They list the size and type of every item and write it up as if you were at a real dry cleaner. It will be ready in three days - better than the turn around at my home dry cleaner. Hopefully it will smell better.
This evening we went to an outdoor concert at the Camp stage. The Redding Brother's from Nashville, Tennessee played. They are a rock band who played some original music and covers. They were not great but the best band in Kuwait right now anyway. The singer kept complaining about the dust - someone should have told him he was in Kuwait playing an concert at the end of a sandstorm. I enjoyed the time away from the mundane.
We met some Scottish soldiers sitting at a table next to us. We began to discuss the pitfalls of our weapon systems. The Scots who are refered to as jocks, were really eyeing our M16s. They fire the SA80 which is a similar rifle to ours. It is shorter and has the magazine well in the rear instead of in the middle (like the M16). I picked it up and began to play around with it which made the Jocks laugh. I am left handed and the SA80 can only be fired right handed. If you fire it left handed you would literally eat the hot expended brass (the bullet casing). The ejection port, where the brass is expelled rests on your left cheek if fired left handed. I suppose that I could not join the British Army. All three of our new friends joined the Army at 16 and had to wait three years before coming here. You can join but cannot come to a combat zone until you are 18. I attached a few pics.


23rd May 2008

tehe, mom just did my laundry! but i'm not sure their scales could hold the enourmous loads of laundry i have. love you.
24th May 2008

Are the "Jocks" Scottish or Scotch-Irish?! They could be kinfolk. . . Keep it coming, we love hearing from you.
24th May 2008

Scottish for sure. I bet they would be none to pleased to be called Irish. Keep them coming.
30th July 2008

why aren't their faces blue?

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