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Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait March 24th 2020

Kuwait reminds people of Gulf war and hot desert. Indeed, that was my impression but it all changed. It was my first time in the Middle East. I took courage as I packed my personal belongings to take up a new assignment on my own in Kuwait City. I landed at the airport and seriously expected camels on the road. Instead stood posh sedan taxis, plying you to the city like a breeze. The big cars almost flew on the fabulous roads and the engines worked like a glass of smooth, golden Scotch whiskey soaking the parched, dry throat. My IBIS hotel stay was non descriptive but the dinner of golden Malabar prawn curry with rice was the tastiest ever. The quantity was generous and the large fresh prawns sumptuous. The ice-creams were awesome too. A ... read more
Pearl in a mall
Kuwait City
Souq Al-Mubarakiya

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait March 29th 2017

So, the smooth sailing had to stop at some point, yah? Not that anything bad happened. At all. I have had far greater travel woes. We flew into Kuwait instead of Basrah because it was about half the price. Probably will splurge next time. It started great. We land in Kuwait City and we obtain our visas and skate through customs. We meet with Dr. Rick Wilkerson and Professor Thamer Hamdan. Rick is a sports surgeon in Iowa and Thamer is the Chancellor of the University of Basrah, where he also works as a spine surgeon. He is dressed sharply in a suit and speaks English very well. He is gracious and kind and makes it clear he hopes that I find a second home in Basrah. He is a charmer and carries an air of ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait May 17th 2015

So, the Arabian Gulf trip came around, and the first port of call proper was Kuwait City, the capital and indeed only city of any size in the small Arab State of Kuwait. Oil rich and blighted by an early 90s state of all-out emergency and conflict, Kuwait in the realm of today is an abode of peace, and with the right amount of planning, you too could enjoy the highlights of Kuwait City in the condensed time frame of a mere two days. The House of Mirrors was first on the agenda, and this could so very easily be the final word in all of the artistic statements which the country has ever been associated with. The majority of ground floor level of the building is adorned with fragments of mirrors, both inside and out ... read more
One of the city's more prominent mosques (Kuwait City; Kuwait)
Kuwait City's skyline, as viewed from Souk Sharq (Kuwait City; Kuwait)
The liberation tower, as seen from Souk Al Mubarakiya (Kuwait City; Kuwait)

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 18th 2013

My first destination will be Dubai where I have a brief stop over before continuing on the Persian Gulf state of Kuwait. Kuwait gained independence from the British in 1961 and was invaded by Saddam in 1990 triggering the first Gulf War. Accommodation expensive here but comes with various luxuries including free Wifi and importantly airconditioning because the heat here is extreme. After leaving Adelaide just before 10 pm I finally arrived after 19 uncomfortable hours, I then had to go get a visa which was annoying before passing through customs and stepping out into the furnace. I decided to take a taxi and was surprised when my driver was an Arab, I was expecting an Indian of Pakistani. The man was very pleasant and friendly but drove way to fast relying heavily on his breaks, ... read more
Souk Marbakia
The Grand Mosque
70 metre tall minaret of the Grand Mosque

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait February 27th 2012

It was another of those not-so-auspicious starts. First, I had mistakenly paid for a set of visa stamps I didn’t need, as I stumbled through the very unclear visa process – head up to the departure lounge (really?), get a copy of your passport made, take a number, fill out this form, buy the visa stamps from a vending machine (oops, except if you are from the UK or US!), get an 8x11 paper that serves as your visa (don’t lose it!), get your entry stamp, and THEN head downstairs to immigration. Second, I couldn’t, at first, get a taxi driver to take me into town. The first guy, a grizzled old Kuwaiti man in gutra, puffing away on a cigarette, took one look at me, and, before I could explain where I wanted to go, ... read more
Tareq Rajab Museum
Iranian-Style Mosque in Jabriya
Must be REALLY hungry!

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait April 9th 2010

April 9, 2010 Note: You can click on any photo to enlarge it, and then use the numbers at the top to scroll from photo to photo. Be sure to see the photos below the comments on this page and then click on the "page 2" link to see the "extra photos" I've uploaded. : Last Thursday was the weekend and we had arranged for our group to go to Kuwait City, Kuwait for the day, which is about an hour’s drive from where we are in Khafji, Saudi Arabia. Things did not start off well. The driver picked us up at 12:30 pm. There were nine of us including the driver and 8 very narrow seats. The driver, who spoke no English, did not seem surprised or bothered by this. The solution was for one ... read more
Waiting for our visas to Kuwait
Stuck between two countries
Gas Flares

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait April 9th 2010

And I am not the only one who has ever had a date with Kuwait. The ancient Greeks amongst others also had a date, a longer lasting one then mine. Theirs lasted around 300 years, starting around the time of Alexander the Great. They however didn't visit the mainland much and preferred to stay on their little island of the coast. They called it Icaria, after the Greek hero Ikarus, and like him their fate was doomed in the end. Perhaps it had been better to call it something else, maybe after a hero who didn't decide to have a run in with the sun. He fell as we all know because the wax that kept his wings together melted as he came closer to the sun; and the Greeks on Icaria? Well they were too ... read more
Kuwait City
Kuwait City
Kuwait City

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait February 18th 2010

This entry never got published. I'm publishing again. (Entry date of February 18, 2010) I’m back in Minnesota, and now my journey has ended. However, there were a few things left to experience since my last blog entry. The Assessment Center concluded successfully despite the Internet going down twice during the last round of testing. I was seconds away from going to “Plan B” which is manual testing (and laborious scoring) when the Internet returned and saved the day. The last evening I invited to dinner three of the client’s people who I worked closely with. I asked them to pick some place where locals would go and we went to a restaurant in Khafji called “The Anchorage.” It was a great meal. In attendance was Edward from India, Mirza from Pakistan, Manny from the Philippines ... read more
At the Assessment Center
Some of the Participants at the Center

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait July 27th 2009

Wow, ok so I have been away for a very long long time.. Kept busy with a new baby, obsessive gym routine and frolicking with my friends in my spare time, but I am back on the scene and ready to start keeping people up to date with whats going on in Kuwait, new openings, good beaches, family fun and what I am up to day to day :) Sooooo much has happened in Kuwait over the past 2 years. I think it's alot easier for expats to live here now. There's alot more to do, new places to see and lots to update people about. Kuwait is pulled in 2 directions with the young and well travelled wanting it to become more modern, and the deep rooted want to keep the culture, the traditions and ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait May 18th 2009

It was good to see Rowena and met the son-in-law and the parents in law. Yesterday we went shopping - Rowena wanted/needed a pair of sneakers - her feet are expanding. The mall is like any other one - except there are men and women in Arb dress. It was Sunday equilviant to monday in the western world and the Mall was very quite. We bought the shoes and had a coffee at numerous Starbucks outlet. I have to say there is not much to look at here as Rowena describes it - lots of sand colored building a few tree (all of which are in row due to irrigation) and lots of sand. We had a late lunch at the Seven Seas resturant which is leboneses Resturant. It was fabulous - the courses kept coming ... read more
Old water collection towers

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